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BTS Fan Fiction Series One: 'Trip of a Lifetime'

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Trip of a Lifetime

For most of your adult life you've dreamed of taking a trip to Seoul, South Korea. You've always wanted to experience the culture, and just the thought of being in a foreign land has intrigued you for a long time. Finally, your dream was coming true! You were able to save enough money to plan the trip of a lifetime and you could not wait to get that chance to explore Seoul.
The day has come, you packed your bags days in advance just out of sheer excitement... You get an Uber to take you to the airport, you had to be there by 9AM, you were running a little late but managed to make it in time to check your bags, get through security and speed walk to your departure gate.
As you board the plane it becomes all surreal. "I can't believe I'm going to South Korea. This is incredible." you think to yourself.
As the plane prepares for take off, you feel the butterflies in your stomach because you've always hated flying so even with the excitement, today was no different.
It's going to be a nearly 15 hour flight from Scranton, PA to Seoul, South Korea. You want to take a nap but you're just too overwhelmed and giddy to even close your eyes. The smile on your face looks so menacing but you mean well. The passenger beside you seems a little concerned by your behavior but he maintains his composure.
You decide that you might as well grab your smartphone, turn on the airplane mode, and listen to some tunes.
You swipe through your song list and land on 'Idol' by BTS. It's blasting through your earbuds and you can't help but shake your booty in your seat. The passenger beside you has their eye shades on so you feel less embarrassed dancing. Once 'Idol' has ended, it goes to the next song on the track list-- It's 'Mic Drop' (Remix), it gets you hyped. "How am I ever supposed to go to sleep now?"
But eventually as the BTS hits keep coming your eyes get heavier and eventually you're out like a light.
The next thing you know, the flight attendant is waking you up, you jump from being startled and you realize you've landed. You've made it to South Korea in one piece. Thank God.
You get up from your seat to grab your bag from the overhead bin and then make your way off the plane straight to the baggage claim area.
When you get there you notice a group of young girls all gathered in this one section of the airport. You don't think much of it until you realize that's where you need to exit but it's completely blocked by whomever is there. You grab your bag and head over to where all the commotion is. You're trying to figure out how to get through all the girls but are stopped by security. He holds you back and asks "Where are you going?" You look at him with a stern expression and say, "I'm just trying to get through so I can catch my ride and go to my hotel. I'm tired dude!" He responds, "Well, I'm sorry. You're going to have to wait. The guys will be done here in a moment. We won't keep you waiting much longer." "What guys? Who's here?" You look over his shoulder and see a few young guys who happen to look like Jungkook and Min Yoongi but you brush it off and say, "Nah, there's no way that's them." So you back off and just take a seat in the lobby area until things clear up.
Five minutes later and it looks as if the doorway is starting to clear. Meanwhile, you look around the airport and notice the other exits. You roll your eyes and smack yourself on the head. You get up from your seat and head toward the other exit door and hallelujah, you made it outside! Just in time because your Uber driver just arrived so you were able to get out of there immediately and head to your hotel. The drive was so wonderful... seeing all the beautiful sights. The colors, the architecture, the stores, restaurants-- It was all just so awesome and unbelievable. It was a 10 minute drive that felt like a lifetime and you were so happy to arrive at the hotel which was located in downtown Seoul. You made sure to do some thorough research of good hotels in the downtown area before booking the trip. This was a 5-star hotel that you managed to book at half price thanks to that nifty app. Promo codes are bae. Hahaha.
Anyway, the Uber driver helped you with your bags and advised you to have a wonderful day and wished many blessings upon you. Which you were absolutely grateful for. You left him a nice tip for his troubles and he thanked you kindly. Once inside the hotel, you immediately notice the decor. It's so bright and beautiful. From the paintings on the wall, to the plants, to the furniture... everything is just so amazing. Much better than expected. You walk up to the front desk to check-in. Before you could open your mouth the front desk clerk says, "Oh, you must be Y/N! Welcome. Please sign-in and I'll get you your room key." You look with amazement that she even knew who you were before you could say a word. "That's great customer service." You thought.
She hands you your room key with a welcoming smile and says, "Enjoy your stay with us." You give a polite smile and a gentle wave as you walk off to the elevator.
While standing at the elevator, you hear a group of footsteps coming through the doors of the hotel lobby. You turn to your left to glance at who's coming in. You see guys dressed in black slacks and polo shirts and turn back toward the elevator when the bell dings. The doors open and you step on. As the doors begin to close in front of you, someone rushes over and a hand catches the doors before the close. You hear someone say, "Hold the elevator please!" and you quickly press the button to automatically open the doors again. You look to see who's getting on and once again it's one of those guys who was dress in the black slacks and polo shirt who stepped on first. He looks at you, smiles and motions for others to hop on. You see who he's motioning to and your jaw drops. You cannot believe your eyes. Taehyung, Jin, and J-Hope step on. The other four members are taking the other elevator. You try not to stare but you can't help but to catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of your eye. You noticed that the security guard didn't press a number for their floor and you think to yourself, "Here's my chance to say something." You slowly look up at the security guard and ask, "What floor do you guys need?" Taehyung looks at you and smiles. He cuts the security guard off before he could speak and says, "We're going to the same floor." You look at him, and your cheeks turn red. You smile and say, "Oh, okay." You shyly turn away and stare at the doors. You can see the reflection of Taehyung in the shinny glass-like surroundings and see that he's still staring at you. You're blushing even more. He's sees that and starts to smile again. You think to yourself, "When is this elevator going to reach our floor?! I'm going to pass out if I don't get out of here!" Finally, the elevator dings, and you all reach your floor. The security guard allows you to step off first. You smile and say, "Thank you." Taehyung, Jin and J-Hope all smile and bow to you as you leave. You bow to them as well and wave goodbye. Once you're all off the elevator, you walk in opposite directions. You're on one end while they're on the other. Taehyung turns back to look at you as they're all walking down the hallway and he sees you standing in front of your room door trying to use your key. He tells the guys that he'll be right back and jogs over to you. You don't notice him until he's about five steps away from you. You're eyes stretch and you're thinking, "Oh my goodness, what is happening right now? Why is he running over to me? Did I drop something?" He gives you his big pearly white smile and asks, "Do you need help unlocking your door? I know these key cards can be tricky some times." You stutter for a moment but then regain composure and say, "Uh, yes! Um, thank you. That'd be great. I always have trouble with these types of keys because I always miss the green light. So annoying." He reaches out his hand, you glance at it and hand him the key card. You watch his every move starting from his facial expressions all the way to the tips of his fingers. He sticks the card in the slot and viola, your door is open. He hands you the key card and says, "Here you go. If you ever have trouble again, I'm in room 25 with Jin. If he or I are around, don't hesitate to ask either one of us for help." You smile from ear to ear and say, "Thank you for your help." He says, "You're welcome." And starts to walk away. "By the way--" he says, "--what's your name?" Shocked, you say, "Oh! I'm sorry, I'm Y/N. Pleasure to meet you." You reach your hand out for a formal handshake. He slowly walks back over to you with this sexy look in his eyes, grabs the back of your hand and kisses it while looking deep into your soul. You clasp your imaginary pearls around your neck and try not to melt in his hand. He gives a sly but cute smirk and walks away. You head into your room, close the door behind you, walk over to your bed and collapse. You cannot believe what just happened and you just got to Seoul less than an hour ago! "If this is what day one is like, who knows how the rest of the trip is going to be!"

You awaken realizing you must've passed out from exhaustion after the hectic day you had. You decide to get up, splash some cold water on your face and wander through the hotel to see its amenities.
You check your bags for your hygiene kit and it seems like you're having the toughest time finding it among all your other items. Finally, you notice the clear zipped bag at the bottom of your carry-on luggage and pull it out. You rush to the bathroom and begin cleaning yourself up. The light automatically comes on as you walk inside which surprised you because it was so unexpected. The first thing you saw in front of you was the mirror and you looked horrendous. You must've been sleeping like a wild animal-- just all over the place. You fix your hair up in a bun, wash your face, brush your teeth, grab your purse, made sure your key card was inside and head out the door.
You check your phone to see if you had any messages and there were none. You looked at the time and gasp because you were unaware of how late it was. You almost turned around to head back to your room but you thought, "What the heck, the best time to check out a hotel is at night anyway. It's much more peaceful." So you continue your walk. You started heading toward the dining area and your stomach began growling. It was at that point that you realized you hadn't eaten anything since landing in Seoul. Might as well check out the buffet and see what they have. You walk through the beautifully lit lounging area where there were cushioned chairs and couches everywhere, with a few dining tables and chairs.
You head directly to the buffet and as you walk over you notice someone else is sitting in there as well. You do a double take and to your surprise it's Yoongi. He's sitting on one of the cushioned chairs with his earbuds listening to some music and writing in his notebook. You try to remain chill and focus on getting your food. They had a lot to offer-- fruit, bagels, salads, veggies, muffins, etc. You decide to make a big bowl of fruit and grab a bottle of cold water. You head over to a dining table to have a seat and relax. As you take out your smartphone and earbuds, you look around and notice that Yoongi is gone. You have no idea where he could've disappeared to so quickly but you shrug it off and start eating. As you place you earbuds in your ears, out of the corner of your eye there's someone walking around. You look and see that it's him. You put up a quick smile. He's grabbing some fruit from the buffet area as well and heading to his seat at a dining table right across from you. This makes you more nervous because he's even closer than he was before. You still try not to fangirl and give him his space and peace to do his thing.
You start eating the fresh fruit and skim through your smart phone to open the Amino app. You're trying to stay up to date on all the posts so you're checking to see if there's anything you've missed. You go to ARMY Amino and the Planet ARMY Amino and there's not too much that's happened within the last few hours so you close the app and turn on your music. The relaxing piano concerto of Mozart flows through your ears-- you begin to hum the melody out loud without realizing it. Yoongi looks over at you with a cute smirk. You look up from your phone and see him eyeing you. You smile back and put up your hand as if to say hi. He says something but you can't hear him because of the music. You take out your earbuds and say, "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. What did you say?" "Your humming sounds beautiful." he says. Your eyes brighten, you smile and say, "Thank you, I guess. I didn't even realize I was humming. Haha." you continue, "I apologize if I disturbed you. I was just-" "No, it's fine." he says. "You just caught my attention so I had to say something." He smiles again. You blush and ask, "I'm sorry if this is too personal but, what's got you up this late? Couldn't sleep?" "Yeah, that's basically it. I typically don't get much sleep and I'm usually wide awake while the others are sleeping. You know BTS?" he asks. In your mind you're thinking, HECK YES! OF COURSE I DO, ARE YOU CRAZY?! But you respond, "Absolutely. And you're Min Yoongi-- Suga." He laughs. "That's right. Good job. Are you a fan of our music?" You get up from your seat and grab your things to move closer to him. "May I sit here at your table? I felt like we were probably yelling at each other when answering, haha." "Sure, have a seat." he says. "To answer your question--" you continue, "--yes, I am a fan of your music. I love it as a matter of fact." He shakes his head in agreement and says, "That's good to know." You smile and take a bite out of a strawberry. The juice from it runs down your chin and Yoongi grabs a napkin to wipe your face. You giggle a little out of embarrassment and gently take the napkin from his hand and continue wiping yourself. "So, are you staying in this hotel as well or just here for the free buffet?" he asks. "Yes. I'm staying here. I just landed yesterday evening. I'm here on vacation. It's been a long time dream of mine to take a trip to Seoul." "Oh, that's nice. Do you like it here so far?" he asks. "Well, the only thing I've done thus far is sleep. I just woke up about an hour ago. I collapsed on my bed and just passed out." "Well, that's not good." he says. "You need to get out and explore the city." "Yeah well, I've got the whole week to do that so hopefully later today I'll get that chance." "Well--" he says, "--let me know if you'd like some company. I'd be happy to show you around." You smile and shake your head, "Okay." "Okay then, it's a date." You stare at him thinking, wait a minute... did he just say date? "It's a date then!" you say. He gets up from his seat and grabs his things. "Well, it was nice talking to you Miss?" "Oh! Y/N! My name is Y/N." "Y/N huh? Beautiful name. Well, again, it was nice talking to you Miss Y/N. Maybe later we could meet in the lobby for our afternoon on the town. Say about 2 o'clock?" You fumble your words, "Uh, um, uh... Yes! That's the word I was looking for, yes! Haha" He smiles and shakes your hand. "See you later then." "Okay, later." Yoongi walks out of the dining area and heads up to his room. You're sitting at the dining table with a blank stare on your face. "I cannot believe my luck. This has got to be the Twilight Zone. I know I'm dreaming but I don't want to wake up!"

