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Twenty Ways I Thought I Died. Chapter 2.

A novelist, a poet, a love coach, and a motivational speaker.

Onyeka My Lust.


Who Might Be Calling Ufoma?


Narrow Escape.

Please Onyeka I don’t want to speak to you. But why Ufoma? What have I done. I love you and you just threw away what we shared and began avoiding me. Threw away what we shared? I asked looking disgusted. What did we share? Lust and immorality and unwanted pregnancy. Look at me! Do I look like someone in love Onyeka? Am worried sick and I hate you for doing this to me.
Ufoma am lost here. I don’t seem to understand you anymore. What do you mean by unwanted pregnancy?
I am pregnant moron! I spat out. His laughter in the air is something I can still remember till date. It was amusing I must say. Ufoma, who impregnated you? We just played o, we didn’t have sex.
Really! So everything was just play to you? No baby that’s not what I mean na. I mean say we didn’t make love baby. Why would I want to get you pregnant when I haven’t married you yet. Baby I love you. I just wanted to feel you that day, create moments that we can always remember even when we are apart.
Wow! So you intend to create moments and leave me. The moments are to taunt me to keep dreaming of you after you break mg heart shey? You this stupid Anambra man, you think you can fool me? Well here it is- I don’t love you so get lost. And when I have this baby; you will never get close to him or her. With that I walked away leaving Onyeka looking puzzled and muttering words like: I really love you, I intend marry you please Ufoma.
As I walked into Charles’s pharmacy close to my home, I lost all courage to tell him about my predicament. But I have too, I need to know what’s growing in me is actually true.
Mr Charles Good evening. Hello Ufoma, how are you today? Am okay sir. What about your father is he around, I haven’t seen him lately.
Yea dad traveled will be back next month. Okay hope you fine? I am sir just stress from work. That’s good stress na, at least you doing something worth while instead of idling around waiting for admission into the university. Yes sir you are right. I am always right Ufoma! How may I help you today. He asked displaying his white beautiful set of teeth.
Sir my friend thinks she is pregnant. I lied. Your friend? How did she reach such conclusion. Well she had this thing with her boyfriend and she hasn’t seen her period for two months now.
Is that so? How old is this your friend? She is about my age sir. About your age, and that is around fifteen if am not mistaken. Yes sir you right. Did she actually have sex with him, because what most of you young ones do this days is finger yourselves and play around each other’s private parts. And for your age that could delay your period since your hormone system isn’t balanced yet. It’s still adjusting to your body. She has to do a pregnancy test first.
Where can she do it Sir? I asked getting relieved. Well I can have her do it here. I know she is pretty scared about going to the hospital, so I can just take her urine here and get it tested for her. Okay sir, thank you. But the problem Sir is that she is very shy to come to you in person; she only trusts me on this issue- so am suggesting I bring her urine for her myself.
Its okay Ufoma. Just bring it as soon as possible, so we can know the way forward in helping her before she harms herself without thinking. Okay thanks Sir, you are very kind. I will take my leave now.
On my way to the door his voice stopped me. Ufoma.
Yes sir. I turned around looking frightened. Have I been caught? Does he know the friend in question is me?
Ufoma you are stained. Look at your skirt; pointing to my butt. Your menstruation has started; you stained. He stressed.
You all needed to see the joy in my eyes as I turned my skirt to face me, placing the tip of my fingers on the blood stain to be sure it’s my precious period. It is; I gasped, it is blood.
Yes it is dear, do you have your sanitary pad or you want to buy one. He asked like a business man.
No sir, I don’t think I need one.

It Is Time For Success To Purse Me.


A New Chapter, A New Beginning.

With that I danced my way into my home. Jumping and praising God. Oh I can’t believe I am not pregnant! I love you period! I took of my skirt and kissed it. Jumped on my bed with just my pant on. I needed it to stain my bedsheets. I needed to see it more clearly. My treasured period at last! I won’t be like my mother anymore. Dad won’t be ashamed of me and I won’t disappoint all my love ones. On that faithful day, I vowed never to get an inch close to Onyeka again. I didn’t care if he did love me. I didn’t care if I was indeed losing the love of my life. My first love. This love came with so much trouble and worries. I was happy the burden was finally off my shoulder. But one thing this whole pregnancy fear did for me, is to put me in line of becoming a millionaire. And for that alone, I am most grateful. With so much expectations, I looked forward to resuming work tomorrow in a whole new light. Young, single, beautiful and rich. Yes, I am Ufoma Ogaga.

© 2020 Jade George Anibor

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