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To See Life in Real - Part 3

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To Jamaica

After the death of his father, after the funeral, after days becoming weeks, Glenn returned to his wife and life in England.

He left Jamaica almost reluctantly and arrived to resume what had become his normal.

As days became weeks Glenn longed to return to Jamaica. He wanted to be where he felt himself. He decided to return and invited invited Elaine to come with him, expecting rejection.

Glenn's invitation surprised and pleased Elaine at the same time.

She asked questions about where he had lived, questions she had never posed before. Glenn he brought up a map.

Elaine had heard of Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, had friends who had visited the island. Where he was indicating seemed very remote and she asked about simple venues, supermarkets, pharmacies. He shook his head, smiling, telling her that this was deep country, real Jamaica.

Elaine asked for time to think about it.

Doing her Research

The next day, when Glenn was out, Elaine did her own research. She looked at images, read articles. Scanning the north coast of Jamaica she found a number of All Inclusive Hotels, noticing the duplication of names, suggesting chains.

Elaine read the data, the offerings, and selecting one, she phoned Montego Bay. She learned cost and what was included and that the Hotel sent a bus to the airport to collect its guests.


She asked more questions, found that one could book a room in Mobay, then 'transfer' to a branch of the Hotel in Ocho Rios, transported by the same bus.

There was no similar property in Port Antonio. There seemed to be no 'all inclusives' there.. There was a decent appearing standard hotel, in which she could reside for a time.

Elaine had always considered a trip to Jamaica, now was the time.

Later that evening after dinner she said to Glenn:

"We fly to Jamaica and book into an All Inclusive in Montego Bay, for it will be a long flight and I'll be tired. We stay a few days, then transfer to the branch in Ocho Rios."

Glenn said nothing.

"We rent a car. There's no all inclusive in Port Antonio, so I'll book into the Palace. You will continue, check your property, ensure everything in perfect order." She paused, "Considering you've been gone months the dust must be an inch high."

He nodded.

"When everything perfect, just the way you want it to be, with food in the fridge and all other amenities, you collect me and we go to the house."

"Yes, that's brilliant, El, yes... certainly!" he exclaimed.

To Be Home

Glenn wanted to be 'home' in Jamaica. To be a first class citizen. He wanted the warmth, the familiarity, the calm waters of the Cove.

He wanted to be complete in himself, not Elaine's appendage.

For years he had cut and pasted himself to survive and maintain his relationship with Elaine. There was no love, nor ever had been, and he had resigned himself to that fact.

For over twenty years he had lived as if he were hired help.

He had worked and saved, now took his retirement package. It wasn't much in English terms, but he could easily survive on it in Jamaica.

He had suggested she accompany, expecting the 'no', surprised by her compliance.

The idea of an all-inclusive hotel stay for a few days should be relaxing and being able to go 'home' by himself, to be himself before her advent ,was perfect.

He suspected she wouldn't want to spend more than two or three days at his home, then race back to the Hotel.

He would return with her to England, there were a few things he wanted to see and do and be, so wasn't ready to leave completely. Yet.

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