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To See Life in Real - Part 4

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To Jamaica!

Arrival in Jamaica was pleasant enough, the bus was waiting to collect them, and the Hotel in Montego Bay was all Elaine had hoped.

After three full days she and Glenn again boarded the bus and went to a version of the same hotel in Ocho Rios.

Elaine was enjoying herself, Glenn was anxious to get to his house in Portland.

Elaine rented a car, they booked out of the hotel, and travelled to Port Antonio. She booked into the Palace Hotel and Glenn went on to his house in Hector's River.

Elaine had been happier at the all inclusive in Ocho Rios then she was here. This hotel was like the one they[d honeymooned with at n the Azores. Nothing to do, and everything had to be paid for. separately.

Going to His House

Glenn intended to race home but the road so bad. It took him two hours to reach the house he had built.

Getting in he was so tired and hungry. He went across the road, ate, came in, lay down for an hour. But the house needed cleaning.

He began to do it himself and he didn't finish until deep night. Hungry, he bought another meal at one of the shops.

He knew Elaine wouldn't like the place, the town, and probably stay no more than four days, if that long, then race back to the All Inclusive.

Still, he wanted her to experience his world as he knew hers.

Showing her his Home

After two days, Glenn drove to the Palace and collected his wife. She was amazed at how bad the road, how long and horrible it was to go merely twenty miles.

When she looked at the house, he could see her disappointment, which he expected.

They entered, she looked around. She didn't say anything. They had some tea, then he wanted to show her the Cove.

They dressed in swim garments under their clothing and began to walk along the road. All Elaine saw where small shops, people standing around doing nothing. She didn't like what she saw.

The Cove was through a gate, down two flights of steps.

It was quiet, the water a bit brownish, but clear. Glenn went into the water which was very low and calm

Elaine took off her shoes and dress and stepped in. The water was warm. It seemed nice, different, worthy of photos if she'd carried her phone, but didn't.

She didn't trust anyone in that district, they all looked like robbers, rapists, murderers, although Glenn had told her there was little crime.

He swam to a rock which stuck out of the water, beckoned her to join him, but she would rather be in a swimming pool, so stood where she was, letting the water reach her knees.

Glenn loved the cove, wanted to stay for hours, but could feel Elaine's discomfort. He returned to her and she proceeded towards the stairs. He followed.

It was only four in the afternoon, with absolutely nothing at all to do. He could taste her absolute boredom and almost smell her desire to go back to the all-inclusive.

That Night

Music came blasting about seven p.m. and didn't stop. Elaine asked him if there was anyway he could get them to turn down the music, even calling the police.

Glenn told her that music was Jamaican culture, that everyone enjoyed it.

She had a lot to say, but didn't say it.

Elaine finally fell asleep and woke at ten in the morning, very late for this district. Elaine showered, began packing her bag, and asked to be returned to the all inclusive in Ocho Rios.

Glenn ate his breakfast, carried her baggage to the car, then drove the long tedious distance. He was exhausted when they arrived, and booked in with his wife for the remainder of the day.

He relaxed on the beach, swam, ate, and went to their room. She never said a word about his house, nor did he.

They babbled about the food, the colour of the sheets.

As check out was noon, he had a good night's sleep, breakfast, brunch. Before driving back, they spoke.

Elaine said she'd leave for England in two weeks. She'd be at this Hotel a week, then get the bus the one in Montego Bay.

Glenn knew he had a hell of a drive from his yard to Mobay. Elaine read his expression and defined:

"When you reach Montego Bay you spend two days at the Hotel. I'll get the bus to airport. When you leave, you drive to Ochi, return the car, book a room for two days, then take the bus home."

"That is brilliant as usual."

"I'll make the arrangements. You arrive in Montego Bay...(she looked at the calendar on her phone) on the 15th, leave on the 17th. You are booked into Ocho Rios from the 17th to the 19th."

"Yes, excellent!" he exclaimed.

She always impressed him. And always would. He knew why he stayed with her all these years, why he forfeited having children, being in a loving relationship; what he had with Elaine could not be sacrificed.

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