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Tree Of Limitlessness Part 4


Tree of Limitlessness Part 4

When we last left off they were looking for more signs of life through a whole lot of brush. Do you think they found any, let’s find out? Are there more buildings like the one we were in earlier Jane”? Joe asked. He didn’t get a response, I thought for sure Jane was here right beside me Joe thought. What Joe didn’t know was that Jane left the group, she went back to the tree she fell under the first time and tried to go home. She knew that they were all getting to know her and she was trying to help them, build the community she just knew she needed to go home. So that is what she did. She did however promise, herself she would go back. When Jane finally arrived back at the cottage she thought that she had only been gone a couple of days, but when the house she was staying in came into view it was surrounded with cops and neighbors.

“ Look there she is” someone shouted. Jane looked up at that and almost broke into a run. But she stopped herself, it was so nice to see people that she recognized when she reached the house the first thing she said was “ What is going on”? “ Jane you are alive we thought you had died out in the woods. We have been looking for you for days.” The cop said, “ I only went out for a walk, this morning.” She said, “ Jane, you have been gone for over a week that is why we are all here, your neighbours were all worried when they didn’t see you for a couple days,” the cop said “ I haven’t been gone for over a week I just went out for a walk this morning, but I am sticking around here now I am not going back into the forest” she said. They all nodded and the cop said, “ good you scared all of us.” Nodded thanked them for worrying and walked into the house and closed the door behind her.

Jane stood in the entryway of the house for what felt like hours. But it was really fifteen minutes. She walked through the house as if it was the first time she had been there. It wasn’t though, that she knew because all the things that she brought with her on vacation were still there. When she went to the kitchen and saw it in such disarray she really wondered how long she had been gone. The smell, when she opened the dishwasher, suggested awhile. When she looked in the sink she saw mold growing on the things that were in there. The only good thing was she hadn’t left any lights on or things running to use electricity while she was gone. “ How long have I been gone,” she said aloud to herself. She continued walking around the house as she thought of this. As she got to the office and opened the door she stopped dead in her tracks.

Has she left the office like this she thought papers everywhere, her laptop open? At least she thought it was her laptop. When she went over to the desk there was something on her laptop that she didn’t recognize. Her screen saver was running and it was a picture of a forest but why was her screen saver running she thought, “ Oh I touched the desk it must have jostled my computer but that wasn’t my screen saver when I left.” She said aloud to herself. she shrugged and sat down at the desk there was just so many questions to answer right now that she just powered up a word document and began typing. What she was typing she didn’t know. A few hours went by, by the time she looked up and saw what she had done. She had written a new novel or started too called the tree of limitlessness, she noticed that she was describing her experience but changed the names of the people that she had met.

She stopped writing got up and took a bit of a break, as she did this she thought of why she was writing a book called the tree of limitlessness. Where had the idea come from? She was supposed to be on vacation not writing a new novel. The reason she was on vacation was that she had finished her latest novel and she needed a break, this wasn’t taking a break. She shrugged and said, “ Once a writer always a writer.” She wrote for the rest of the day even though she wasn’t sure why. When she finally decided to take another break she walked around the house instead of going outside. She was nervous now to go for a walk outside or into the forest in general, would she get lost in the forest again she wasn’t sure but she didn’t want to chance it.


Why was Jane walking towards the Forest Again?

Jane walked around the inside of the house, or what felt like the first time for her. The flowers and the blanket in the living room by the couch looked fresh to her, she couldn’t remember doing anything in the house but it did look like a person had been there. “ I am the only one staying here so all of this stuff must be mine,” Jane thought aloud. “ Why am I writing a book called the tree of limitless life,” she asked her self again as she went into the kitchen to make coffee. She turned the coffee pot on and grabbed a mug stopping dead staring out the window. There was a shadow in the forest it looked like it anyway and she wanted to go investigate but at the same time, she didn’t. so she just starred out the window hoping something would help her figure out what the shadow was, or who.

There was something there Jane knew but it was she was uncertain. She didn’t want to go back into the forest but something kept telling her too. Was it the book she was writing she didn’t know, she decided that she was going to wait to go back into the forest she wanted to see what other writing she could get done so she went back inside and into the office and willed herself to write. It worked for a little bit but then she was at a standstill again.

Jane began talking to herself, trying to figure out what the point of writing what she was writing was. “ Where did I go why did I come back to cops”? “ Why am I writing what I am writing”? she asked herself and then something drew her to the window again. She saw something outside and ran back to the office and began writing again. Now that she had taken a break and went back to it the words just flowed it was after nine at night when when she moved again to the window to look out.

There was something outside that Jane knew she just wasn’t sure what it was or why she felt the need to check it out. As she got ready to go outside something told her to stop but she didn’t listen to it she got ready to go outside and she went. She wasn’t sure where she was going she just knew she had to get out of the house. She decided that she was just going to do laps around the house and then go back inside she didn’t want to go back into the forest and get lost again. If that was even what it was. Jane stood outside staring at the snow for what felt like hours when she jerked her head up, she had thought she heard something but there was nothing there now.

Jane had decided that she had, had enough of outside and went back to the house to write. She hadn’t been outside for twenty minutes, but something was creeping her out she just wasn’t sure what. When she went back inside she couldn’t concentrate on what she was writing though so she tried to relax. When that didn’t work she thought of trying the forest again not as far as she went before though. So she got ready to go outside again.

Jane began to walk towards the forest, once she was outside again and as she got closer she began to see the movement that she saw from the house. So she wasn’t imagining it she thought but she stopped at the entrance to it. Not willing herself to go in for fear of not coming back or was it something else. She had only been back for a few days did she really want to get lost again?


Tune In Next Time

Tune in next time to see if she goes back into the forest or not.

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