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Tree Of Limitlessness Part 7


Tree Of Limitlessness Part 7

When we last left off they were just about to leave, the forest and the tree of limitlessness community. when they arrived outside of the forest, Jane went back to the house and thankfully there was no cops or other people around waiting for her. She motioned for the others to come out of the forest, they had already been looking out to make sure nobody was waiting for them. Everyone walked out of the forest in a single file line and stopped dead in front of the cabin. “ So this is the outside world”, Joe said Jane turned to him and smiled. “Yes, it is do you remember it”? she asked, she was looking at all of them when she said it and they all shook there heads no. “If you guys don’t remember, this how long have you been living in the tree of limitlessness community? She asked, “ We don’t know because we all came into the community at different times. It was as though every time someone out here saw one of us thinking outside the box they would have someone guide us to the forest and lock something that we couldn’t see so that we couldn’t escape.” Joe said, “ If that is true then how did I get in”? Jane asked Joe, shrugged, “ Maybe someone opened it up”. He said, “ But who”? Jane asked. Joe just shrugged again. Nobody knew the answer, “ Well I guess it doesn’t matter do you guys want to see this town”? they nodded and walking they went.

This was an adventure, for all of them. They were quiet walking through the town since most of the people from the forest hadn’t seen the town or they didn’t remember what it looked like. There were lights on everywhere, and people laughing and talking as they were walking down the street. The town was bustling with people and the businesses looked lively. As they walked through the town many of them were smiled at and waved at. People were friendly but they also didn’t know where these people came from Jane and Joe for that matter. Jane thought silently about what they would do if they knew where they were from. “ Joe this isn’t so bad being here,” Jane said as they walked, “they don’t know where you came from,” he said and she nodded. She didn’t know what else to say so she just looked around.

“Hey, you guys aren’t supposed to be here”! someone shouted and they all turned around. “ Why aren’t we supposed to be here”, they asked “ you guys aren’t supposed to be here they said again, “ Why aren’t we supposed to be here”? “ Have any of you been to the tree of limitlessness community”? Jane asked, and they all shook there heads no. Nobody said anything about it after that, at first at least, “ We are smarter then the people who think that they have limitless minds, and that is why we don’t think you guys should be here” someone said. They all stood silently for a while after that they were all afraid to explain what the tree of limitlessness was, but they were thinking they should explain it.

“ Just because we think limitlessly and live that way doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed here”, Joe said, “ that’s right maybe you should all see the tree of limitlessness community and see what we have done with our lives before you make a decision about our limitless living.” Jane said, “ Do you want us to take you into the forest, and show you.” Joe asked, they all looked scared but Jane spoke up, “Let's show them and then they can make a decision from there let’s go.” They said and everyone followed them into the forest. Everyone was silent as they walked to the tree where Jane had fallen, the first time she went to the community. “ Now everyone sits in front of the tree and waits”, Joe said. They did as he said, a few minutes later they were all transported to the community.

“Wow,” the other people said when they saw the tree of limitlessness community, “its summer here but winter back where we are from.” “ that doesn’t make sense,” someone said, as they watched Jane touch a tree. They did the same thing she had done and fell silent. The person saw there life that they lived in the other community but more pronounced to show limitlessness. The person was the owner of a gallery, in town that wasn’t doing too well but after touching the tree of limitlessness it showed the gallery owner what needed to change in order to get people into the gallery. “ Does someone have a piece of paper I need to write these things down”? the gallery owner asked. Jane came over to the tree where the gallery owner was standing with a piece of paper and a pen. The gallery owner smiled took the pen and paper and began taking notes at a rate that would make someone else’s head spin.


The Next Steps After leaving the Tree Of Limitlessness Community What were they?

After that everyone else touched the trees and did the same thing that the gallery owner did. Once they were all finished Jane, Joe and the others showed them what the community looked like. They were all stunned that in a forest was an entire community. “ If you guys could start your own community and live for as long as you did here, then why did you come back? we still don’t think limitless minds exist?” someone said, everyone else turned to look at the person who had just spoken. “ why don’t you try it and see we all did it and now believe them.” The people that were skeptical shook their heads looking around trying to find a way out. Jane noticed this and walked over to them, “ What are you guys looking for”? she asked. “ this place is creepy and can’t be real someone said.”

After that comment, all the others shrugged and turned back to Jane, Joe. “This place is cool we all saw what we are supposed to do with our lives, can we go back to the town and do it or do we have to stay here”? they all asked, “ I think that what you all saw here can be implemented in life outside of the forest, that is what we are hoping anyway.” Jane and Joe said, in unison. “ I am sure that it can we just all have to be willing to implement it in our lives by ourselves and show the world that if we really want the tree of limitlessness to help us we have to take what we know from it and use it in our lives to just live.

That is what they did they figured out how to live with what the tree of limitlessness showed them and used it for life. Since everyone in the community knew what the trees of limitlessness did they were going to try and do it and live life the way they were meant too. That is what the tree of limitlessness community wanted them all to figure out and they did. The tree of limitlessness community was just something that was used too, help people figure out what they really wanted to do with their lives and they did that when they came back to the community. They were now going to use these things to live life the way they wanted too.

Once everyone who was brought to the community figured out what they wanted to do with their lives they met up at a coffee shop to discuss it. There were so many things they wanted to talk about so they found a coffee shop went inside sat down and did just that. They thought of everything they could do to get jobs in this community and still live like they were before. Jane had found notebooks for all of them so she pulled them out passed them around with pens and they all began to take notes on what they wanted to do with there lives. In the end, once all there lists were written and they knew what they were going to do they decided to open their own companies. That was how they were going to live through the tree of limitlessness without actually having to be there.

They all finished talking about what their next steps were going to be and looked for places to stay the night. Then they all turned to Jane and she smiled, you can all stay in the cabin with me.” Jane said. “ Jane we aren’t all going to fit in the cabin with you why don’t we get a hotel and then meet up in the morning to see what is next in the cards for us.” Jane just smiled and let them all go there separate ways.


The Words For Jane's Book Just Kept Coming!

Jane went home to the cabin alone and tried to relax but the writing was calling her so that is what she did. She had thought she finished the book the tree of limitlessness but she wasn’t. she decided to put in the last little bit about them leaving the forest and doing what they are doing now. An hour or so went by and Jane was still writing when Joe knocked on the door Jane got up to answer the door, and when she opened the door Joe lunged at her and kissed her.

Tune in next time to see what happens next.

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