You snapped out of your daze and pinched yourself to make sure you really were awake. "Ouch!" Yep, that did it. You're really awake. You get up from the dining table, toss the plastic bowl you had the fruit in the recycle bin and head up to your room to see if you can get a few more hours of shut eye because if you don't, you may regret it later in the day. You want to be well rested for Yoongi to show you the sights. You get to the elevator and press the up button. Seems like forever that you've been waiting but the door finally dings. It opens and you step on. You press the number to your floor and patiently take the slow elevator ride. You reach your floor, the doors open and there standing in front of you is Taehyung. He's looking up at the floor numbers above the elevator door then looks down at you. It took him a second to realize it was you and a huge smile comes across his face. "Hey! I know you!" he says. "Funny running into you again. Are you coming or going?" "Uh--" you say sarcastically, "--I'm coming... off the elevator." Ugh, that sounds so gross, you think to yourself. Taehyung laughs. "I know, that was a dumb question. Well, let me step to the side so you can be on your way then." You shyly walk past him, "Thanks." "No problem! Hey, maybe I should walk you to your room again... ya know, just to make sure you can get your door open." You stand there with a puzzled look on your face. "Remember?" Taehyung asks. "Oh! Oh, yeah! Sorry. It's just been crazy for me as of late." "Oh yeah? Crazy how? Everything okay?" "Yes." you reply, "All is well. Thanks... again." "Okay." he smiles. "So, would you like me to walk you to your room or do you think you can handle it?" "Um, I think I've got it. I observed when you did it so it looks pretty simple." "All right. Well, good luck. Maybe I'll catch you later." he says. "Yeah. Maybe." you smile. He looks at you with care in his eyes and a smile on his face, "Take care Y/N." Taehyung steps on the elevator, you wave to him as the doors close and he waves back. You make it to your room, you're a little nervous because what if you can't get the door to open, what then? You thought about what Taehyung said yesterday about how you can go to his room and he or Jin could help. But you wouldn't want to disturb Jin, it's 6:30 in the morning. Oh well, let's see what happens. You search for the key card in your purse and find it. You place it in the slot, quickly take it out and try the handle. Nothing. Not even a budge. "Oh, crap. Please no, not right now. Ugh." You try again... nothing. "I'm going to try one more time. Please God, let this stupid thing work for me. Please!" Nothing. "GAH!!!!!" You kick the door and lean up against the wall. You slide down and take a seat on the floor. "Darn it. I really don't want to disturb Jin. What if he's sleeping? I could get yelled at for waking him. Besides he doesn't even know me. We haven't talked like Taehyung and Yoongi and I have talked." Determined, you get up from the carpeted floor and try the key card again. "Come on, come on. Work for me please! I need to go to sleep!" You stick it in the slot and... nothing. *SCREAMS* You kick the door over and over and over again and let out another screeching scream. You quickly place your hand over your mouth because you don't want to get yelled at for screaming. You walk down to Taehyung and Jin's room and knock on the door gently. You wait for a good two minutes and no one answers. You knock a little louder... no one answers. Out of frustration you pound on the door and it quickly opens, "Neon meo-ga pil-yo-hae?" ("What do you need!?") "Uh, I'm sorry to bother you but Taehyung said that I could ask either you or him to help get in my room if I can't." you say in a gentle voice. "Are you American?" he asks. "*Ahem* Uh, yes... yes I am." "You must be the girl that Tae was talking about from yesterday. I remember you from the elevator, you were on with us." "Yes, that's me." you say while blushing. "I'm Jin. What's your name?" "I'm Y/N. Pleasure to formerly meet you Jin." "Thank you. Same to you Y/N. Well, uh, would you mind coming in? I was in the middle of making some tea. It always relaxes me when I start to feel tense." "Uh, sure." "Unless you are in a rush? Do you need me to help you now?" he asks. "No, that's fine. I have time. I just have some sight seeing to do later and I wanted to get a little nap in. As long as I get at least 2 hours of napping I'll be okay." "Are you sure? We could go down to your room now." "Nah, I'm good. Please, finish making your tea." You both smile. "Okay." he says. "I ran into Taehyung on my way back up from the dining area. Where was he going?" Nah Y/N you don't sound nosy at all, you sarcastically think to yourself. "He went for a jog. He always goes out early in the morning for his jog. Helps to avoid some of the fans. Don't get us wrong we love our fans with all our heart but it's nice to get out on your own without the crowd sometimes." "I can understand that--" He glances at you and you continue, "Well no, not from your point of view but just as someone from the outside looking in. I can understand how you guys may want to just have your space from time to time. It's only natural to want that sometimes. I totally get it." He smiles. "Yeah." he sips his tea. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so rude. My apologies. Would you like some?" "Oh no, please. I'm fine, thank you." "Are you sure? I could make more. It's not a problem." he asks. You reply, "No, no. I promise, I'm good. Thank you." "Okay. Well, I'm almost done. Just a few more sips and we can go to your room and work on that door for you." "Great. Thank you." There's a knock at the door. "Ugh, that might be Kookie." Your heart starts to pound. "Kookie?" you ask. "Yeah, he likes to act like he's our wake up call by pounding on our door every morning." *KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!* "I'm coming, hang on!" Jin walks to the door, looks through the peep hole... "Oh!" he says. He opens the door, "Did you forget your key card?" You wonder who he's talking to and then you hear Taehyung's voice. "Yeah. I knew I felt empty-handed when I left." He walks toward the lounging area, startled he sees you sitting at the lounging table. "Hey... again!" he says. "Hi. Sorry, I just came to see if Jin could help me with my room door. I tried it myself three times and nothing happened." "Well, I could help you again if you'd like I'll just-" "No--" Jin interrupts, "--she asked me, so I'm going to help her." Taehyung gives Jin a piercing death stare and Jin says, "Or maybe not." Your eyes stretch wide open over Taehyung's reaction to Jin. "As I was saying, let me just clean myself up and I can walk you down the hall to your room. Give me like 5 minutes, okay?" "Okay. Sure." He smiles, "Okay. Be right out." He grabs some fresh clothes from the closet, goes into the bathroom, locks the door and starts the shower. Jin looks at you and smiles. You awkwardly smile back. "I think he likes you." Jin says. "What?" "I think Tae likes you. His reaction gave it away. I thought he was going to shoot bullets from his eyes right at me. Haha." "Yeah." you reply, "I got scared for you for a second there." "Ha! You and me both." Jin sits on the end of the bed and turns on the television. You both sit quietly as Jin flips through the channels. You hear the shower shut off and the curtain open. About 2 minutes later Taehyung comes out looking refreshed. He's rubbing the towel on his head to quickly dry his hair and throws it on his bed. "Okay, are you ready to go try it now?" he asks. "Uh yeah, sure! Let's go. Pleasure meeting you Jin." "And you as well Y/N. Thanks for hanging with me for that short while." "Haha. No problem. Thanks for allowing me to be your company." "Anytime. Good luck." "Thanks." Taehyung opens the door, "After you." he smiles. "Thank you sir." He closes the door behind him and you both walk down to your room. You have a quick chat on your way down. "So, Jin tells me that you go for a jog every morning?" "Yeah, helps to keep me in shape and I enjoy it." "Cool. I can't jog to save my life. Every time I try any type of running, I fall flat on my face. Haha." He laughs. "Yeah, I used to be the same way sometimes but if you do it enough you don't fall as much." You smile, "Makes sense." He looks at you and you get super nervous. Taehyung has the eyes of an angel, you think to yourself. They pierce right into my soul... you snap out of your daydream, "Well, here we are finally. That seemed like a long walk and it's only a few feet." "All right. Do you have the key card on hand?" "Yep, here you go." He sticks it in the slot, the green light comes on, he tries the handle and the door opens. "*sigh* Thank you. I told you I always have trouble with these friggin things. You're a lifesaver." "Think nothing of it. Glad to help again." he smiles. You step into the room and turn to look at him, "Well--" you say nervously, "--thanks again. I really appreciate it." Taehyung looks deep into your eyes and moves a little closer, "You're very welcome." You both gaze at each other for what seemed like hours. You lean in closer to each other... OMG are we going to kiss? I so hope we kiss. Shut up Y/N that's dumb. "Have a good rest of your day!" he says as he shakes your hand. "Uh, yeah. You too." "Annyeonghi gaseyo" he says as he backs away. "Goodbye." You slowly close your room door and lock it. You lean against the door and groan, "Ugh, I should've kissed him! I can be such a coward sometimes." You place your hand on your head and once again collapse in your bed for a few hours nap. You look at the clock, it's 9:15 AM. "Plenty of time. Let me set my alarm. I don't want to oversleep." You set the alarm on your phone, turn the volume up as high as it can go and then drift off to dreamland. In a few hours you're going to be sight seeing with Min Yoongi. Wow, who knew that would ever happen?

