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Twenty Ways I Thought I Died. Chapter Twelve

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I remember more vividly what happened when I turned twenty one. It is one experience I can relate without cracking my brain twice. The visions are so clear in my head that I can relate everything word for word. And I can still hear those sounds in my head, those images still hurts like a dagger straight in my heart. What happened? You may ask more concerned now than ever. Let me relate.
I had gotten a job in a marketing firm with aunty Ejiro's influence and it was going great! I was in charge of media marketing and I just loved my job, even though the pay wasn’t as good as I had dreamed it would be; but it was worth it. Aunty Ejiro was seeing the CEO of the company, and he had given me the job on a platter of gold. It was a private company, and was doing well. I was so happy to finally be aware of what was happening in her life. She had been seeing him for two years now and no one knew about their relationship because aunty Ejiro wanted it that way.
On my second month in Syntex company, I had numerous admirers already. It was more of a boys club company. We had more male employees than female. As a matter of fact; we had just five female staff.
I was attracted to Samuel. Samuel was so amazing but u was also very skeptical of forming a romantic relationship with anyone. I didn’t even female friends because of what had happened between I and Ini. We weren’t still on speaking terms but I had heard from a reliable source that she took the he goat Etoro to her hometown for a brief introduction. And a token was paid as a bride price. They both now love together as husband and wife. I thought I knew Ini, but I guess I never did. She just disgust me so much. How could a beautiful lively young intelligent girl be so stupid and cheap! Is it that hard being single and happy and confident? Wasn’t it better to be single and happy than married and sad? Why were many women this insecure and frustrated. I think there are more frustrated and unhappy married women than single ones. I concluded.
So Sam wasn’t on my mind. I was just attracted to him and that was it. But he kept on making an effort to get under my skin. And sometimes, it was just annoying.
Hey sweetie pie, why is your desk pilled up with work? You know you cab always call on me to finish up for you right?
Common Sam, I can’t always run to you for help. I need to do this myself so I can improve in my skills.
But you are good already in this job. He went on.
I know, but I need to increase my speed to. It’s one thing to be good at something, and it’s another to be fast in handling it. Your speed matters too.
Yes you right madam Ufoma Akinola to be.
Excuse me? Akinola to be? That doesn’t go well. Its too off it. Very local and so not me. I teased.
Huh? What you saying? That’s the best name you can ever get. It’s a two in one syllable. Do you want to go for all those other names that comes with twenty syllables. He teased back.
Sam, no date tonight. I need to finish this and go home early. I have an early meeting with the boss tomorrow morning.
Common, your aunt has that all covered for you. Even if you came late, that doesn’t mean anything.
What did you just say? You know my aunty?
Yes I do.
How? And what do you mean that she has me all covered? I asked more seriously than before.
That’s all I can say for now sugar. If you want to know more, then let’s have dinner tonight to discuss it.
Not going to work young man. I said raising a finger in the air. Today is off limit and I am serious. Even if you were going to tell me how I would die tonight, I wouldn’t still go on that date. So spill up.
I won’t spill baby. Let’s save it for our date tomorrow then. He smiled like an evil lover and walked away.
I shock my head and wondered what was even in that gist to listen to. After all nothing remains secret for long. It’s not a bad thing aunty Ejiro was seeing the boss Mr kelvin and I was able to get this job due to her influence. I knew people would soon find out, so no big deal.
I worked into the night. It was just in and the security guards in the company I presumed. I checked my time and it said 20:28. I had told father I won’t be coming in early today, didn’t want him thinking I had ran away again.
When I was done with work, I packed up, switched off the lights and closed my office door behind me. Segun the security for the third floor would come lock up, and place the key in the safe. That’s how it was usually done here, no one leaves with the office keys. As I walked to the elevator, I saw a distant light down the hall way. I thought I was the only one around but I was wrong. That light was coming from Rosa’s office. Rosa was half Nigerian, half Mexican. She was very beautiful with shining black long hair. She spoke good English and was in charge of interviews. She would interview everyone based on intellect before accepting their application. Then she would go through their CV to see if their qualifications are what the company needs, before passing it to the manager. I skipped her desk because of the influence I had, and sometimes I just feel she took offence over that.
Why was she still in her office? She could not be interviewing anyone by this time of course. I just wanted to ignore my curiosity and walk away. But like a charm, I was drawn to walk towards her office to find out her dealings that night.
As I approached her office, the door was shut. The reflection of the light came from under the door, and because the hall way lights were off, it made it obvious. I wanted to knock, but was stopped by some moaning coming out from her office. Was she making love? That was the first thought that came to my mind. But then I heard someone say; you are going to kill me baby. And then I suddenly recognized that voice like a flash drive. I listened again and then I heard his name called out loud; Kelvin I love you.
Kelvin! Which Kelvin was that? There is only one Kelvin I know in this company. With that, I turned the doorknob and flung the door open. Right there on the desk, I saw Rosa with Kelvin; the owner of the company and my aunt’s boyfriend having sex.
What! I screamed.
What are you doing here! Rosa shouted in her aroused Mexican voice.
I slammed the door back, and ran all the way to the elevator, pressed the button to the last floor, rushed out immediately I was down, went into my car and zoomed off. The scene was unbearable. I just couldn’t believe it. It was just something I wished I had not seen. I wished I had gone out with Sam for dinner, then I never would have gotten to know about this secret. I drove so fast that I silently prayed my way through. Finally I was home. I needed to talk to dad. He had always said my actions had consequences but I never believed him more than today. This was one truth I never should have found out because I just can’t handle it.

