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Twenty Ways I Thought I Died. Chapter Five.

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There is a very thin line between life and death.

Dad! Dad! Dad! I can hear you but why can’t you hear me. What’s going on? Why are my hands not moving? My whole body seems to be stiff. Where am I?
Doctor am really concerned about my daughter’s health. Do everything possible to make her stable so I can fly her abroad.
That won’t be necessary Mr Ogaga, your daughter will soon regain consciousness. She just went into a mild coma due to deep anxiety, and with the treatments we have given her from yesterday you brought her in till today; she will awake soon. I really do hope so doctor because I just can’t live without her. I lost her mother, I just can’t lose her too. Thank God I brought her on time. I got to her room around 6:30am and found her sweating profusely and so hot. I shook her and called her name but she didn’t respond.
You won’t lose her Mr Ogaga, just be strong. Please let me take my leave now so I can attend to other patients. Okay doctor thank you so much, am still here with her, will alert you of any new development. It’s okay, am just a stone throw away.
Ufoma, why are you doing this to your father? What is it that I have done too wrong you that you have to go for that stupid modelling concert. I won’t have known about this rubbish hobby had it not been Bisi who came on Monday night to tell me you have started running for a bikini modeling job. If not that you were fast asleep and your aunty Ejiro was around, I would have dragged you downstairs. But I was too ashamed to let her see the irresponsible path you just chose, so I just let you be.
What dad! Bisi came to the house last night? Is she crazy! So she was the one you said came to see me? Oh God why can’t I speak? How did I happen to be in this stupid coma? And she even lied to you that I was going for bikini modeling? So she actually came to make sure I never came back to the team. I can’t believe this! But why did she do that? And who is this aunty Ejiro? Haven’t heard of that name before. And why would dad care how she see’s me? Who is she? Dad's girlfriend? No that can’t be. Dad has never brought any woman home.
Efe, Efe; Ejiro called out. The doctor said I should call you. He is about to leave for the next doctor on shift so he wants you to meet him. Okay Ejiro thanks a lot, please stay here with Ufoma while I go meet the doctor. Okay dear I will, after all she is my niece.
What! I am her niece? How can that be? Dad is an only child. I am an only child. And he had told me mum is an only child. So how come I now have an aunty? Oh God what is happening to me. My life is getting complicated and I can’t even ask questions or do anything about it. What happened to my body? I heard the doctor say I was brought in yesterday and dad just said Bisi came in Monday night to spill that crap about me. So it means today is Wednesday! And I am just aware of what is happening around me? How did I end up in a hospital? Can someone just fill me in.
I am so sorry Ufoma, I am so sorry I let you down. After you died, mum and dad couldn’t bear the lose so they relocated to the village. The money Mr Ogaga gave our parents was used to train me in school to fulfill your dreams of becoming a renowned lawyer. I am your older sister, I should have held that responsibility from day one, but I was so dull for books that I just wanted to learn a skill. But after your death, I just became brilliant like a miracle. I don’t know how it happened but I wrote my W.A.E.C again and I passed. I went to the university to study law and after that I went to law school. I won’t let you down again Ufoma, I am here to take what is rightfully yours: your daughter Ufoma junior. This case is going to be my case. I have acquired all the experience needed to fight for the custody of my niece, and make sure Mr Ogaga pays for the damage he and his son Efe caused our parents. They denied us seeing you Ufoma. They made your grandparents sign a silly document saying they won’t be part of your life or tell the public they are in anyway related to you, because according to them; we are to poor for in-laws, too poor to be related. Just see what they have done to you now! Look at how miserable they have made you, just like how they made your mother miserable.

No matter what, fight to stay alive.


When truths spill, be ready to count your heartbeats.