Five hours later and the alarm sounds off. You jump up out of your sleep and groan. You grab your phone, turn the alarm off then head into the bathroom to clean yourself up. You only have an hour before you need to be downstairs in the lobby to meet with Yoongi so you try to rush in getting ready. You brush your teeth, scrub your face then do your hair and makeup-- making sure to stick with more neutral colors as to not look like you overdid it. You redo your bun, check yourself one more time in the mirror and head back into the bedroom to rummage through your suitcase for something simple to wear. You take out a pair of blue jean shorts, loose white tank top and a cute black sports bra to wear underneath. You also dug out your cute shades that go perfectly with the outfit. You get dressed, put on your sneakers, grab your purse, check for your key card and head out. As you walk toward the elevator you see Jungkook and J-Hope talking in the hallway. Their room is a few doors down from yours so you end up having to walk right past them. You get butterflies in your stomach and start to feel extremely nervous. As you get closer they both look at you, smile and bow. You smile and return the bow. You make it past them but can't help but to feel like there's 2 pairs of eyes on you while you're standing at the elevator. You look to your right and you catch Jungkook staring. J-Hope turned his head in time for you not to notice but Jungkook was a little slow when it came to not being obvious. You smile at him and he smiles back. Perhaps he wanted to be caught, you think to yourself. The elevator doors open, you step on and press the lobby button. The elevator always makes you nervous because it moves so slow. In your mind you're thinking the belt will break and you'll go rushing down the shaft to your death. Whoa! Why so morbid brain? Sheesh!
You make it safely to the lobby and step off the elevator. You walk around looking for Yoongi but he's nowhere to be seen. You decide to take a seat on the couch, grab a magazine from the coffee table and just relax for a few minutes. You're a little early so he could still meet you on time. Time starts to fly by and the next thing you know it's 2:30 PM. Still no Yoongi. You begin to worry a little wondering if he's overslept or just completely forgot about you. You have no idea what room he's in and you don't have his phone number so you have no way of contacting him. You don't want to go upstairs to ask the other guys because you don't know if they even knew about the walk or not in case Yoongi wanted to keep it a secret to keep from being bothered by the others who may joke with him about it being a date. You decide to wait a few more minutes before just going out on your own as previously planned anyway.
Ten minutes pass... twenty... thirty... It is now 3:15 PM and still no Yoongi. "Oh well, maybe he did just oversleep. I can't be angry with him over that. They need the rest." You say to yourself.
Just as you're about to walk outside to start your sight seeing journey... "Y/N!?" You hear fast pace steps behind you, "Y/N, please wait!" You turn around and see Yoongi running toward you. He catches up and says, "Please forgive me. I'm so sorry, I overslept. I beg you, please forgive me?" You smile, "No need to ask for forgiveness. I figured you may have overslept. You guys need your rest. Why would I be angry about that? That's dumb." "Are you sure you're not mad? I'd hate to disappoint you after volunteering to show you around." He says. "No Yoongi, I promise I'm not mad. I'm A-okay." "Okay. Thank you." He smiles and shakes your hand gently. Be still my beating heart, you think to yourself. "Okay, ready?" "Yes." "All right. Let's go!" You walk out together and head into the beautiful city air.
The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky. It's an absolutely perfect day for a walk about town. "So, what types of things are you interested in?" He asks. "Well, I love art, music, shopping, antiques, almost anything really. I'm an open book." "Oooo, great to know. That gives me some pretty good ideas of where to take you." He says. "Great! I'm eager to see what you have in mind. I'm sure I'll enjoy it no matter what it is." He smiles, "Okay. Let's go to the Seoul Alive Illusion Museum. It's awesome and I think you'll like it." "Seoul Alive? That sounds like a horror movie but I love it! Haha." He laughs, "Yeah, it kinda does. But they have a trick eye and ice museum inside." "Oh, that's cool!" "Wait, are you all right with walking or would you prefer to grab an Uber?" He asks. You respond, "Nah, walking is fine. I made sure to wear comfortable sneakers thankfully and I need the exercise." "Smart girl." A smile comes across your face as he looks at you. You turn your head away shyly as if to pretend you're looking at the building you're walking past. He notices you blushing and thinks it's adorable. You continue your way to the museum. On your way he points at different shops and some of the crafty items along the path of the plaza. "Oh! I need to get a face mask! I've been wanting on just for the heck of it." Yoongi smiles and he walks you to one of the shops that sell really good ones. You walk inside and it's like a face mask wonderland. There's Disney inspired masks, colorful ones, K-Pop inspired ones and so on, but you noticed the Anpanman one and just had to have it. You purchased the mask and continued on your way to the museum with Yoongi. "So, have you tried any of the restaurants around here yet?" he asks. "Nah. Like I said before the only thing I have done thus far is sleep. This is my first time outside since the day I arrived. And I must say it's very refreshing. The air smells so clean here or maybe it's just me. Haha." "Well, would you like to stop somewhere for dinner on our way back from our outing? My treat." "Oh, you don't have to-" Yoongi interrupts, "Think nothing of it. I'd love to treat you to dinner. It's the least I could do for making you wait so long in the lobby. I'm just glad I caught you because I was afraid you'd already gone but something told me to check anyway. Thank God I did." He smiles. You look at him and your heart completely melts. You stop walking and stare at him. He stops then turns to look at you, "Everything okay?" You walk a little closer to him, look deep into his eyes and on impulse you kiss him on the cheek. His eyes stretch, "*shy chuckle* What was that for?" "I just wanted to say thank you. You didn't have to bother to take me sight seeing but I am greatly appreciative that you offered to tag along. We just got started and I'm having so much fun already. You probably think I'm crazy huh?" You ask.
"No. I think you're beautiful." Darn it Yoongi, why are you so charming and cute, you think to yourself. You blush, "Uh... um... thank you." "You're welcome. Let's keep walking okay? We're almost there." He reaches for your hand, you grab his and it's so warm and soft. He cups your hand gently. "That's it, I'm dead." You say to yourself. "What'd you say?" He asks. "Oh, nothing. *awkward giggle*"
You continue walking. "It's up here. Just a few more feet." You hear what he's saying but you're in your own world at the same time. You're so focused on the fact that he's holding your hand that you completely forgot where you were going. "Here we are. Ready to go in?" You snap out of your daze, "Huh?" He smiles, "Are you ready to go in?" "Oh! Yeah! I'm sorry, I must've drifted off for a minute or so. My mind wanders sometimes." "It's okay." He says, "Let's go in. We're going to have so much fun." He steps to the side to allow you to walk in first then he comes in behind you. You walk up to the ticket center and he purchases them for you both. You enter the museum and you're absolutely amazed. It wasn't what you expected. Everything there was an optical illusion. You thought the art exhibits were so awesome. It all was so lifelike you were afraid to touch anything. Yoongi wandered off to the Mona Lisa painting. You walked over and he jumped out from behind Mona Lisa to scare you. You screamed and he started laughing. He laughed so hard he fell to his knees. You awkwardly giggled but waited for your heart to stop pounding in your chest. He got up, grabbed your hand and apologized. You laugh, "It's okay. I just didn't expect that. This place really messes with your eyes. Haha." "Yeah, therein lies the 'trick' of the museum." He smiles. "Here, take my hand please. I want to show you something." You take his hand and he leads you into the ice section of the museum. "Wow, is everything in here really made of ice? It's so pretty!!" "Yeah, I believe so." He says. He walks off and sits in one of the ice chairs. He immediately jumps up, "Yes! It's made of ice!" You burst out laughing. You couldn't help it, Yoongi's reaction was hilarious. He too laughs and you both continue the walk-through. You both have so much fun-- taking pictures, making jokes, laughing and just enjoying each others company. An hour and a half has passed and Yoongi asks if you're ready to go. You shake your head yes and you both head out back on the town. "Did you enjoy that?" He asks. "Did I! It was a blast. That place is awesome. And I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you for taking me." "It was my pleasure. I figured you might enjoy something fun like that since you said you love art." "Well, good job because it was absolutely amazing. I'd love to go back and walk around the love portion of the museum next time." He looks at you with a surprised expression. "What's the matter? Bad idea?" You ask. "Uh, no. It's not a bad idea it's just that the love museum is more R to X-rated." "Oh! I didn't know that. Haha. See, good thing I have you with me, otherwise I would've been in for a pleasant or not so pleasant surprise." "Haha. Yeah. So, are you hungry?" He asks. "Yeah, I could eat! The last thing I had was that bowl of fruit I was eating when we met." "Oh wow, then you're due for a good meal. I know just the spot." He grabs your hand again and you're officially a puddle of goo from melting so much. You walk a block or so away from the museum and head to Joahae Dakbal. According to Yoongi they serve the best chicken feet around. "Chicken feet? I've never tried that before." He assures you that it's delicious but if you don't like it, that's more for him. You smile and say okay. You walk inside and take a seat. You look at the menu, "Ah yes, I know exactly what everything is. It's all clear to me now." You say sarcastically. Yoongi laughs, "Let me help you with that." He points to certain things on the menu and tells you what they are, you shake your head as if to show you understand but you ask Yoongi if he would mind ordering for you. He happily obliges. The waiter comes over and greets you both. Yoongi explains to him what you'd both like to eat and the waiter shakes his head in agreement, bows and walks away to submit our order.
The both of you sit at the table awkwardly smiling and nervous. "I can't wait to try those chicken feet. After looking at the picture it does look pretty good." "Yeah, I'm sure you'll like it." He says. "You do seem pretty confident haha. What happens if I don't like it?" You ask. "Well, like I said before, I get to keep it all to myself." "Nah, we should make a bet. That'll be fun." "Okay, what do you have in mind?" "Hmm... how about if I don't like it you treat me to a big ice cream cone." "And if you do like it?" He asks. "*blushing* I don't know. I didn't think that far ahead. Haha." "Well, if you do like it, how about I ask you out on another date?... A real date." You gulp quietly while your mind goes blank. "Uh... okay. Deal!" "All right then." He smiles. You shake hands to make an agreement with the wager. "So Y/N, where are you from in America?" he asks. "Scranton, PA. About 100 miles or so away from Philadelphia. It always helps when I say that. Or if I mention that TV show, 'The Office' Haha." "Ah okay. I think I know the show. It was a comedy right?" "Yeah, it was based around a fictitious paper company called Dunder Mifflin in Scranton. Steve Carell starred in it. " "Oh, the guy from '40 Year Old Virgin'?" He asks. "Yes! Haha." "Cool. He's pretty funny. I'll have to check out the show. Is it still airing?" "Nah, it was cancelled in 2015 I believe... or maybe sooner I don't remember. But I think you can find it on Netflix." "Okay. Good. I have something new to binge watch when I have the time now." He smiles. "Yeah, it's a pretty funny show." "Do you guarantee I'll like it?" He asks. You laugh, "Nope. I make no guarantees but I can say that I hope you will because I would hate to steer you in the wrong direction and you end up hating it." "Nah, I'll like it because you suggested it." He says. "Did I?" You ask. "Well, sorta suggested it. Haha." You smile. The food finally arrives. The waiter places it on the hot plate at your table to keep it warm. "Thank you." You say to the waiter. "You're welcome. Enjoy." He walks away and you wait for Yoongi to dig in first. He grabs the utensils from the metal container on the table and hands you yours. "Shall I serve you your portion Y/N?" "*nervous giggle* Yeah sure, why not." You hand him your bowl and he fills it for you then hands it back. You hold it up to your nose to take a whiff of it. "Hmm... doesn't smell too bad. It's just odd looking at the chicken feet in my bowl. I'm so afraid to try it." "Don't worry, it won't be bad I promise." Secretly he's hoping you'll like it, he's so eager to take you on another date. You take a deep breath, scoop up the chicken foot with your spoon, close your eyes and take a bite.

You have your eyes closed tight as you chew on the chicken feet. At first you're a little skeptical of the taste but after getting used to the flavor a little you open your eyes and a smirk comes over your face. You're trying your hardest not to be obvious of the fact that you're not sure if you like the meal but Yoongi notices your sly smirk and starts to grin. "You like it, don't you Y/N?" he says devilishly. You laugh at the tone of his inquiry and almost choke. You catch your breath but continue to laugh, "Yes, I like it Yoongi. Are you happy?" "Well, I guess I am." You look at him with concern because his tone was a bit sad. "I wanted to eat it myself." He laughs and you sigh with relief. You thought he was sincerely sad and almost got embarrassed. You laugh with him and you both continue to feast. About 45 minutes later you're both stuffed. He calls for the waiter to bring the bill and you politely excuse yourself from the table to go to the ladies room. He shakes his head "Okay" as you begin to walk away. "I'll be here waiting for you." He says as you walk away from the table. While in the ladies room, you check yourself out in the mirror and wipe the mess off your face. "Is he really going to ask me out on another date or was he pulling my leg?" you say to yourself. "I don't know what to make of any of this. I'm so nervous. Ugh!" "Excuse me, are you talking to me?" says the mysterious voice from the stall. "Uh, no. Just thinking out loud. Sorry." you reply. "Oh, no worries." You wash your hands, wipe them and head back out to the dining area. As you're walking toward the table you notice that Yoongi isn't there. It's deja vu all over again from when you first met in the dining hall at the hotel. You get on your tip toes to peek out the window next to your table and you don't see him. Just as you were about to head outside, "Boo!"... You scream. Yoongi laughs, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that. I was actually standing next to the ladies room door waiting for you and you walked past me." "Oh, okay. Haha. Are we ready? I'm suddenly feeling so exhausted." "Uh, yeah. The bill is paid so we can go if you'd like." he says. "Yeah, we have a long trek ahead of us so I'm ready." "Okay." You both wave goodbye to the owner and servers and bid them a good night as you work your way out the door. "May I take your hand?" Yoongi says as you walk down the stairs together. Your voice is shaky, "Ye-yeah. Sure." You place your hand in his and again those butterflies are in your stomach. You're wondering when he plans to ask you out or even IF he plans to ask. "So!" You look at Yoongi with a startled expression. He continues, "Did you have a good time today?" "Yes. Absolutely. I had so much fun. The museum was quite the experience and so was the chicken feet. I can't guarantee that I'll ever eat that again but at least I can tell my family and friends back home that I tried it." Yoongi laughs, "So you didn't really like it?" You shyly glance at him, "Nah, but a girl can pretend can't she?" You both smile and giggle a little. "I guess that ruins my plan then." he says. "What plan?" you ask. "Well, we had a deal remember? If you liked the meal I'd ask you out and if you didn't like it, I'd owe you an ice cream cone." "Oh! Right, right." you slowly put your head down as you continue walking. "I suppose I owe you that ice cream then?" he asks. You lift your head up for a moment and look at him, "Haha. Yeah, I... I guess you do." you put your head back down. He looks at you and smiles. You feel his grip getting tighter in your hand and look up at him again. "Are you okay?" "Mm-hmm. I'm fine. Just so exhausted." you reply. "Don't worry we're almost to the hotel. But first, we have to stop for that ice cream because I--" You interrupt, "Ya know, don't worry about the ice cream. We can just go straight to the hotel. I just want my bed if that's okay." "All right." He sees the disappointed expression on your face and you both continue your walk home in silence. All you can hear are the crickets and the sound of the wind as it blows a cool soft breeze. He continues to look at you off and on but you keep your head forward and continue to hold his hand. "We're here. Home sweet home away from home." you say. You both walk up the steps to the lobby doors. Before Yoongi opens the door he stops and faces you, you turn toward him and look into his eyes. "Listen, I really had a good time today Y/N." "I... I did too Yoongi." "And I am happy that you allowed me to take you out somewhat sight seeing. I think we both needed it." "Me too Yoo--" he cuts you off, "But, I do have to ask you something. And please don't interrupt. I want to get it out but I'm really shy and nervous about it." You wait with anticipation. "Y/N, may I take you out on a date? Like a real date like I mentioned at dinner?" A smile comes over your face, "Absolutely!" Before you knew it you let go of his hand and wrapped your arms around him. You feel his arms around your waist and you have officially died and gone to heaven. You're smiling so big your face hurts. Yoongi is holding you tight as if he doesn't want to let go and you don't have a care in the world. Suddenly the church bells are ringing down the street and you let go of him. It was almost as if you snapped back into reality because of those bells. "Wow, what was that for?" he asks. "I'm just so happy that you asked me out. I honestly thought you weren't going to once I admitted that I didn't actually like the meal." "Are you kidding?" he says, "My plan was to ask you out either way. I like you Y/N. It would be an honor to take you out again." You blush, "Okay, let's get inside. That wind is starting to blow a little too much now. It's getting cold." He opens the door, "After you m'lady." You curtsy to him, "Thank you kind sir." He smiles and you both go inside and head to the elevator. The night clerk greets you from the front desk, "Have a good night." "You too!" you reply. Yoongi presses the up button and you patiently wait for the elevator to come down. You see Yoongi looking at you in the reflection of the elevator doors and you look over at him. You turn your bodies toward each other and suddenly there's chemistry flowing through you both. It's so intense it's hard to control yourself. You step closer to each other, he gently places his hand on your cheek. You close your eyes and lean into each other... *DING!* You both quickly open your eyes and Yoongi gestures for you to step onto the elevator. You get on and he follows behind you. "Hold the door please!" Yoongi pushes the button to hold the door and it's Taehyung running up to catch the elevator. He has his hoodie on and his head down with his earbuds in listening to Big Bang's 'Bang Bang Bang'. Yoongi presses the floor number and taps Taehyung on the shoulder. Startled Taehyung looks at Yoongi, "Oh, hi!" "What are you doing out so late? Yoongi asks. "I was out for a night jog. I couldn't sleep. What are you doing out so late yourself?" "Oh, uh, I was out with Y/N." Yoongi points at you and Taehyung turns around. "Um, hey." You say shyly. Taehyung looks with a smile on his face but the smile fades, "Hi." He quickly turns back toward the elevator doors playing with his phone. "You two know each other?" "Uh, yeah. Taehyung helped me unlock my room door twice. We sorta met on the elevator the day we all got here." you reply. "Yeah, she was having trouble with her key card so I helped out. Nothing else happened." Taehyung says eagerly. "Ah, okay. Well, that's cool. Maybe if you're having trouble when you get to your room I can help with your--" *DING!* The doors finally open. "Well, you kids have a good night." Taehyung steps off the elevator and heads to his room. You can tell that he wasn't happy seeing you with Yoongi and you wanted to explain but it wasn't the right time and you didn't know what to say. You step off the elevator with Yoongi and he walks you to your room. "Here it is. Room 12." "All right, I'll stay here to make sure you get in all right." he says. You test the key, the light turns green and you turn the handle just in time for the door to open. "Wow! I finally did it right. You must be my lucky charm." He blushes, "Nah. It was all you." You smile and step inside your doorway, "So, it's be really fun. I had a great day and night with you. And I can't wait for our date." "Great. I had a good time as well." he says, "And our first official date will be even more fun I promise. But um--" You stare at him and think, "Oh no, why the but?" he continues, "--May I have your number so I can contact you?" You let out a sigh of relief. "Of course, duh. Haha, can I see your phone please? I'll put it in for you." He opens his address book and hands you his phone. As you press the keys entering your number he stares at you and starts to bring his hand to your cheek again but jerks it back when you hand him his phone. "Oh! Thanks. I'll text you later okay?" he says. "Okay sure. Text any time. I'm a night owl. I usually don't fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning." "Haha. Same here. I never get much sleep but when I do, I'm out like a light. I tend to work on new material while I'm awake though. It helps me think." he says. "I can understand that." "All right. Well, I hope you have a good night." "Thanks, you too Yoongi." You lean in to give him a kiss on the cheek but he turns his head in time for you to kiss him on the lips. You both stand there in shock for what seems like an eternity before you give in and hold each other. The kiss wasn't overly passionate, it was a sweet drawn out kiss that made you feel like you were kissing soft billowy pillows. You felt your stomach sink and your heart pound. Yoongi's heart was pounding as well, you could feel it as you were pressed against him. After two minutes you slowly back away from each other, both your faces as red as tomatoes. "Uh... uh... well... uh..." Yoongi says as he drops his phone and knocks his shoulder into the door frame, "You... uh... yeah... Good night Y/N." "Good night Yoongi." He bows and waves as he turns to walk down the hall to his room and you gently close your door and lock it. You lean against the door, look up at the ceiling and let out a light screeching noise. "I can't believe it! I. Can. Not. Be. Lieve. It!!" You say to yourself. You immediately search for your cell phone to text your best friend. "Wait, what time is it back home?" You check the world clock app and see that it's 9:30 AM. "Okay, she's awake. She might be working but she can check her phone later." You type out a long message, at least 5 pages worth of reading material and just as you're about to hit send, there's a knock at your door. "Who could that be at this hour?" You hit send on your phone, place it on the night stand next to your bed and walk to the door. You look through the peephole and your jaw drops... it's Taehyung.

