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Tree Of Limitlessness Part 6


The Tree Of Limitless Community Is Almost Finished

When we last left off Joe had told Jane that he hadn’t remembered her telling him that she was writing a book about the place they were in, the question is does she give him a sample of it or not? “ What did you think I was doing with the notebook the last time I was here and even now what do you think I am doing with it now”? she said, “ Well I knew you were writing a book but I thought that since you left that you had finished it.” He said all Jane could do was shake her head, as she left the house and began walking through the forest again other people began showing up. “ Jane we overheard you talking, to Joe, that is cool what you are doing.” They said Jane, nodded she wasn’t really paying attention, to what they were asking or even what they were saying. She was thinking about what else she could put into her story. She had what it was but she didn’t have the how or the why and that was what she was looking for.

When everyone that was there noticed she wasn’t going to talk anymore they got back to what they were doing before she arrived. There was still some finishing touches that they needed to do to the community so that is what they did, so that if and when people came into the forest and saw the tree of limitlessness community they would be welcomed with open arms. “ the question was why was it here and not out where people could actually see it and access it early? Jane wrote that down hoping that she could put that into the story somewhere or ask someone. She walked around, the community by herself trying to make sense of it. All she knew that everyone who lived in the community lived limitless lives because of the trees but would it go beyond the forest she didn’t know. That was the next thing she wanted to figure out.

Jane made a note of it in her notebook she was here to get information for the book after all. Jane wanted the book to be something people couldn’t put down, that was why she was doing so much research. It was a true story so she didn’t want to get any of the information wrongs. She also was really starting to like the people that she had met in the forest and didn’t want to leave. She did have a question for them though but was afraid to ask it so she stood there silently staring at the houses at the edge of the forest. Joe stood there along with everyone else silently watching her. They didn’t know what she was doing and neither did she, she just stood there watching what she wasn’t sure. Then something hit her and she decided to describe the houses one by one for her book and see where that went.

Jane was just taking notes she wasn’t sure where they would lead but she thought it best to have them. She thought that once the book was finished and published it would be great to show the world this place not only through words but pictures too. She didn’t have a camera though she mentally kicked herself for forgetting it at the cottage she was staying at. Then she remembered the screen saver on her laptop it wasn’t something she put on there it just showed up one day and it looked just like this place. she thought about it and then described what the people there did with there hands and the trees as best she could, she said, “ the people here go up to one of the first trees they see put there hands on them and its like they transported through a vortex and then it tells them what they should be doing with their lives.” That is how she wrote it down and how she was going to put it into her book. Then Joe saw her thinking and walked up to her, “ Jane what is on your mind”? he asked, “ I am just thinking about how I am going to describe all of you and what you do here for my book.” She said, “ take pictures and use them to tell your story,” he said as he handed her a camera, “ Oh wow I never thought of that thank you.” she said as she took the camera and began to take pictures.

Jane then walked around taking pictures of the place. At this point, she was noticing that the people living in the tree of limitlessness community were living there limitlessly doing what they wanted with there lives and enjoying it fully. Could they have done it out of the woods jane thought and wrote that thought down in her notebook she was going to add that to the story too? She also decided to ask Joe “ Joe there is something that I have been meaning to ask you”, Jane said, and he looked at her “ what is it Jane ask away”, “ why are all of you here instead of in the town where I came from”? “ Jane maybe you should sit down,” he said she nodded and went over to the nearest log and sat down. We are all living in this limitless community because we all have limitless qualities and we tried using them in the town through our everyday life and work, the people there didn’t like it though so we left and have been living here ever since.” He said, she just stared at him, thinking to herself, “ Why would people not like someone or people with limitless qualities in there lives?” She didn’t know and she didn’t think she was going to get the answer because she didn’t think Joe knew it. “ I don’t know that is how it happened and why we are all here,” he said, she hadn’t thought that she spoke out loud but she must have.