I loved Ufoma! And I still do. So don’t you dare say such rubbish Ejiro: Efe said from behind aunty Ejiro as he entered the room.
You never loved Ufoma you this silly spoilt brat. You just full of lust. At that tender age of fifteen you were already fornicating. What did you know about love then? And now? Is this love? She asked pointing to Ufoma. Look at her on the bed looking terrible in coma! Coma! At the age of sixteen. As they say, you never love the mother, you never love the child. Do you also want to kill the child like you killed her mother?
Ufoma died giving birth to our child. It wasn’t my fault. Please Ejiro don’t do this to me.
I don’t hate you dear. Believe me I don’t. You are like a younger brother to me but I hate your parents, especially your stupid father! And am here to sue him and bring justice to my family.
At least let’s wait for Ufoma to wake up from coma before you start suing and spreading hate around. We need God’s blessings now: Efe concluded.
I can’t even believe you wanted to make Ufoma a model?
Common Ejiro don’t say that. The night you appeared in front of my door was the same night I got to know of what Ufoma was up to with that modelling company. In fact I just received a call now from the CEO of the company and I cleared all issues.
And what issues are you referring too?
Well Ufoma organized a group of girls for the modelling audition and won. But she was treated unfairly by some of the girls in her crew and she abandoned the group. Rumor had it that the main rival in her group Bisi in question, had bribed her way through the manager to make her team leader. Other girls went to report the case to the CEO’s assistant and it was looked into. Majority of the girls voted Ufoma as their team leader but the manager rigged the votes and pronounced Bisi winner. No wonder she came to see me the other night telling me Ufoma had joined some useless modelling company, and was wearing pant and bra claiming model. The owner of the company actually wants Ufoma back but I tuned down the offer and I explained to him why.
Well it’s good you turned down the offer, just look at what they did to Ufoma. They depressed her and made her go into coma. And where is that girl now? The Bisi.
The issue has been resolved. I told them to go ahead with the desperate girl as their leader. They are working on their passport now to travel to God knows where. I really don’t care, I just want my Ufoma to be well again so I can put this in my past.
But you know this is not just what put Ufoma in this condition. I over heard the doctor telling you that her medical report shows she has been going through depression. She is suffering from serious weight loss, her sugar level is so low, and… (breaks down crying) Its okay Ejiro she will be fine. Ufoma has been going through a lot lately like every other teenager, but I just never saw depression as one of her problems. I should have seen the signs. The anger, the hostility, change in eating and sleeping habit, extreme hopelessness which made her critical of her late mother; and fighting hard not to be like her. I should have known something was up. Maybe because I have been going through my own issues too: but this won’t happen again Ejiro, I promise.

Live one day at a time without pressure.

I cannot believe this. So all this has happened in this short while! Oh my God. I need to wake up now, I need to get up now and fight for my modelling career. I cannot let dad ruin this for me. How could he make such huge decision for me without asking me first. I know I cannot speak now but he could have waited till I came awake. This is all my fault. I was so scared from beginning of failure that I just walked away and switched off my phone. I should have known something was fishing or better still talk to the other girls one or one, or reach out to the CEO myself. But I just walked away from my dreams without a fight like a coward. I gave it to Bisi in a platter of gold. If I had known I will be in this state, I would have fought for everything I believed in. Now I have lost, I have lost and am just a complete loser.
At that moment I heard distant voices in my head screaming Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!
Why are they screaming? Why is dad shouting and why are the voices getting distant? What is happening to me? Am I dying now? God please I can’t die. Please bring me back to life. Please I need to be with my dad, I love him so much please dear God save me save me.
Dad!! I called out.
Ufoma! Ufoma are you awake? I saw dad's face looking at me from behind the doctor and two nurses who stood over my bed. Oh my Ufoma you are awake, you are awake. For the first time I saw my dad cry and he looked more handsome than I had ever seen him. He was truly a lover boy.
Yes lover boy: Am awake. You this silly girl, was his reply. You just woke up from a two day coma and you are already calling me names. Just know you are paying the hospital bills alright, since you can now afford to call me lover boy. He teased back.
The face I saw next by my bed almost made me go into another coma. Mum, I whispered. No honey it’s not your mum, I am aunty: aunty Ejiro. I know I look so much like your mother. People always thought we were twins even though I took three years from her.
Ufoma, dad came in. I know I had always told you your mother was an only child but the truth is that I lied.
I know dad. I know everything. I heard it all. I heard everything while I laid unconscious.
How is that possible? I heard my father asking the doctor some minuets later.
Well, Mr Ogaga strange things happen. I told you your daughter will wake up soon. She was already awake but we just couldn’t hear her speak. Congratulations sir, we will observe her for some few more days and then we will discharge her along with some medications.
Alright doctor, I can’t thank you enough, Thank you.

Ufoma's dark days are revolving.


© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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