You unlock the door and slowly open it. "What... what are you doing here?" you ask. "Hey, can we talk? I feel like I need to get something off my chest and it's important that I let you know now." "Uh,sure. Come in." Taehyung walks in and you close the door behind you. He looks around your room, "Nice. Your room looks better than ours." he smiles. "Haha, yeah I guess so. So, what do you want to talk about Tae?" "May I sit?" he asks. "Of course." He takes a seat on your bed... you wait patiently for him to speak. With his head down he takes a breath. You notice his hands shaking a little, he's obviously nervous. Clearing his throat he begins to speak, "I wanted to say that I'm sorry for my awkward behavior on the elevator. I was just surprised to see you with Yoongi. I had no idea you two even knew each other. But that's none of my business anyway. I guess I just... I mean, I..." You're sitting on your bed next to Teahyung trying to understand what he's saying. He seems flustered and shy all of a sudden. What could be the problem? "I guess what I'm trying to say is... I... I like you Y/N." In shock, you look at him. He looks at you and gently placed his hand on yours. You look down at his hand, your heart is racing. You're at a loss for words. Taehyung is waiting to see if you have anything to say but he can see that you're not sure. "Listen Y/N, I don't want to mess up anything you may have going on with Yoongi but I at least thought you should know that I have feelings for you. I... I don't know how it happened so fast. We've only known each other for a little over two days. I suppose for me it was love at first sight." You quickly look him in the eyes. "Uh, I mean... I'm uh... that is I don't... um--" "Tae--" you interrupt, "Thank you for sharing your feelings with me. I have to admit that I am shocked and a bit overwhelmed. I have feelings for you as well but I also like Yoongi. And to be honest, I'm not even sure what he and I are yet. I mean, we kissed--" "You kissed?" Taehyung asks. "Ye-yeah. We kissed." He puts his head back down and slowly takes his hand away from yours. "But, like I said, I don't know what we are. I'm not sure how Yoongi feels about me. I was trying to kiss him on the cheek but he turned his head and our lips met." "Oh, I see. May I ask, how did you feel when you kissed him?" You look at Taehyung, his head is still down waiting for your response. You're nervous about telling him the truth because you don't want to hurt his feelings. "Just tell him Y/N!" you say to yourself. "*sigh* Tae, I don't know what you want me to say." "You can start by just telling me the truth. Did you enjoy it Y/N? Does he makes you feel special? Are you happy?" "I... yes. I did enjoy it." Taehyung looks at you and his eyes are welling up. "Well, I can't say I blame you. Yoongi is a good guy. Silly me for thinking I may've had a chance." He gets up from the bed and walks toward the door. "Tae! Please. Don't be sad. I'm sorry. Can we be friends? I would like that." He stops in the doorway and wipes away his tears, "I don't think I can do that. It's hard to be friends with someone you're in love with." He opens the door and leaves. You jump up from the bed, rush to the door and run out into the hall way, "Tae!... Tae!" He keeps walking to his room in a fast pace and you're trying to catch up to him. "Tae! Please listen to me." You catch up to him and grab his shoulder. He stops to listen. His back facing you, "Please look at me. Please? Tae, don't be sad. I don't want you to be upset about the situation. It just happened. I like you a lot. I really do. I don't want to hurt you. But you have to understand, I didn't know that you felt that way about me." He slowly turns toward you. You continue, "Every time we were alone at my door you never made a move. The last time you helped me with my room key I thought you were going to kiss me but you shook my hand instead. How was I to know that you liked me? I can't read your mind Tae. You have to--" He kisses you. Your eyes are wide open in shock, his hands are gently holding your face. You close your eyes and kiss him back with your hands by your side. You want to pull away but your body won't let you. He brings you closer to him and suddenly your arms are wrapped around him. His hands are on your waist holding you tight to his chest. As the kiss starts to become a little more passionate you hear a door open and push Taehyung away. Jin steps out of their room, "Oh hey. You guys all right?" "Uh, yes. We're fine." you reply. Taehyung is staring at you and feel more and more awkward. "Good. Tae, did you leave your key card in the room again?" While still staring at you he says, "No. I have it in my pocket. I'll be in in a minute." "All right. Well, I'm heading to the ice machine. Do you want anything while I'm out?" "No. I'm good." Taehyung replied. "Just thought I'd ask. You have a good night Y/N." "Thanks Jin. Uh, good luck with getting that ice. *nervous giggle*" "Uh, thanks. Haha." He walks downstairs to the 2nd floor and you and Taehyung continue looking at each other. "Please stop staring at me." "I'm sorry, I can't help it." Angrily you say, "Why did you do that? Huh?! Why did you kiss me? Are you trying to mess with my mind?! I'm dating Yoongi!" Startled, Taehyung say, "Oh! So you do know what you and Yoongi are?" "No, I don't. But we are going on an official date tomorrow and I don't want to mess anything up with him! Correction, I don't want to mess anything up between the three of us. Tae, I want to be your friend. Don't make it difficult for me." "Y/N--" he says, "That's fine. You know what, we can be friends. But don't you dare deny that you felt anything just now." "Tae! I... what do you... UGH! YES! I felt something but I'm not going to suddenly fall into your arms and drop Yoongi by the wayside. I like him... A LOT! I want to see what happens with he and I. I don't know, maybe he just wants to be friends, maybe he wants to be more serious... I have no idea but I want to give he and I a chance. He was kind enough to take me sight seeing and to a museum AND we had dinner. He asked me out on another date Tae! I will not hurt him! I won't! No matter how much you THINK you got me with your kiss, I'm not hurting Yoongi!" "Y/N, it is not my intention to confuse you or to hurt him. He's my dearest friend and bandmate. He's my hyung. I love him more than you'll ever know. If it makes you feel better, I will pursue you no further. The last thing I want to do is get in-between you two. He deserves happiness and if that means him being happy with you then so be it. I'll step back." "You promise?" "I swear. Bulletproof Boyscouts honor." You chuckle, "I see what you did there. Very clever. A shameless band name plug. Good job." Taehyung smiles, "Glad I could make you laugh." "*ahem* Yeah well anyway, thank you. I'll hold you to that promise. Now, I think it's time we both go to bed. I'm beat and it's late. And Yoongi may be texting me as we speak. I told him I usually stay up late and to text me anytime." "Well, you better get going back to your room then." Taehyung continues smiling. "Yeah.. I better. Well, good night." You bow and speed walk back to your room. "Annyeong hee jumuseyo!" he says as you walk away. He continues to watch you to make sure you get inside safely, you manage to get your door open again without a problem and he goes into his room.
You quickly check your phone. Three new messages. "Well, they're either from my best friend or Yoongi." You open the messages, two are from your bestie and one is from Yoongi.

You read Yoongi's message first: "Hey Y/N. I hope I'm not disturbing you. I know you said that you don't get to sleep until late so I'm hoping you're still awake. I can't wait to hear back from you. I wasn't lying when I said I had a good time today, you're fun and really cool to hang out with. I'm excited for our date tomorrow night. Don't worry, you won't have to eat chicken feet ever again. We'll try something else for dinner. Haha. Anyway, talk soon. Good night cutie. ~Yoongi"
You smile and start a reply to his message: "Hi Yoongi! Yep, still awake. I was just getting ready to take a shower and watch some TV. I had a great time as well. I had to text my bestie to tell them about it. They've replied with two messages so I'll have to read those soon. Anyway, I had a good time as well and am super excited for--" You check the time, it's after midnight... "--tonight. I'm sure whatever we eat, I'll be happy. Haha. Good night Suga *wink emoji* ~Y/N"

"Okay, let me see what my bestie has to say." You open their messages and they are chewing you out, but in a playfully jealous way.
Bestie: "First of all, good morning, afternoon or night to you. I have no idea what time it is there and I'm too lazy to check. Secondly, what is this blasphemous mess you texted me? There is no way all that happened. You have got to be kidding. You know darn well that without pictures it didn't happen, so until you send me a pic of you with Yoongi I'll probably believe it. Thirdly, you ate chicken feet? Ewww. Did it actually taste like chicken though? I mean... yeah never mind. Fourthly, you went to a trick eye museum? That sounds awesome. Sounds like something that'd be in St. Augustine, FL. Fifthly, why didn't you take me with you on this vacation? I am appalled that you went without me. Not to mention I hate planes but come on man, I could've gone too... in my mind. Anyway, text me later when you're awake or have time. Don't forget to send a pic next time also. Love ya bud and enjoy the rest of your vacation. *smile emoji*"
You: "I LOL'd at everything you said. I promise you that everything I mentioned was true. But I will do my best to get a good pic of Yoongi and I and send it to you. And I'll be sure to let him know that you're the one asking for it. I already texted him and told him you sent me two texts so he now knows about you just from that. Haha. Secondly, yes I ate chicken feet and no it wasn't pleasant. I pretended it was at first but I admitted later that I didn't like it. He laughed about it though. He was a good sport. We have an official date tonight so wish me luck that I won't be a bumbling idiot in front of him out of sheer nervousness. Thirdly, you could've tagged along but you had to work and couldn't get a week's worth of time off plus as you kindly mentioned, you hate planes. I can't force you to fly anywhere if you won't take a plane. LOL. Anyway, it's late here, it's almost 1:00 AM and my phone just went off again, it's Yoongi so I'll talk to you later. Have a good evening homie. *heart emoji*"

"Whew! After I check Yoongi's message, I'm going to sleep. I don't think I can handle staying up too late tonight. I'm so tired." You open the message. You smile at first but then it's quickly wiped from your face. Yoongi's reply definitely doesn't sound like a happy one.

