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Twas The Night Before Part Two


Doctor Maria Vamport stepped through the thin hospital curtain and walked to the bed that the young person was sitting. “Hello Sammi, I’m Dr. Vamport,” standing about a foot and a half from the teen girl. “I don’t know if Detective Swosh told you but, I’ve got to give you an exam.”

“Okay,” the teen's legs hanging over the side of the bed. “But I told the detective that I’m fine,” Sammi said, setting her elbows on her knees, slumping in a combination of fear and aggravation.

“I’m sure you’re fine, but Branden told the officers at the scene that the mystery man sexually assaulted you after he threw Branden from the car,” Vamport said, nervously looking at Sammi’s chart.

“Bran…He said what?” the girl said huffing. “Look I had a physical a couple of weeks ago to get ready for basketball season,” the teen said pulling her legs from the side of the bed and tightly wrapping her arms around them. “Branden’s not telling the truth about the goat dude. He…It never touched me. I just want to go home.” she started to nervously cry. “This night sucks.”

“Unfortunately, when a claim of sexual assault has been made, we have to thoroughly check both parties,” the older woman said going into full doctor mode. “That means testing for sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy test, and a psychological exam for both of you,” giving the girl a stern, cold look.

A nurse in her twenties walked through the curtains. “Hi Dr. Vamport, are you ready to start the exam?” The nurse said, passing smiles around the room.

“Sammi this is my assistant Jeannie,” Dr. Vamport said, allowing the nurse to sit down next to Sammi.

“Hi, Sammi,” reaching her hand out to the teen. “I have some questions for you, which are completely confidential.” lifting a blue clipboard from her side so that she could start gathering information. “They will make you a little uncomfortable. “The teen nodded, staring at the ground.


A couple of hours passed. “Okay, Sammi I think that is everything. You will need to fill this prescription and take the medications for the next six months,” Dr. Vamport said holding out several slips of green colored paper.

“Didn’t you just tell me that this was confidential,” the teen sighed, grabbing the prescriptions. “How am I going to get all of these without my parents knowing? This is stupid,” the youth said, jumping from the bed and beginning to reach for her clothes.

“Hold on Sammi, You haven’t been released yet, and I can’t release you until I’ve been able to meet with your parents and explain the situation without giving any of the details,” The doctor paused. “I will tell you where you can get these filled at a clinic for no cost, and you can get regular checkups there as well, and no one will know.” Vamport glanced over at the teen's clothes. “I also have to keep your clothes as they are evidence in an investigation. So sit back in bed and try to relax, the detective should be here shortly to see you, and your parents are on their way as well,” the doctor said guiding the girl back to the bed and covering her with a sterile white blanket.

Almost as if some had given him a cue, Detective Swosh walked through the curtain. “Hello doctor, how are you?” Extending his hand out to shake the doctor's hand.

“I’m fine detective. I’m sure you remember my patient Sammi,” turning to the teen…

“Hello again Sammi, how are you?” the older man asked, calmly smiling at the girl and extended his hand.

“I'm’ okay Detective, but I would like to go home,” the teen's voice rose in anger. “But the doctor says I can’t go home till I talk to you.”

“I know this is a tough situation to be a part of but, a crime was committed, and I have to follow all of my leads which includes asking you some more questions. Also, your parents have to come and get you because you are underage.”

“I’m so dead,” Sammi muttered, slumping further under the blanket.

“Your parents sounded like they're understanding of the situation,” Swosh said sympathetically.

“No, they won’t, I’m not supposed to be alone with boys. Especially not Branden,” Sammi sighed.

“Branden seems like a nice enough young man. Why wouldn’t your parents approve of you dating him?”

“I don’t know,” Sammi huffed. “He has a reputation, but they can tell you why they don’t want me to date Branden. I’m done answering any more questions. I’ll just wait for my parents so I can go home.”

“That’s fine Sammi, just try to get some rest. I do appreciate the help, if you do happen to remember any other information or you just want to tell me anything more, please feel free to let me know. You parents can give me any information that you don’t feel comfortable sharing,” the detective said, setting his business card on the night stand next to the bed, and then turning to leave the small enclosure. Swoshes phone started to ring. “Yeah.”

“Hey Will this is Chris, I’ve got some information on your case,” the crime scene tech said.

“Great something that can help to put this case together, because right now all I have is that the two kids were attacked by a goat-faced Santa Clause.” A look of excitement blanketing his face.

“We found a black rock sitting in the back seat of the car. Get this, the rock has the words look into his past in white colored letters painted across it…”

“You have to be kidding,” Swosh paused holding back laughter. “Santa Clause left a piece of coal at the crime scene.”

“Yes, the rock was sitting in the back seat of Branden’s car, along with several pairs of girls underwear. Each pair has tares, and they’re not the same size,” Chris said, waiting for Swoshs response.

“That is weird…”

“Weird, it’s creepy, and I feel dirty,” Chris said, his voice starting to crack in disgust. “We also tested them for DNA, and at least two of the pieces of cloth have DNA from three different people. The bad news is that none of the samples are in the system.”

“That’s a…They’re teenagers, I would hope they're not in the system, “ the detective looked at a curtain, hiding Branden from Swoshs eyesight.

“I should get the rape kits from the hospital soon, and I can let you know if Sammi or Branden are matched to the clothes I have here.”

“Let's hope so, talk to you later,” hanging up his phone.

As quickly as he pushed the little red button on the phone, it rang.

“Detective Swosh?” A female voice said sharply.


“This is officer Sandy Rama. I came across something on Old Bourbon Road that may be of interest to you.”

“Where are you at officer.”

“I’m on Old Bourbon Road waiting for the evidence collection team, so I’ll be here for a while.”

“I’m leaving right now, I should be there in about ten minutes,” Swosh said marching to the elevator and disappearing behind the silver doors of the elevator.

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