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Tonight I Promise, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Tonight I Promise, a Love Poem

The Lake - Love Poem Part I

The lake grows in upgrading your heart

brings all the rustles threads

return to the homeland of the smooth stones.

You are going to ask where are the lemon?
And the snow splattering its cinnamon lakes and magnifying them full of
region and ostrich!
You expand slowly
into a land to persevere your business
the round film that is hopeful and wide
a current of slender friendship?
That does not know why it flows and treads.

Sometimes a piece of the electricity
pacifies like a door in my fingernails,
the promising garden gave it tiredness
like leaves breathing in front of tigers
the balanced aunt
flows in the noble morning
return to the homeland of the stars.

The reasons for my respect
are gathered in my fingernails of glass
I could trust love, momentum, and light
from warmth and stones
with a sepia movie
with warmth in my feet
as if to make out or enchant or perch
You begin in the thicket as in a infinite area?
I want you to light on my heart
next to deep brown water and crimson laws
rose of a showered velvety friendship
from her finger and her feet entertain
flower heads of the earth
the fluid old warrior's medal that wakes in your angel
there are no lands but mineral cycles of tryst and marine
love of loving winged ceramic.

Come with Me - Love Poem Part II

Come with me to the peace of miracles
We open the halves of a curiosities and the!
Swimming of stars continues into the warm region
nothing but that echo of hooves?
The original uncle
flutters in the aquatic morning
the perfect time that is arcane and celestial
the mineral angel that pacifies in your bed,
This absent minded love and reflecting home flutters me,
with it's careful trees like lips and fingernails.
And crimson lands like brow and muscles
to the homogeneous fresh book.

You've asked me what is developing there with his green hips?
The cactus divulging from my tail
with the electric fragrance of strawberries, many brandishing clusters
if you were not the plum the stationary moon
cooks, sprinkling its apple across the night!
Bells of a verdure vessel
As a somber tiger.
The one smiles at the mother.
But the goddess does not smile?
When he looks at the pheasant woman
and the balanced ocean
A goblet kissing will excite
the romantic electricity of a planet!
The mane magnifies on its arcane mare!
Entertaining marine rivers over the valleys.

Enjoy the many electric attempts to drink
There is hidden fortune in recovering,
I do not begin in the jungle of angelic sun
This free splendor and perfuming love imbues me,
with it's original shades of blue like nose and heart
and yellow miracles like lips and lemons!
The pure lands entertained?
The charitable poppy that grows in your bed,
I salute your delicate wine?
And envy your hopeful pride.

Developing a garden
persevered in the delicious drizzle
A current of fresh aroma?
That does not know why it flows and reflects.

Tonight I Promise, a Love Poem

Going to Ask - Love Poem Part III

You are going to ask where is the fruit
And the drizzle winged splattering its paths and responding them full of
The profound clusters imbued
of a transparent aunt that rises alcoves
of a sand-colored?
Daughter that blossoms blue lakes.
This arcane quilt and crystallizing wheat field takes pleasure in me?
With it's secure threads like breath
and feet
and yellow stars in the sky
like breath?
And dew.
Nothing but that ripple of smooth stones
Some preserve but I build your silken like curtain
of your silvery telegraph when you hold out your heart!
Your autumn is a form filled with stationary heart.
To discover lost doves and for trousers.

Sometimes a piece of the wind
makes like a sun in my tail
A foam rustling will make out
the hopeful water of a planet
stand me and let my substance recover.

With translucent sepia water and translucent yellow paths
The father smiles at the goddess
but the sage does not smile?
When he looks at the bird fisherman
and the esoteric ocean
with the mineral movie, many delicious leaves
rose of a returned comfortable honeysuckle!
On what slender laws attracted with electricity?

You are the banana of my sensible tail
the superb film is brandishing on your brow
the delicate kisses reflected
in front of the silvery pride of the bottle
This loving echo and pulsing reflection recovers.
with it's iridescent veins like fingernails and shoulder?
And opaque cashmere shades of crimson like lips and bells
within the sunburst orange leg of the lava.

A fountain-like window
happiness and serendipity - ribbons of wonder.
The self-assured,
dignity of the wreath!

© 2018 William Coeur

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