***His point of view***

Yoongi is lounging in his bed, "Tae! Please listen to me. Please look at me. Please?" Yoongi hears a familiar voice in the hallway so he gets up and takes a look through the peephole. He sees you and Taehyung standing in front of his door. He continues to listen... "It just happened. I like you a lot, I really do. I don't want to hurt you--" "Y/N likes Tae?" Yoongi thinks to himself. "Is that why they were acting so awkward on the elevator? She's just using me to get closer to him. She never liked me, she's playing me for a fool." Yoongi walks away from his door. There's so much running through his mind. He plops down on the bed, "What should I do? Should I pretend to not know what's going on or call her out on it? Well, I already texted her, I'll just wait for her response to see if she'll do me the courtesy of mentioning what I just witnessed." A few seconds later he hears Jin's voice out in the hall, he jumps up again to see what's going on... "--Tae, did you leave your key card in the room again?" Yoongi sees Taehyung staring at you, "No, I have it in my pocket. I'll be in in a minute." Furious, Yoongi clenches his fist. He wants desperately to open his door and confront the both of you but he closes his eyes and counts to three. "One-two-three. *exhales* Yoongi, calm down. Just take a breath and relax. It's not like you and Y/N are in a serious relationship. But who's to say that I wouldn't want that? Ugh, I don't know how to feel right now." He lies in his bed thinking about everything that happened when suddenly his phone goes off. "Oh she finally texted back. How nice of her." he says sarcastically. He opens the message to read what you had to say...

"Hi Yoongi! Yep, still awake. I was just getting ready to take a shower and watch some TV. I had a great time as well. I had to text my bestie to tell them about it. They've replied with two messages so I'll have to read those soon. Anyway, I had a good time as well and am super excited for--" You check the time, it's after midnight... "--tonight. I'm sure whatever we eat, I'll be happy. Haha. Good night Suga *wink emoji* ~Y/N"

He chuckles. "I knew she wasn't going to mention Taehyung. Let me take the matter into my own hands then." He types and sends his reply:
"Hey Y/N, thanks for the reply. Quick question, did you have a good time with Tae a few minutes ago? I heard everything outside my room. I stood at my door looking through the peephole at you both. You think it's cool to treat me like a piece of trash? I thought you honestly liked me, so dumb of me to think that right? I guess the kiss meant nothing also? Is this what you do to people, use them for your own personal gain? Sorry about all the questions but I am sincerely curious about your intentions because I feel used. You know what, maybe we shouldn't go out tonight. Or hey, here's a better idea, why don't you ask Tae to take you out since you like him so much. Nice knowing you Y/N. I can't believe I thought we could have a chance together. I'm so stupid!"

***Your point of view***

"Yay! Yoongi texted me back, After I check his message I'm going to sleep. I'm so tired." You open the text and begin to read it. You smile at first but it's quickly wiped from your face. After reading the entire message you quickly jump up from your bed, rush out the door and run down to Yoongi's room. You bang on the door... "WHO IS IT?!" the door quickly swings open. Embarrassed, you apologize for disturbing the occupant. Turns out that wasn't Yoongi's room. You thought he was next door to Tae and Jin. The occupant slams the door in your face and you continue your search for Yoongi's room. There could only be two other choices... either of the two rooms across the hall from Tae and Jin. You take your chance on room number 28. You gently knock... no answer. You knock again a little louder. Yoongi gets up from his bed and walks toward the door. He looks through the peephole and sees no one. You knock again and there's still no answer. You figure the room is empty and decide to go back to your room to try contacting Yoongi by calling him. He's still looking through the peephole when he sees you walk past his door which was to the other room that you hadn't tried. Yoongi quickly opens his door as you walk by, "Y/N!" he walks a few steps behind you. You turn around, "Yoongi!" You begin walking toward him... "Don't bother." he says. You stop in your tracks, "Don't bother what?" "Don't bother trying to explain. I heard everything you said. You must really think I'm stupid huh?" "But Yoon--" he interrupts, "Save it Y/N. I don't want to hear whatever it is you have to say. All you're going to do is make something up anyway. I'm not as dumb as I look. You wasted your time coming down here. I think it's best that you go back to your room, get some rest and we just stay away from each other." Your eyes well up, he rolls his eyes at you... "Haha. You're a good actress Y/N. I'm supposed to feel sorry for you right? Please spare me the tears. You did this. You made this happen. How could you play with my heart?" You look at him with so much sympathy. You want to hold him badly but he won't let you near him. "Get some rest Y/N. Try to enjoy the rest of your trip. Good night." He turns and walks back to his room, closes the door and locks it. You're standing in the hallway crying still holding your phone with Yoongi's number on speed dial. Meanwhile, he's leaning against the door sliding down to the floor also crying.

***Two days later...***

Your phone keeps buzzing. Messages pop up back to back the last few days. You're so depressed you haven't even bothered checking your phone. You've been laying in bed under the blanket crying on and off. All of a sudden your phone rings. You know that ringtone, it's your bestie. They're worried about you, it's not like you not to text them. Or you at least contact them through Facebook messenger. You didn't bother answering the call. *KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!* "Who the heck is that?" you think to yourself. Out of curiosity you get up from bed to see who's at your door just in case it's housekeeping. Your body is aching from lying down for so long. You stretch... *KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!* You walk to the door and look through the peephole... it's Taehyung. "Come on Y/N, I know you're in there. Are you all right?! Yoongi seems upset for some reasons and hasn't spoken to me in two days! Please answer the door. I need to speak with you. Y/N please?" You hang your head and just as Taehyung was about to knock again you unlock the door. You peek your head out, "*sigh* Thank God! I thought something happened to you! Why haven't you answered your phone? I had to sneak your number from Yoongi's phone last night at dinner with the group when he went to the men's room. I would've called your room directly but no one really answers the room phone unless it's an expected phone call. What's going on?" "Tae, this is not a good time. I just need to be alone for a while okay?" "Listen, I have been put on the back burner for two days... TWO DAYS Y/N! I think I deserve to know what's going on. We're supposed to be friends right? Isn't that what you wanted? So talk to me... as your friend. What happened with you and Yoongi?"
You open the door wider, "Come in." He steps inside and you close the door. "Have a seat Tae." He sits down in the lounge chair next to the window and turns the chair to face you. You sit down on the end of the bed, "I'm surprised you don't know what's happened yet. There's not much to the story. Yoongi overheard us in the hall outside his room the other morning. He's upset with me and I guess he's upset with you as well. He claims he heard the whole conversation but that can't be possible otherwise he would've known how it ended. Oh no, did he see you kiss me? Maybe that's really why he's so upset. GAH! Why did I let you do that?!" "Wait a minute Y/N, you were kissing me back." "Are you kidding me right now?! You kissed me and then grabbed me by the waist!" "Yeah, and then you wrapped your arms around me." You roll your eyes, "Tae, that's not even the point right now! The point is Yoongi may've seen that which could explain the deep root of his silent treatment. The only thing he mentioned was that he heard us but he failed to mention the kiss. Maybe he was too hurt to say anything about it!" "Has he texted or called you at all? Taehyung asks. "I don't know, I haven't checked my phone. It's been going off the last couple of days." "Yeah, I know! That's why I'm here now!" "I'm sorry. I'm just disappointed by what happened." "Oh gee, thanks." Taehyung says. You glare at him, "I'm not talking about what happened with us-- Well, I am but I mean the confrontation between me and him. I want to talk to Yoongi desperately and explain but he would never listen to me, he hates me." "He doesn't hate you Y/N, he's just discouraged. He really likes you. Even more than I thought he did. For him to react this way it must be serious. I know I fell for you on the spot so I can see how he could fall for you so fast. You're... you're a sweet and modest person. How could anyone not fall for you." Taehyung shyly turns his head away from you and you look at him with a smile on your face. "Well, thank you Tae but I still think Yoongi hates me." "Check your phone to see if he sent you anything. He can't be angry forever. That's not our way. We always work out our differences as soon as possible to avoid any friction between us. I'm sure he and I will be on good terms again soon. I should tell him what happened myself." "If he won't listen to me, he more than likely won't listen to you." You look over at your phone, reach for it on the night stand and check your inbox. "20 messages?! OMG! I knew I had a few but not that much." "Any of them from Yoongi?" Taehyung asks. "I don't now yet. Most of them are from my bestie. It's not like me to not contact her for so long even if it has been just two days. But then again it's two days with me in another country though." You keep swiping up scanning through your messages... you spot one from Yoongi sent earlier this morning. "I got one." "From him?" "Yes. Should... should I open it?" "Yes! Open it Y/N!" You're about to open the message but then you stop and decide to send a text to your bestie first to let her know you're okay before she decides to contact your parents and get them worried.

Message: "Hey F/N, I'm all right. All is well. I just needed some time to myself for a few days. Something happened that I'm not proud of. I've give you the details later but it's nothing major so don't worry. I'm not in prison or anything crazy like that. I promise I'll call you later because it's too much to explain in a text. ~Y/N"

You send the message and return to your inbox. Time to open Yoongi's text. You look up at Taehyung and he motions for you to hurry up and open it. *tap* You carefully read the message and your eyes well up. "What's wrong, what does it say? It must be something sweet or really mean if you're getting teary eyed." Your eyes are fixated on the screen as you keep reading the message over and over again.