They Are Living In The Tree Of Limitlessness Community

“ That is why you guys are living here”, she said. Joe only nodded, “ Do you think the people that thought you guys were weird just didn’t understand you and that is why they wanted you guys gone.” She asked. He nodded and said, “ but you know we aren’t weird right Jane”? he asked, nervously. “ Yes I know you all aren’t weird you are all unique in your own way and that is probably why they didn’t want you in the community because they didn’t like your uniqueness, and your own way of living but that is no reason to start your own community. She said, it might be hard to explain but if they want to listen then maybe we can try again” Joe said. Jane nodded and said, “ well that is where the book comes in handy, once it is finished I was thinking of letting the people in the town read it.” She said. “Then they can come to there own conclusions,” Joe said, Jane, nodded and said, “ Well I guess I should finish writing the book.”

That was what Jane did she went into the cabin that Joe had built for her and got down to work. The cabin was in a great location for her writing mind because one way faced the clearing and the other way faced the forest. That was nice for her because both sides that looked out brought to her mind so many ideas for the book she was writing. A moment later she looked at the desk and realized her laptop was sitting on it, she had no idea how it had gotten there but it was there and that was a good thing so she could just get down to typing her ideas into the document that she had typed her ideas into before, she had no idea how she had opened the document with her ideas in it and began typing because she was blinded by tears. Why was she crying she didn’t know probably happiness because her laptop was there and it made it so much easier for her. Once her tears were gone she really got down to her writing and got lost in it for hours.

Jane stayed in the cabin in the forest for what seemed like hours, it was really days though because time in the tree of limitlessness community didn’t really exist. Jane finished the section that she had started before she came back to the tree of limitlessness community and left a question mark at the end of the tenth paragraph, it read, would they ever leave the forest and go back to what others called civilization? She didn’t know but there was still so much of a story there she decided to leave it. When she walked outside though it looked as though it had been raining there was a huge rainbow in the sky. She hadn’t heard rain though so maybe it didn’t she wasn’t sure.

“ Oh, Jane there you are we thought you got washed out by the rain.” Meghan one of the girls living the community said so it had been raining she thought but why didn’t I hear it, she didn’t ask that question though. “ No I had no idea it rained I must have been too entranced by my writing,” Jane said, and immediately Jane took her notebook out to make a note of the rain. Jane was beginning to think that with all the information she was gathering the book was almost written so, she went back into her cabin after the people she had seen left, and tried to put the story together. It was so close to being finished she didn’t want to stop writing. An hour or so passed, and there was a knock at the door, “come in” she called from the desk. Joe walked in and said, “ Jane your still in here.” She smiled and pointed to her laptop “ I am so into this book right now I don’t want to stop.” She said. “ Oh a bunch of us thought that we saw you leave the cabin and start walking but then we couldn’t see you anymore.” He said, Jane, smiled and said: “ I did come out but there weren’t many people out when I came out so I came back in here too write more.” She said, “ Oh by any chance can I read more of what you are writing”? Joe asked Jane, nodded and motioned for him to come over to where her computer was. As Joe was reading her story he got entranced by her words along with what it looked like outside from his vantage point.

Jane watched Joe read her story and as she was watching him read her story she realized that she really liked him. She wasn’t sure exactly when she first realized this but she knew now and was really tempted to tell Joe but at the same time, she was nervous too. So she just stood, in front of the desk and watched him read it. When he was finished he said, “ Wow Jane, this is a great story and it seems to me that it is finished you described everything from what you saw the first time you came here until now. I would say that it is a pretty good story. I would buy the book. She smiled at that and thanked him.

They left her cabin a little while later and went to see the others. “ So guys your community is built and my story is pretty much done.” She said, “ I just have one question, are you ever going to come out of the forest.” She asked. I think that would be a great way to officially end the book and I will come with you.” she said, they were all silent for a while. They didn’t want to tell her but they were scared to leave the forest, because of what others might say. However, they just nodded and told her that they would go with her because they didn’t want to tell her about there fear.


The People In The Tree OF Limitlessness Community Leave The Forest

“ If you are going to come with us Jane then I guess we can leave the forest but I hope that we can come back, and if we do come back that the things that we have put here aren’t moved. They all said in unison. “ I am not sure about that but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try and see how it feels,” Jane said, and with that, they all left the forest and the tree of limitlessness community. Tune in next time to see if they even come back to it.

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