Home seems too far now


I was relieved to see dad’s car in the drive way. He was home and I needed his advice. The door to the door was locked, I could wait to knock. Father could be in his sturdy and would take eternity to hear me. We had always taken our spare key out so we would just let ourselves in. I got into the living room only to see two glasses of unfinished wine on the table, and a woman’s handbag on the chair. What was happening today, I asked myself. I didn’t need my instinct to tell me what was going on in my house right now. Like a jealous wife, I walked down to father’s room and flung the door open only for me to see a naked woman on fathers bed.
What the hell! I screamed. Who are you? I demanded.
Efe! Efe! She called on father as she tried to bring the sheets over her naked body.
I know you. I went on. I have seen you before. I said those words walking up to her slowly pointing a finger at her and trying to remember where I saw her.
Ufoma! Father called out as he came out of the bathroom. What are you doing here in my bedroom harassing my guests. You are a woman for crying out loud, you should know she is ashamed already. Please leave let her get dressed.
Oh my God! I lamented. Dad! I remember this woman. This is Gideon’s sister in-law. Adesuwa's older sister. What’s your name again….. Isoken! Yes Isoken. You came here to report me to my father some years back. You told me to back off from chasing Gideon and let your sister be. You came here to finally ruin I and Gideon’s relationship, only for you to find yourself one? You must be joking. I let out a bitter laugh. Now don’t just put on your cloths, but put them on and get out of my house!
Ufoma! Will you stop that! Show Isoken some respect. She is older than you. And I am your father.
Father, you shouldn’t have brought her home. I know you have sex and I have never bothered. But bringing your sex pals home is not an option. And this is the last time you will see this woman again.
With those words, I walked out of his bedroom. I went straight downstairs to sit and watch him throw her out of the house. Men! They all the same. I said to myself. There is nothing and no one they can’t have sex with. Bunch of losers. I was really foaming in anger when the both of them walked into the living room. And she shamelessly took a seat.
Are you deaf? I echoed. I said you should get out of my house!
Ufoma keep quiet. Father shouted. She isn’t just a girl I am sleeping with. We are engaged.
Eh? Are you crazy father? What did you just say?
I said we are engaged. He repeated.
Benin witch, what did you give my father to drink tonight? I asked Isoken looking directly at her in contempt.
Ufoma, please listen to I your father. I love her.
Eh? How can you love someone you don’t know? How is that possible dad.
I and Isoken have been seeing ourselves for over a year now.
Seriously dad! And you never told me about this.
I wanted to but I was scared. I just needed the right time to tell you. And then we got engaged and I felt it’s high time we let you in. I am so sorry you had to meet her this way and getting to find out about us in this manner. But we just got a little carried away and that’s how we ended up in my room.
Daddy, daddy, daddy, how many times did I just call you.
Three times dear. He replied
If you listened well, you would have heard more than three. You would have heard the echoes behind each daddy I called. I just called you a million times in three ways. Daddy, I need you to understand that I am not against you having a relationship, or getting married. You are still very young, just thirty six and very handsome and rich. You deserve the best. I know you and I never discussed it because bi never believed I needed a step mother. But now that I am grown, I can live on my own now, while you start your new life with your wife. But that wife can never be Isoken dad. What were you thinking having sex with my enemy? As if that isn’t enough you want to marry her?
I am not your enemy Ufoma. Isoken spoke up for the first time. Gideon broke your heart I get it. Adesuwa protected her man from you which is normal. I am so sorry things went that way, but please know that I love you and it was out of love I ….
Will you shut up! I interrupted her .
Ufoma! Mind your language. Isoken shouted back.
Isoken! Father cried out. Please don’t. Please don’t shout at my daughter.
Really Efe! She can call me names and tell me to shut up, but I can not put her to order? She asked in tears.
Isoken please I don’t need this right now. I need your support.
You know what, I am leaving. I will support you by standing alone, because that’s how you are going to end up in a few years from now Efe; alone! She picked up her bag to walk out.
Isoken! My father will never be alone. I am my father’s daughter Ufoma Ogaga and I will always be Ufoma Ogaga even after marriage. You are the one who will end up alone you this Benin witch! You think he lacks beautiful woman? No he doesn’t. He is rich, calm, young and handsome. While you are old and pale! Now leave my house with your aging eggs!
Isoken wait! Father called out. Please let’s talk this out.
Let’s talk tomorrow Efe. I love you. Good night. She slammed the door.