You try to compose yourself but it's so hard to do. Taehyung keeps staring at you wondering what Yoongi said and every time you open your mouth to speak, you continue crying. "Y/N? Please, what's wrong? What did he say?" You hand Taehyung your phone, he reads the message then looks up at you. "He wants to meet you downstairs in the lobby tonight to talk? That's good news! Why are you crying?" "Because I'm afraid of what he might say when we meet. What if he tells me that he never wants to see me again ever? What if he says something just out of spite to make me feel worse than I already do? I couldn't handle it Tae." "Y/N, Yoongi would never do that. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Why would he waste his time sending a text saying he wants to see you just to turn around and hurt you? I'm telling you that's not our way. We take care of our issues immediately and confront them head on. It may've taken two days for him to contact you but at least he did. Try to be positive about it. Stop overthinking, that'll only make it worse." "Yeah--" you continue, "you're right. This could be a good thing. But I'm not going to have high hopes. I am, however, going to try to remain positive and just hope for the best. Gosh Tae, I really like him, you know? I feel like he completes me in a weird sort of way. I know that sounds corny but it's true." "Well, in that case, what's the worse that could happen? You might get stuck with me." He smiles and winks. You laugh, "Yeah, maybe. But that wouldn't be so bad either." You look at each other for a few seconds... "Uh, well, you better clean yourself up so you can look good for Yoongi." You both get up from your seats and you walk him to the door. "Thank you Tae. I appreciate you being here. You really are a good friend." "You're welcome Y/N. I'll call you later if that's okay? Now that I have your number." "Sure. Call around 11 if you're still awake, okay? We'll more than likely be back by then." "I should still be up. I'm out for my nightly jog around that time anyway." "Okay, good." You say. He leans in toward you and plants a kiss on your cheek, you jerk back a little and offer a nervous smirk. "Have a good night." says Taehyung. You open the door, he walks out then you close and lock it. It's a quarter after 6 in the evening... You quickly rush to the bathroom to turn on the shower and while the water is getting perfectly warm you rummage through your clothes to find a nice sun dress and sandals. You lay the dress out and place the sandals at the foot of the bed, now you can take your shower.
45 minutes later, you're refreshed. Your hair is up in a perfectly placed bun, you get dressed, put on your sandals, spray on a little perfume, grab your belongings and head out. While walking down the hall you're texting Yoongi to let him know that you're on your way down to the lobby. As you're head is down typing, Yoongi is just coming out of his room. He stuck his phone in his pocket and made sure he had his wallet. He looks straight ahead to see you walking out of the dim light toward the elevator, "Why are you so beautiful Y/N?' He thinks to himself. You stand at the elevator waiting for it to come down to your floor. All of a sudden you see someone coming up behind you from the glare in the mirrored elevator doors, you gasp and quickly turn around... "Omigosh--" You grab your chest, "Yoongi, you scared me. I just sent you a text. I thought you were already downstairs." He shows a cocky smile, "Yeah well, I'm here." *DING!* The elevator doors open. Yoongi walks over to hold the door open for you to step on first and then he gets on. What happens next while going down to the lobby seems like slow motion... As soon as you both were on the elevator you pressed the button to take you to the lobby. Yoongi is standing behind you but closely. You feel him leaning his head over your shoulder seductively taking in the scent of your perfume. He places his hands around your waist and whispers, "I missed you. I'm sorry, forgive me please." in your ear. You slowly close your eyes as he continues holding you. He turns you around, your eyes open and you're gazing at each other. His hand caressing your cheek as you stare into his eyes. He slowly leans in, your lips meet. You're holding each other close as the kiss becomes more passionate. *DING!* You've made it to the lobby and the elevator doors open. You continue kissing each other. His hand running up and down your back holding you tight. Your soul has officially left your body while the Windows shut down music is playing in your mind. You were like butter in his hands. "AHEM!" Neither of you budge. A few seconds later... "AHEM!!" You open your eyes and jerk away from Yoongi. He looks and sees a few people standing outside the elevator. He let's out a nervous chuckle, "Hehe... we're so sorry... sorry to keep you waiting. Our apologizes please." Yoongi says as you both step off the elevator. "Yes, we're sorry." you add. You both walk away laughing under your breath out of embarrassment.
Yoongi takes your hand and leads you around the corner into a dark hallway. Yoongi gently pushes you against the wall and plants another passionate kiss from your lips to your neck... "I'm so sorry Y/N. *kiss* I don't want to lose you. *kiss* I love you." You put your hands on his shoulders gesturing for him to stop for a moment, "You... you love me? Do you mean that Yoongi? You actually love me?" "Yes. I... *sigh* ...I love you. I know it sounds crazy because we barely know each other and we just met 4 days ago but I... I don't know how to explain it. When I'm not with you I feel weak. Like I can't live without you near. And when I'm with you... *sigh* ... my heart starts to beat out of my chest. You're so beautiful I can barely breathe. Your heart, soul and mind are absolutely amazing and I can't believe that someone like you exists. You make me feel better about myself. You give me hope and a reason to live." "Omigosh, Yoongi. This is--" he interrupts, "Y/N... *he pauses* Will you be mine? Please have my heart forever." You look at Yoongi and his sweet sincere face. You place your hand on his cheek, "*sigh* I've missed your touch Y/N." You continue to caress him on the face... "Yoongi--" All his attention is on you. "I'd love nothing more than to be yours. But I just realized, I don't have the same feelings for you as you do for me. I really like you Yoongi and I was so worried you'd never want to speak to me again... and don't get me wrong, I am so happy we're on speaking terms again although I'll understand if you never want to speak to me again once I make this confession but, I think I'm in love with Tae."
He stares at you, his pupils are large... "What?" he asks. "I'm so sorry. I... I don't know what came over me but while we were in the elevator coming down here my mind went into overdrive and all I could think about was him. I... I don't want to hurt you Yoongi. I know that I've already ruined things between you and Tae. The relationship you guys had will never be the same because of me and I apologize for that. I just--" He interrupts, "You're in love with Tae?" "Ye-yes. I am." He backs away from you with his head down and leans up against the wall. He slowly lifts his head, "I guess I could say that I'm not surprised. The way you looked at him in the hallway the other day... *sigh* ... you've never looked at me that way. I admit I really had fun with you Y/N but I can't be angry with you. The heart wants what the heart wants. I just hope for your sake he feels the same way." A surprised look comes across your face, "You're... you're not upset with me?" "Me? Nah. I do genuinely love you but if you can't see yourself with me I cannot force what I can't have. You truly are a beautiful person and I admire your honesty. You're amazing. I'm sure Tae knows that and if he doesn't he needs his head checked." You chuckle shyly. "I'm serious Y/N. He better realize that you're a precious jewel that deserves happiness. And I'm so sorry for reacting the way I did the other night. It's not like we were a couple. I was just hurt by what I heard. Especially after we had just shared that intimate moment at your room. The kiss." "Yeah, that wasn't even supposed to happen. I mean, I really was aiming for your cheek but when you looked at me my lips met yours. It was a pleasant surprise but not my intention. But I wouldn't take back that it happened. It was quite an experience." "Well, I'm relieved to know that" Yoongi laughs. "I didn't mean that in a bad way, I just wanted to tell you the truth." "No, no." Yoongi says, "It's okay. I completely understand. I'm happy with being a pleasant accident." He smiles. You return a smile and ask, "So are we okay? I mean, you and I... or you and Tae for that matter?" "Yes, it's all good. Your happiness means more to me than anything and if he makes you happy I'm all right with it. As long as you and I can be friends now." You smile again, "Absolutely." Suddenly you both hear 'I Know (So That I Love You)' playing in the darkened hallway you're standing it. It's a housekeeper walking by with BTS blasting on her Bluetooth stereo. You both look at them as they walk by then back at each other, "Well, that was the perfect song for the moment was it not?" Yoongi asks. You laugh, "I was thinking the same thing." Yoongi smiles, "Come on, let's go get some dinner. I owe you a better dinner date anyway." "Okay. You promise no more chicken feet right?" you ask. "I make no guarantees that it won't be in the perimeter of the restaurant but I can promise that I won't order it this time." "Haha, all right. Deal." You say while heading back to the lit lobby area. He gently grabs your hand as you walk out the door into the beautiful Seoul night.

As you're walking down the strip with Yoongi your phone vibrates in your purse, you check it and see that it's your bestie. You're surprised because she should be at work at this time and didn't expect to hear from her yet. It's 7:45 AM back home. "What's the matter?" Yoongi asks. "It's F/N. It's going to be an angry message I'm sure. She hadn't heard from me in a few days and I finally sent her a message earlier today." "Well, open it and see what she has to say. It can't be that bad." You give Yoongi a yeah right look as you proceed to open the message. Your first reaction is to laugh. Yoongi smiles, "I guess it wasn't that bad huh?" You show him the text:


His eyes stretch, "F/N is a savage! Haha." "Yeah but I'm used to her abusive language, hahaha. Let me text her back real quick, I'm sorry." "No, it's fine. Go ahead." he smiles. You type up a quick message letting your bestie know that you're okay and that you're out with Yoongi at the moment but you'll call her asap. You stick your phone back in the pocket of your purse and keep walking with Yoongi. "So, where are we going for dinner?" you ask. "Oh, it's the best place in all of South Korea. And we're almost there, close your eyes. Absolutely no peaking." "Haha, I have to close my eyes? Okay." "No peeking Y/N!" "I'm not! I'm not!" He guides you to the entrance of the restaurant, "Okay, you can open your eyes now." You laugh so hard your stomach hurts. "I should've known. Hahaha. Panda Express!" "Are you surprised?" he asks. You look up at the sign, "Yeah, I'm totally surprised Yoongi. You got me! This is great." He smiles, "Good. I was hoping you'd like it. Have you ever been here before?" "Not to this one in particular but I have visited a few in the States. I hadn't been in a few years but I do like it." "Great! Well, let's go in. I'm starving." He holds the door open for you and you walk in as he follows behind you.

**Two hours later**

The door opens and you both step out to leave with doggy bags in hand. "Wow, I am so full. That orange chicken was delicious. I must've looked like a pig huh?" "Yes!" Yoongi replies. "Hey!" You playfully shove him as he laughs. "Well, regardless, thanks for the dinner date. I had a good time." "Did you like the eggplant tofu?" he asks. "It was different, probably not something I'd order often unless I were craving it." "Yeah, it's an acquired taste for sure but I do like it. I'll have to take you back to Joahae Dakbal for the soybean curd. That's pretty tasty." You have the look of disgust on your face, "Soybean curd?" "Yes! It's good." he says. "Hahaha. After what you put me through with the chicken feet, I'm having a hard time believing you anymore." "Ah come on. One mistake and you're not going to trust me and my food choices anymore?" he pouts. You laugh, "Well, you get a pass for Panda Express but when it comes to something I've never tried, I may have to rethink it." "Okay. Okay. I understand. Haha. Anywhere else you want to go before we head back?" "Um, nah. Nowhere comes to mind. We should go back to the hotel now, I am expecting a call in a little while and I don't want to be talking to someone else while with you, that would be rude of me to do that to you." "Okay. Is it F/N who's calling later?" "*nervous giggle* Ah no, it's Tae." "Oh." "Yeah, he told me that he was going to call me to check and see how everything went with you and I. He's concerned. Have you talked to him yet?" "Yeah before I left my room. I replied to his text he sent a few hours before we went out." "Ah okay. Good. I'm sure he's relieved now." you say. "Probably. I just assured him that I wasn't angry." You continue walking slowly through the strip. "Oh! Didn't you want to take a pic together to show F/N?" "Yes! Thank you for reminding me." You take your phone out and pose for the camera with a couple of peace signs. *FLASH!* "Now she should believe me. Haha."

Yoongi's phone vibrates, startled he takes it out of his back pocket to see who it is. "Oh crap, it's our manager. What is he calling for at this hour?" He answers, "Yoboseyo? (Hello?) Uh huh... yeah... uh huh... okay." He ends the call. "Is everything okay?" You ask. "Huh? Oh! Yeah, everything is fine. He was just letting us know that we can go back to our dorm tomorrow. It's finally done being renovated." "Oh! That's why you guys are staying at the hotel. That makes sense because I've been wondering why you guys were staying there. Not that I'm complaining. It's been quite an experience staying in the same hotel as you guys. Just completely unexpected." "Yeah, we found out the day we landed that we were going to be staying at the hotel for a few days before getting the chance to go home." You put your head down and kick the pebbles running along the road. "Are you going to miss us?" Yoongi asks. You look at each other, "Of course. I'm sad that you're going but I guess it's sort of bittersweet since I'll be flying back home in two days anyway. The fun had to end some time for me." You hang your head again and Yoongi lifts it back up with his fingers. "Don't be sad. I've had the best time I've ever had in a while. I mean with someone other than the guys. I told you before that you're fun and an absolute pleasure to be around. I mean that." he smiles. "Thank you Yoongi, that means a lot. And thank you for accepting my friendship. You're awesome." "Think nothing of it. So, what are you going to tell Tae?" he asks. "Huh?" "What do you plan to tell Tae? I mean are you going to confess that you love him or are you going to keep that secret?" "*sigh* I don't know. I want to tell him but what difference would it make? You're leaving tomorrow and I'm going back home in a few days. It seems pointless don't you think?" "Well, I think it's better to express your feelings than to keep it to yourself and regret it later. Who knows what'll happen. It's worth a shot to just tell him Y/N." "I guess you're right. I'll make my decision when he calls me in a little while."

You've made it back to the steps of the hotel. As you both are walking up you hear some footsteps running up behind you, it's Taehyung. "Oh, hey you two!" Taehyung smiles. "Hey Tae!" Yoongi responds. "Hey. We were just talking about you." you say. "Really? Nothing but good things I hope?" Yoongi laughs, "Yeah, it was good Tae, don't worry." "Great. You guys going inside?" he asks. "Oh! Yeah. Hahaha. Sorry." You and Yoongi open the doors. "Wow, it's like the royal treatment, I could get used to this." Taehyung says. You roll your eyes. "Have good evening!" says the front desk clerk as you walk through the lobby. "Thanks, you too!" Yoongi says while you and Taehyung wave. Taehyung presses the button to the elevator... You and Yoongi look at each other, he gestures for you to say something to Taehyung. "Uh, Tae. Did you enjoy your jog?" You ask. "Yes, it was pretty good. I love cool nights like this. So relaxing." "Yeah, I love cool weather also. Better than sweating non stop. That can be a pain." "Yeah." he says. *DING!* The elevator doors open. "Hey, you know what? I'm gonna take the stairs. I need the exercise. You just infired me Tae Tae. Haha." "Are you sure?" You ask him nervously. "Yep. You two go ahead." Taehyung steps on and holds the door for you. You keep staring at Yoongi... "Go ahead Y/N. It's fine. I'll see you guys up there." "Okay be careful Yoongi. Are you coming Y/N or are you taking the stairs as well?" You watch Yoongi as he walks away, "Yeah, I'm coming Tae. Hang on a second." "All right." You run over to Yoongi and tap him on the shoulder. He turns around with a surprised look on his face, "What's the matter?" You grab him and give him a firm hug. He hugs you back and asks if you're okay. "Yes, I'm great. I'm just thanking you for being so sweet." "You're welcome. Now you better get back over there to Tae! Go on." He smiles. You walk away and turn back at Yoongi to mouth the words, "Thank you." He lifts his hand as if to say you're welcome.

