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Tree of Limitlessness Part 3


Tree of Limitlessness Part 3 Jane's Understanding of the Trees

When we last left off, Jane and Joe were discussing what the tree of limitless life was trying to tell them. The community was going together nicely. Everything in life has a limitless quality, you just have to look for it and that was one of the lessons that they were all supposed to learn from being there. What happened when they learned all they needed too Jane thought? Was it then that they could go home? She thought silently. People had been there for years but why? Joe had been watching Janes facial expression as she walked around the community. It was coming along nicely but why was she still there? There had to be a reason she just wasn’t sure what the reason was. She wanted to figure it out though. Jane and Joe walked into a building that looked like a school and sat down at one of the tables.

“ Joe has this place been here the whole time”? “ Why are we here”? Jane asked. “ No I just noticed it today I don’t know why it’s here but I want to find out do you want to find out with me”? he asked Jane, nodded. “It looks like a school but there is no one at the front”, she said so the two of them kept walking. Joe smiled at something and the next thing Jane knew someone was walking towards her. “ I thought that we had to rebuild the entire community,” Jane said, Joe shrugged, “maybe someone already started from here.” He said, Jane looked dumbfounded, who would have done that, she thought for sure that they had to rebuild everything. Why would someone start from here, she looked around trying to see if there were clues to help her figure it out.

“ Well, we hadn’t been this far so when we said the entire community was destroyed we weren’t completely sure.” Joe said, “ I guess the entire community wasn’t destroyed, and we should start rebuilding from here.” Joe said and Jane nodded. The one building was already done so there was just the rest to do. Who had done it they didn’t know but they weren’t going to ask. “ So we just have to finish the rest of the community,” Jane said, and he nodded so that was what they brought back to the rest of them.

Everyone was happy with the news that someone rebuilt part of the community, but they were also stunned as well. Why was only half of it done and it wasn’t really half done, it was just a tiny section which wasn’t much considering. It was a start though, they had to think positively. The town couldn’t be built overnight so every little bit counted. That was what the tree of limitlessness was trying to tell them anyway. Jane was finally understanding it, so this is what the tree of limitlessness wanted for us Jane thought, silently. Joe had been watching her and shook his head. He knew where her head was at and that wasn’t it.

“ Jane I know what you are thinking, I just don’t know how to answer you”, he said. She nodded and said,” So Joe what do you think that we should do now”? Jane asked, at that point they were walking back to where the others were trying to decide if they should tell them or not.” “ Even if they knew about it and just didn’t tell us that would be bad..” he said, “ but even they didn’t and we tell them they will be shocked”, Jane said. “ I think we should tell them and see what they say”. Joe said, “ Hey guys we noticed that there is a section of the community built up, did you know anything about and why don’t we start working from there”? Jane said. Everyone was silent as they stood and walked in the direction that Joe was standing in.


What would they find when they went to investigate the trees?

Everyone followed Jane and Joe after they told them the news to go investigate. They walked farther into the woods in silence, “ Why are they showing us this we believe them” one of the people in the group said, but as they got there everyone became silent, the town was being built up from the back to the front. That is what it looked like anyway, why would someone start building up the back of the community before the front of it and who did it? Jane and Joe shrugged, “ we don’t know we just saw it and we thought that you all should know.” they said, everyone nodded in unison. “ So this is the limitless community,” they all said, as they looked at it. Jane and Joe began walking towards it, they all noticed that it had been being put together for a while but by whom nobody knew. They still, however, wanted to figure other things out.

“ Did any of you put this together”? “ Do you think that there are more people here”? “ did they touch the trees and that is why this part of the forest is built up before any of the other parts,” Joe asked nobody in particular. They all kept walking around and they didn’t see anyone but as they were about to leave because they didn’t see anything they heard something that sounded strange like people talking, but they knew they were the only people there, or at least they thought they were. They all wanted to figure out who else was there and what they knew about this place.

Jane saw movement pass the building she had went into earlier that day. Who could it have been they thought, they thought that they were the only ones that knew about the tree of limitlessness. Apparently not. Unless someone in the group wasn’t telling them something that was going on, but Joe and Jane didn’t think that was possible. They didn’t end up finding people there when they went to look deeper even though Jane saw movement. “ I think that I am imaging things because I think that I saw movement,” Jane said. Joe nodded and continued to walk, even if she was imagining things they were still going to check it out. As they walked further they noticed more of the town built up only in this section though. The question was why? Jane didn’t think anyone in the group knew the answer so she didn’t ask the question. As she walked further she saw a sign that said Tree of Limitless Community Come see.

Jane turned around in hopes that someone else saw the sign, she didn’t want to go deeper into the community alone she didn’t know what she might find. She turned back in hopes of catching someone's eye, Joe looked up right when she looked over and he nodded. A moment later he was walking towards her, “ Jane what is it, what did you see”? he asked, “ I think we should go investigate, the sign means something but what she said”? he shook his head as if to say I don’t know he turned back to look at the others and then followed her.

“ Joe should we really let all of them come with us it could be dangerous”, Jane said. “ Jane if it is dangerous and I am not saying it is or isn’t don’t you think we would be better off going in a group”? one of the other girls who were there said. “ We would I just don’t really know what we are looking for and don’t want anyone getting hurt. I have caused enough trouble already.” Jane said. Everyone was so stunned into silence that none of them realized Jane had walked farther.


Don't go deep into a forest alone

Jane and the group were walking through so much overgrowth that they feared they would never get out. She was alone for what felt like 20 minutes but was really five. “ Jane, Jane slow down you don’t even know where you are going, you shouldn’t be going alone. She didn’t turn around she just waited for Joe and the others to catch up. She was afraid that if she turned around she would lose her nerve and that was not what she wanted to do. “ Jane, what is it that you are looking for”? Joe asked, “ any other sign of life you guys can’t be the only ones it seems like this place goes on for miles. Don’t you want to know more”? Jane asked.

Tune in next time to see where the story goes

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