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To See Life in Real - Part 5

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In Flight

As she would be travelling alone, Elaine booked a First Class ticket.

When she travelled with Glenn it would be economy class. It wasn't simply that he didn't know better, it was that she tended to keep him hidden from those who mattered.

She would never forget that night at the Opera when she entered with Glenn and everyone gave her that look, knowing exactly who and what and why she was.

She never attended the Opera, Plays, Concerts anything beyond a football match with Glenn.

Her marriage was not based on love, it was based on getting someone she could own who wouldn't encroach on her life.

She pushed thoughts of Glenn out of her mind as she boarded, took her seat. Another woman, about twenty years younger, sat beside her. The woman was very tan and from her dress and behavior was not unfamiliar with first class.

Seeing Elaine's gaze she smiled, said; "I'm Anne, and you are?"

"I'm Elaine," she replied.

"Hopefully we will have an enjoyable flight."

"Yes, I think we will," Elaine decided, instantly linking with a woman from her class.

As the plane took the air, and the long journey began, Anne asked: "Was this your first visit?'

"Yes it was."

"I like the Royalton..." Anne began.

"Oh so do I!" exclaimed Elaine.

"There are some...glitches? Can I use the word, but the restaurants, the beach, the pool, the spa and entertainments balance."

"That is exactly my view!" Elaine exclaimed. It was one of the few times in her life, she was with someone like her, in a 'comfort zone.'

Enjoying the Flight

The conversation between Anne and Elaine proceeded in an easy manner. Within a short time, realising they had some 'connection' Anne uttered; "What happens on vacation, stays on vacation."

The statement was peculiar, and Anne watched her to see if she 'got it'. She did.

"I don't feel Jamaica is the right place..." Elaine said.

"Corsica is ..." Anne advised, realising Elaine knew what she was talking about. As Anne did not want anyone else to, said; "In the movie there was this waiter at a hotel...." she brought up a picture on her phone, revealing a man, in his late twenties, with a Middle Eastern appearance.

Elaine nodded.

"Of course, the female protagonist was married to an older unpleasant but very rich gentleman, so it was just a diversion on her part."

Elaine smiled, aware of what she'd been told.

"Where in Corsica is this?" she said, pointing to the phone.

Anne told her and she nodded, making plans.


When Anne took a brief nap, Elaine reflected. She would never return to Jamaica.

Yes, the all inclusive hotel was fine, but being with Glenn in public was not. Yet, in Jamaica, being without him was worse. When he was absent all sorts of local males were giving her the flirt. She could just vomit.

Yes, they were kept on the edges of the property, but just feeling their eyes on her annoyed.

She had married Glenn to have someone at her beck and call. When he was young there was the sexual attraction. Now that he was middle aged she was not as interested.

Anne had married for money, and expected to inherit everything.

Speaking of inherit...she must see her attorney, get her sister's name on the house, so when she died, if she was still married to Glenn and he was alive, he would not gain it.

The old property, where she had been born and rented out would be left for him.
As to money, she'd put the bulk into a Trust found, with her sister as recipient, leaving pocket change to Glenn.

Elaine sat back, closed her eyes, and thought of Corsica.

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