Taehyung is standing outside of the elevator when you come back over. "I let it go. I didn't want to hold it for too long. So, how'd it go? You guys look friendly again, that's good right?" he asks. "Yeah, we're friends. He surprised me with dinner at Panda Express." "Oh, no way! I love that place! *he sings and does a little dance* Panda Ex-press, woo! Panda Ex-press, yeah!" You giggle, "I know you do. I've seen enough of your interviews with you all mentioning it. Haha." *DING!* The doors to the elevator open and a few people step off. "After you." says Taehyung. "Thank you." You step on as Taehyung holds the doors open and steps on behind you. The doors close and you're on your way to the 3rd floor. The ride up is a quiet and awkward one as you're plotting in your head how to tell Taehyung how you feel. "Are you sure you're okay? he asks. "You seem a bit distracted." You answer, "Mm-hmm. I'm fine. Just thinking." "Ah okay." *DING!* "Well, we're here." he says. You both step off... "Well, have a good night Y/N. I may or may not see you tomorrow. I got a call from our manager letting us know that we'll be outta here in the morning. Our dorm is ready for us." You stare at him. "Y/N?... Y/N?" "Uh, will you come with me to my room please? I need to speak to you about something." You say. "Um--" He looks in the direction of his room, "Sure, I just need to-" You interrupt, "It's important Tae. Please? If I don't speak to you now I probably won't have the courage to later." He looks at you for a few seconds, "All right." You grab his hand and head to your room.

Meanwhile, Yoongi has just made to the floor and sees you two walking to your room. He slowly continues up the last few steps and walks to his room. He stands in front of his door, key card in hand and looks in your direction, "Don't you break her heart Tae." he says to himself. He opens his door and goes in the room.
You manage to make it inside your room again without any problems from the key card. You gently pull Taehyung inside. "Please, have a seat Tae." "Okay." He walks to the bed and sits down. "What is this all about Y/N? If it's about your date please spare me any juicy details. Haha." You stand in front of him, your hands are slightly trembling from nervousness. "Y/N, please sit down. Tell me what's wrong. Why are your hands shaking? What happened?" Your eyes start to well up. "Y/N please say something, you're scaring me. Did Yoongi do something?" he asks. "No." "Then what's wrong?" He wipes the tear from your cheek and holds your hands. "I'm so afraid to tell you this because I feel like it's too late. Or perhaps it's always been too late. And I'm scared of how you'll react because it's something that was discussed a few days ago-" Taehyung interrupts, "Wait. You're nervous about something we've already discussed? Well, let me guess." "Uh, okay. Go ahead." "Is it about your bestie?" he asks. "No." "Okay, may I have another guess?" "Uh Tae, please let me just say what I need to say because I don't think-" he interrupts again, "You love me. Haha. I'm sure that's not it. You and Yoongi are an item now." He sees the blank stare on your face, "Right?" You continue to stare at him blankly. "Y/N?... Do... Do you love me?" The tears fall from your eyes, you shake your head "Yes".

"Whoa!" he jumps up from the bed. "Wait a minute. You gave me the impression the other day that you felt nothing for me but friendship and now you're telling me that you lied?" he asks. "No. I told you that I have feelings for you but at the time I didn't realize that I was in fact in love with you." He's in shock. You stand up from the bed, "Listen Tae, I didn't know this was going to happen but it was just that earlier today when I was with Yoongi I actually imagined it was you. No matter how hard I tried not to think of you, there you were. When he and I kissed on the elevator-" "You kissed on the elevator?" he asks. "Yes, we kissed on the elevator. But when I closed my eyes all I saw was you. I like Yoongi a lot, like a sister loves her brother but I'm in love with you Tae." He sits back down on the bed... "And I don't know how you feel about me anymore but I just wanted to let you know before we probably never see each other again. Hell, I've loved you since long before we met but that was only as a fan but since getting to be around you off and on these last few days I've grown to love you not as just an musician but as a person. You are the piece of my heart that's missing Tae." He's looking down at the floor trying to calculate what you've said. "Tae? Tae, I'm sorry if I've confused you or upset you in any way. I wanted you to-" He grabs you by the waist and hugs you. You wrap your hands around his head and hold it close to your stomach. He lets go and looks up at you, you're looking back at him and he stands. You back up a little as he gets up. "Y/N, you know that I love you too. I've loved you since the day our eyes met. I've loved you before I knew you believe it or not. You were the girl I always saw in my dreams. Love is such a crazy thing, you never know where you'll find it. It can happen at the strangest places or at the strangest times. I've wanted you to be mine all this time, you know that. And when you said what you said in the hallway a few days ago I knew you didn't mean it but I went along with it anyway because I didn't want to lose you. I was willing to put my love for you on the back burner to be only your friend. And now that's you're saying this... it makes me so happy. I want you to be with me Y/N. I want you to be the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night. I'm crazy about you. Will you accept my heart as yours?" The tears continue to roll down your cheeks. "Yes. I'm yours Tae." He smiles and you lean in to kiss him. His eyes close gently then brings you in closer to him.

You feel wetness other than your own drip on your chest, you open your eyes and it's Taehyung... He's crying and seeing that makes your heart melt. You close your eyes and go on kissing, holding each other as tight as possible. Neither of you want to let go. Your phone vibrates in your purse... *BUZZZZZ!* You ignore it... a few seconds later... *BUZZZZZ!* Taehyung opens his eyes and stops kissing you, "What is that noise?" "My phone is vibrating. It might be a text." "Well, I'll let you check it. I need to go to my room anyway to wash up and get to bed. The guys and I have a lot to do tomorrow." "Oh. Yeah. I almost forgot you're leaving." you say sadly. "I'm sorry. I wish I could take you with us. When are you leaving?" he asks. "Thursday morning." "I'll try to sneak away and come see you before you leave. Or we can all meet for lunch or dinner so you can meet the rest of the hyungs. How's that sound?" You smile, "I'd like that." "Okay, I'll call you tomorrow afternoon once we're settled in our dorm." "All right hun." "Okay baby, I love you." He says before pecking you on the lips. There's those butterflies in your stomach again. "I love you too, good night Tae." He walks over to the door and leaves. You immediately get a knock at the door. "Did he forget something?" You open the door, Taehyung makes a heart with his fingers peeks his head in the door and kisses you one more time. You blush, "Go Tae! Haha." "Good night." He winks. You close the door, lock it and check your phone. It's your bestie. You check to see what time it is back home and it's noon. "Ah, she must be at lunch now." you say to yourself.

But before you read her message you remember the photo you had taken with Yoongi that you were going to send to her. You find the pic and send it to her. You wait a few minutes and you receive a new message.

F/N: "NO WAY!!! Is that you with Min Yoongi?! Tell me that's photoshopped! You went out on a date with THEE Suga? THEE Agust D? That is crazy! I happily stand corrected! Thanks for the pic. You guys look cute together though."

Y/N: "Yes that's a real photo. I have no idea how to use photoshop, I'm not mechanically inclined when it comes to stuff like that nor do I have the patience."

F/N: "Me either. LOL. So, are you and Yoongi a couple now?"

Y/N: "Haha. No. We're not. But something else has happened. Again, nothing bad. Let's just say that I'm over the moon happy right now and the butteries are working overtime in my gut."

F/N: "Ooooh, you gotta tell me later! I have to get back to work. Call me around 5 please. I need to know the details. LOL."

Y/N: "Okay, I promise I will call. It's way too much to type anyway. Enjoy work."

F/N: *sarcastically* "Yeah, okay."

Y/N: "LOL."

You collapse on your bed after exchanging texts with your bestie. You're too anxious to sleep and it's pretty late. You sit up and decide to go for a walk around the hotel, that seems to relax you after doing it your first night there. You grab your belongs and head out. As you're walking down the hall Jungkook is standing there once again talking to Hoseok. It's like deja vu. You walk by nervously with your head down, you glance at them and throw up your hand to say hi. "Hi." They both say as they stare at you. Jungkook whispers something to Hoseok and you look back suspiciously. Jungkook immediately stops whispering when you look at him and you continue on your way.
At the elevator there's a sign that reads, 'Out of order'. You sigh then shrug and work your way down the stairs, it's better exercise anyway.

Yoongi: "Hey, you know what? I'm gonna take the stairs. I need the exercise. You just infired me Tae Tae. Haha."

You continue your trek down the stairs to the lobby and head to the dining area to see if you can get something to snack on. You open the door to walk inside and all of a sudden another deja vu type feeling comes over you. You start to remember that you're in the exact spot where you first met Yoongi. He was sitting in a lounge chair writing lyrics while listening to his headset and you grabbed a bowl of fresh fruit which happened to be what you were craving again. So you get a ceramic bowl and fill it with fruit then take a seat at the same table you sat at that morning. You take out your smartphone, plug in your earbuds and begin playing BTS' 'The Truth Untold'. You swipe through the Planet Army Amino app, read a few posts, give props then close it. As the song continues to play in your ears you start to feel like it has a very strong resemblance to what you're going through at the present time. The lyrics, "But I still want you..." rings in your mind as you can't help but to think of Yoongi. "What is going on with me? I want to be with Taehyung, I'm in love with Taehyung-- Or... at least I think I am? Oh God, why is this happening?" You get up from the table and walk out of the dining area with your belongings. You're so distracted you forgot to clean up your mess.

Yoongi: "I missed you. I'm sorry, forgive me please."

"Ugh! Please stop brain. Leave me alone!" You continue your slow walk down the dimly lit hallway... "I don't love Yoongi. I can't love Yoongi. I love Taehyung. Yeah, I love Taehyung... I love..." You stop walking and take out your phone, "I'm going to call F/N she should be home now. I think it's after 5 there. I owe her this call anyway."
The phone rings for a while before someone picks up--

F/N: "Hello?"
Y/N: *pause*
F/N: "Hello? Y/N are you there?"
Y/N: "H-hey."
F/N: "Hey. Bout time you called me! I've been waiting to hear all the good news."
Y/N: *tears well up in your eyes*
F/N: "Y/N, are you all right? I hear you sniffling. Are you crying? What's wrong?"
Y/N: "I don't know what's wrong with me F/N. I'm stuck. One minute I like Yoongi a lot, the next minute I think I love Tae when in reality I love Yoongi. I am in love with Min Yoongi."
F/N: "OMG. Really? Well have you told either of them?"
Y/N: "I told Yoongi that I didn't feel the same way he felt and that I was in love with Tae. Then-" *F/N interrupts*
F/N: "Wait, Yoongi told you what about his feelings? That he loves you or just likes you a lot?"
Y/N: *sniffling* "That he loves me."
F/N: "What?!"
Y/N: "That's why this is so effed up! I can't play with his feelings like that. I already told him I love Tae!! I mean, I do love Tae but not how I love Yoongi. I'm so friggin confused!"
F/N: "Okay, just relax. Calm down. Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. I'm not sure what advice I can give other than just tell them the truth."
Y/N: "I can't do that F/N. I'm going to end up hurting the both of them and it'll seem like I'm playing head games. I'm too old to be playing games like that even if I don't mean any harm. There's got to be a better way."
F/N: "Well Y/N, I don't know. I think you should sit them both down together-" *You interrupt*
Y/N: "What! Together? In the same room? Uh, F/N that's a bad idea."
F/N: "I think it's a good idea. That way you're knocking two birds out with one stone. Figuratively speaking. You can do this Y/N. Don't be afraid. It's better out than in and the worse that could happen, you'll come back home to being single again."
Y/N: *pause*
F/N: "Uh, or not?"
Y/N: "I don't know, I'll have to think about it."
F/N: "Well, you better think quick. Didn't you say they're leaving soon?"
Y/N: "Yeah, they're leaving the hotel to go back to their dorm that was being renovated."
F/N: "Okay then. You have one of two choices: one, you tell them how you really feel together in one room or two, you keep lying to the both of them. The choice is yours. Make the smart one."

**Three hours later**

You wake up in your room. You look over at the clock, it's 8:45 AM. "Oh crap!" You rush into the bathroom to brush your teeth and clean your face with a make up remover wipe. You try to search for your shoes but all you can find are your slippers so you put them on and head out the door to try and catch the boys before they leave. In the hall there's Jungkook, Hoseok, Jimin and RM who's on his smartphone. They're with their travel crew and trying to maneuver their luggage. "Excuse me, I'm sorry. Pardon me." You say as you walk through them. You look down the hall and see that both Taehyung and Yoongi's doors are open. You don't know if they're already downstairs or they just have their doors propped open to make it easier to bring out their things. As you walk toward their end of the hall, Jin comes out of he and Taehyung's room. "Oh hey Y/N!" "Hi Jin. I see you guys are getting ready to go home huh?" "Yes. Almost out of here. Just have to grab a few more things and then we're gone back to our place finally." "Great. I'm sure you're all happy to be out of here. I'm leaving tomorrow so I know how you feel. I'm starting to get a little homesick." "Aww, well if I don't see you again--" Jin says, "--have a safe flight back." "I'll try. Thanks." He leans in to give you a quick hug. "Bye Jin."