Some path


Ufoma what have you done? I love this lady.
Please you don’t know what love is. If you do you will never love her in the first place. Father how could you? Do you want to make fun of me? If you marry that woman I will automatically became an in-law to the love of my life Gideon. He will then become part of my life again. Do you know how hard that will be for me? Have you thought about that? Her sister Adesuwa took my man away from me. And now her sister wants my dad too. And what does that make me? A loser. Are they that beautiful that you people keep on going for them.
Ufoma don’t you think you are reacting? Are you angry that you are not in love too, or that I am in love.
Why should I be angry because I don’t have another human being in my life. What’s the big deal about being in love. Being in love just makes you weak and stupid. I have many admirers okay, I just don’t want any relationship with them.
Being in love doesn’t make you weak or stupid Ufoma. In fact it makes you stronger because you now have someone to complement you.
You don’t understand dad. Infact you are sounding weak now, please stop taking. What do you even see in that stupid woman. Why can’t you just marry aunty Ejiro. She is smart, strong, beautiful and bold.
What? He laughed. I should marry your aunty Ejiro? You better don’t allow her hear you or else she would just stop coming here. That woman is a stone placed in a cave.
You don’t now her! She is very loving and sweet. Just get to know her father. She doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her.
Ufoma this isn’t you. What has come over you. What’s this with me marrying your aunty all of a sudden even though you know that’s not possible.
Aunty Ejiro is about to be heartbroken dad, and it’s all my fault.
Heartbroken? Now it’s my turn to say you don’t know your aunty at all. That woman can break hearts but hers can never be broken.
She has been seeing someone dad. Mr Kelvin, the owner of the company I work for. They have been in a relationship now for two years, but she chose to keep it secret. And today I have him having sex with one of his the staff in her office. I caught them dad, in her desk as I was leaving the office.
Ufoma! Oh my God. Why did you have to see that? Do you and thus staff share the same office?
No we don’t. But it was late and I saw the reflection of light from her office, I only went there to see what was going non only for me to hear moans coming from inside, and then I heard her call his name Kelvin. So I had to open the door to make sure of the kelvin I heard.
And then you caught them having sex. Ufoma, is kelvin you husband or boyfriend?
But he is dating aunty Ejiro! I have to protect her.
Protect? Ufoma, I have always told you that our actions have consequences. That’s why we should always weigh our steps. Now look at the mess you have gotten yourself. Have you forgotten so quickly how this action of yours ruined the relationship you had with your best friend Ini? You don’t have to always be the one to expose peoples secrets. This is a job you just got two months ago, and now you already know who is having an affair with your boss. How will you look at him tomorrow? How will you face your aunty Ejiro? Do you think every woman wants to know about the affairs their men have? They even resent the woman who tells them.
Aunty Ejiro will never resent me. She will be happy I watched out for her.
Don’t be so sure Ufoma. The heart is a very desperate and uncertain place. You have had enough for one night. You just under covered two love affairs. You need to sleep now detective.
Not funny dad. Not funny. Is there food to eat? Am starving.
Really, who want to eat? Because that food was prepared by Isoken.
God forbid! I will never eat her food. That woman has put love portion in your food, and you want me to be part of that; never!
I went to bed hungry that night after drinking just a cup of tea. I had a lot on my mind as I slept. I wished there was no tomorrow.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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