He walks away and joins Jungkook and the other three guys at their rooms. You realize that Taehyung and Yoongi must be already in the lobby or outside waiting so you turn around and decide to go back to your room. "Y/N?" You turn back toward what you thought were empty rooms and there was Yoongi coming out of his. With stars in your eyes, "Yoongi! I thought you were outside. Your room looked empty." "Nah, I was in the bathroom cleaning up and making sure I had everything. What are you doing down here? Came to see Tae off?" he asks. "Uh, no. Well, kind of. I... I wanted to talk to the both of you together. But I woke up too late. I know you guys are leaving in a few minutes." "What'd you want to talk about?" "Um, can we step back into your room please?" you ask. "Uh well, okay but we have to make this quick." You walk into his room and close the door. He sits on the bed and looks up at you as you pace back and forth from one end of the room to another. "Y/N? What is going on? Sit and talk to me. We don't have much-" "I love you Yoongi! There! I said it. I love you." He has a look of confusion on his face. You continue, "I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you!" You start to get more nervous and your voice begins to tremble, "I... I don't know. Maybe I just never realized it before. Maybe I just wanted to tell myself that I loved Taehyung but in reality it was you all along. Yoongi, I know this is confusing and it seems like I'm playing a game of ping pong with your heart but, it's true. I am so in love with you it hurts. You make me whole. I love being around you. I mean I love being around Tae as well but not like with you. I feel like I can talk to you about anything. You make me feel so... ugh! I can't describe it. That doesn't matter. Just know that I'm in love with you and only you Yoongi. You're my other half, my soulmate. The one whom my heart wants."

His expression has gone from confusion to straight faced. You're not sure how to make out what he may be thinking or feeling now. "Yoongi? Do you have anything to say?" He stands up from the bed, "Well, thank you for sharing that with me Y/N. Now if you'll excuse me I've gotta get out of here." He proceeds to the door with luggage in hand. "Yoongi, wait!" You run out into the hallway behind him. He's already started down the stairs to the lobby. "Yoongi!" Clearly he's ignoring you. "Min Yoongi! Wait!... Please!" You run downstairs behind him, he walks through the lobby and out the door. "Dang it! Yoongi! Please!!" You run outside to see him, Taehyung and RM loading up in the van. Taehyung noticed that Yoongi seemed upset, he looks up at you standing at the top of the steps outside. Taehyung again looks at Yoongi then back at you. He gives you a disappointed look as if he just figured out what happened and climbs in the van. "Tae! Yoongi! Please, don't go!" The van door slams shut and they drive off.

You're standing at the stop of the steps with tears rolling down your cheek. In your mind they're going to ask the driver to turn around and come back but after being outside for what seemed like 20 mins or longer you turn to go back inside.

**5 hours later**

You're in your room sobbing off and on, waiting for one of them to call or text you. You tried to eat something earlier but you weren't hungry. You couldn't help but to think about what happened over and over in your mind. The events kept replaying and every time you thought about it you became more devastated. "I've hurt them. I've hurt them both so badly. Why can't I make up my mind about what or who I want in the beginning. Why do I end up changing my mind about things so much? I'm so friggin stupid! Now they're never gonna talk to me again. *sniffling* I wish at least one of them would call me or text me or something!"
*Baepsae ringtone*
"*gasp* It's Yoongi!" You wipe your face, clear your throat and answer...

Y/N: "Hello?"
Yoongi: "Hi."
Y/N: "Hello Yoongi. How are you?" Stupid question.
Yoongi: *pause* "I guess I'm all right. How are you?"
Y/N: "I'm miserable. Yoongi I'm-" *He interrupts*
Yoongi: "Well, you should be. Do you know what you do to people? Specifically me and Tae? You make us fall in love with you just to put an arrow through our heart. Do you know that?"
Y/N: *pause*
Yoongi: "I was in love with you, Y/N! Tae was falling for you as well. How could you play us like ping pong balls? Like we are just a science experience where you can just f**k with our emotions. Is that what you wanted? Because if it is, you've succeeded. You've royally f**ked us over."
Y/N: *sniffling* "Yoongi please, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt either of you. I didn't want to tell you but the truth had to come out some time."
Yoongi: "You didn't want to tell me? Why?"
Y/N: "Look what's happened! That's why. Look at what I've done. You've said it yourself, I've f**ked you both over... big time. You could never trust me again even if you wanted to. I've broken that bond. Our relationship is screwed and it's all my fault for being so indecisive!"
Yoongi: *pause*
Y/N: "Listen Yoongi, I've cried for five hours straight thinking about how much I've hurt you both and I'm not saying that so you feel sorry for me because I know you could care less anymore but I needed to tell you my true feelings. You were the first to confess your love for me and I admired how brave you were to just say it then. I was a coward. I said I was in love with Tae and I honestly thought I was but come to find out, it was you all along. I don't know, this is just a crazy love triangle. Remember when you said, "The heart wants what the heart wants"? Well, my heart wants you and only you. And I know this sounds cliche' but you complete me Yoongi. I love you so much it hurts. You are the one for me, no one else. Please... please forgive me."
Yoongi: *pause*
Y/N: "Hello? Yoongi? Are you there?"
Yoongi: *sniffling* "You really are something you know that? I bet you had that whole speech planned right?"
Y/N: "Yoongi, no. My brain doesn't think that far ahead. Every thing I said is from my heart. I wish you would just let me prove it to you. Is there a way you could-" *He interrupts*
Yoongi: "Go ahead."
Y/N: "What?"
Yoongi: "Go ahead and prove it. I can see you."
Y/N: "You... you can see me? What do you mean? Where are you?"
Yoongi: "I'm outside looking up at your window."
Y/N: "Really?"

You rush over to the window to see him standing across the street.

Y/N: "Wha- why are you standing across the street? Why didn't you come up?"
Yoongi: "I wanted to. But I couldn't. It was easier just to stay out here and call you."
Y/N: "Do you want me to come out there?"
Yoongi: "If you wish, but you don't have to."
Y/N: "Hang on please. Don't go anywhere."
Yoongi: *pause*

You put your slippers on because you still can't find any of your shoes, grab your key card and run out of your room with phone in hand.

Y/N: "Are you still there?"
Yoongi: "Yeah."
Y/N: "Okay, I'm coming."
Yoongi: *sigh* "Okay."

You speed walk down the hall and make a mad dash for the stairs. Yoongi can hear you breathing heavily and asks if you're all right. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm almost outside." You make it to the lobby and out the door. You stand at the top of the steps looking around for Yoongi.

Y/N: "Yoongi? Where are you? I don't see you."
Yoongi: "Across the street in the doorway of the apartment building. It started to rain a little so I stood there. I'm walking back over so you can see me."
Y/N: "Okay. I'm walking down the stairs now."
Yoongi: "All right."

You spot him walking back toward the hotel. You walk through the parking lot to the edge of the sidewalk so he can see you. He looks over at you and you both stare at each other still with phone in hand and up to your ears. You take a deep breath and begin to walk across the street.


You didn't look both ways before crossing and wound up getting hit by a car. Yoongi drops his phone and runs over to you in the middle of the road. Cars come to a screeching halt as he runs over. The driver of the vehicle that hit you is panicking. He gets out of his car and calls the police. Someone else yells to Yoongi not to touch you just in case there's any serious damage. Other passerby come over to see what happened. Yoongi holds you in his arms, "Y/N, come on baby. wake up. Wake up for me. Come on, WAKE UP! Somebody help!" He tries to perform CPR but to no avail. "Y/N please!" he cries. "Please wake up baby! I love you, please don't die. Wake up!"

**Everything fades and there's nothing but the echo of Yoongi's voice**

"Wake up. Wake up! Hey... wake up! We've landed! Time to get up." Jungkook looks over at Yoongi, "*groans* All right, all right, I'm up. You woke me from a good dream." "Oh yeah? I'll bet. You were drooling non stop. I had to wipe your face over and over again." Jungkook checks his mouth and wipes. "What were you dreaming about anyway? Yoongi asks. "There was this girl, she came from the states to Seoul and long story short you and Tae were both in love with her." "Oh really? What was her name?" "Uh, I think it was Y/N. But I could be wrong. It was such a vivid dream. It felt real." "I'm surprised you weren't the one with her since it was your dream after all." Yoongi says. "Yeah me too. But I think that I was probably supposed to be with her but I was too shy to approach her." Yoongi chuckles and Jungkook, embarrassed, rolls his eyes at Yoongi laughing at him.

The pilot comes on the overhead speaker, "Good afternoon and welcome to Seoul, South Korea everyone. The weather is 56 degrees, sunny and party cloudy. We're going to be sitting here for the next 20 minutes so please try to remain seated. If you have to use the restroom feel free to do it now. Don't forget to make sure you have all your belongings before you depart the plane. I hope that you've enjoyed your flight with Korean Air and have a wonderful time here in Seoul."

"Well, I better go to the toilet before we exit the plane." "Thanks for sharing Jungook" Yoongi scrunches his nose in disgust. Jungkook crosses over Yoongi and walks down the aisle to the restroom.

"Y/N, wake up! We've landed. I'm surprised you actually fell asleep." F/N says. "I guess my eyes got heavy while listening to BTS and that put me to sleep like a lullaby. I need to use the restroom. Is it okay to get up and go?" you ask. "Yeah, the pilot said it's all right because we're going to be sitting here for a while." "Okay great. Wait, why are you sitting next to me? What happened to the guy that was beside me when we boarded?" "Oh, we switched seats. I thought he might like the single seat up front more than I would. Haha." F/N says. "Oh okay. Cool then! Now let me get past you and go before I explode!" You scooch past your bestie and go to the restroom. You try the doorknob, it's locked so you knock. "Be out in a minute." "Okay. Please hurry." "I'll try." Jungkook says.
You stand there arms folded as the plane slowly moves closer to the exit gate. The restroom door opens and Jungkook with his head down wiping his shirt off says, "I'm sorry, I was trying to-" He looks at you in shock. "She's the girl from my dream." he thinks to himself. You're looking at him with an equal amount of shock, "That's Jungkook!" you think to yourself. "Uh, excuse me." "Pardon?" Jungkook says. "You're in the doorway." you say nervously. "Oh! My apologies. Sorry." Jungkook steps to the side as you go in the restroom. He looks at you and embarrassingly you close the door.

Jungkook sprints down the aisle to his seat, "Yoongi! Yoongi! I've just seen her!" "Her who?" Yoongi asks. "The girl from my dream. She's here on the plane! This is crazy!" "Are you serious? Where?" "She's in the restroom. She was waiting for me to come out. Tell me it's not a coincidence that she's real?!" He hears the door open, "Shh! Here she comes. Turn around. That's her walking back to her seat." Yoongi turns around to see whom Jungkook is talking about. "Oh, she's pretty. I can see why Tae and I fell for her." Jungkook gives Yoongi the stink eye as Yoongi laughs.

The plane has finally reached it's unloading gate. Everyone in the aisle seats stand up to grab their bags from the overhead bin and wait to exit the plane. Slowly but surely the plane begins to clear. You tell F/N to go ahead of you and you'll catch up when you get off. Yoongi along with five other BTS members and other passengers exit the plane leaving only you and Jungkook as the last to go. You reach in the overhead bin for your bag but it's pushed so far back you can't reach it. Jungkook grabs his valuables and walks over to you, "Would you like some help?" he asks. You turn around, "Uh, ye-yes please. Thank you." He puts his bag down to reach up and grab yours. "Here you go." "Thank you. I appreciate it." "No problem. I'm Jungook." "Hi. I'm Y/N." "Nice to meet you Y/n." "Nice to meet you too Jungkook." You both walk off the plane together as the flight attendant and pilots wait to bid you farewell and a safe trip.

You're walking through the exit tunnel together into the baggage claim area. You spot your bestie waiting for you and she sees you walking with Jungkook. Her eyes stretch and you point at her as you chat with him. You gesture for her to come over and she does. You introduce her to him and they shake hands. "Well, it was a pleasure meeting you Y/N and you too F/N." "Same here." you say. "Hopefully we can catch up while you ladies are here on your vacation. Maybe have lunch or dinner with the guys?" "That would be nice. We'd love that." "Okay, we have to exchange numbers." You take out your phone to type in his info and he does the same. "All right. Well, have a great trip ladies!" "Thanks! Bye." "Annyeonghi gaseyo!" Jungkook says as he walks off to catch up with the others.

"Wow! What was that all about?" F/N says. "What was what all about?" "You walking out with him!" "We were the last two passengers on the plane that's all. He helped me with my bag in the overhead bin. It was pushed too far back." "Mm-hmm. Okay." F/N says. "Oh, be quiet. That's all that happened." You both laugh. "Well dude, thanks for bringing me along on the trip. I'm already so excited and we just got here." F/N says. "Yeah, no problem. We're going to have so much fun." You continue, "I have a feeling this is going to be the trip of a lifetime."

The end.

© 2018 Katrina Lippolis

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