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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 9


Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Mama Xin answers a telephone call sharing with her that her son and his girlfriend is at the hospital. As she rushes out the house, she’s nervous, shaking, barely able to maintain and drive. She tells herself she didn’t want to end up in the hospital herself.

As Mama Xin drives on her way to the hospital, she tells herself if something happens to Leroy, she might find herself on deathbed joining her husband. She’s concerned about Laura as she was almost nine months pregnant with twin by Leroy.

Mama Xin can’t put the car in park fast enough, and she walks into the hospital in a hurry. She walks up to the nurse's desk asking what room her son Leroy Xin and Laura Mills are in. The nurse tells her to have a seat and she'll find out if Laura out of surgery and tells her Leroy in the waiting room on the 3rd floor.

Mama Xin couldn't sit down, she rushes over to the elevator push the button to the third floor, quickly get off it and walk over to the waiting room and hugs Leroy. He’s pacing back and forward and looks a mess. His clothes are torn and have mud and stain all over them.

He runs and embraces his mother as a tear rolls down both of his cheeks. He tells Mama Xin he was afraid for Laura and wasn’t sure if the babies would make it. He had a big bruise on his forehead that shines and an ugly cut on his lower lip.


Leroy shared with his mother how devastated he was when he witnesses, one of the kidnappers throw Laura in the water. And when her body flowed under he told Mama Xin he felt as if he would breathe his last breath, and he could see an image of his daddy with his arms held out to him welcoming him away from this world.

He told Mama Xin He's not sure how nor does he remember how he received the strength, but he overpowered the guy holding him and dive in after Laura after her body floats to the bottom of the water. Within minutes of dragging her body to safety Mark and his guy was standing there with their gun on the kidnappers.

"I ministered CPR to Laura," said Leroy and it seems as if it took the paramedic forever to come. Although it wasn't a long time, she coughed up lots of water and the doctors said they are not sure how much water flowed down to the babies nor have I heard the news as far as how they are doing.

The doctor came to the waiting room and talked to Leroy and Mama Xin. He shared with them, he had to do a C-section (Cesarean Delivery) to deliver the babies. The doctor shared that one baby is doing okay, but the second child inhales more of the water and on a machine to breathe and under heat to warm as he went into a shaking shock from the cold water and they hope he pulls through.

The doctor explains, Laura being thrown into to the icy water and the too cold water alters her blood flow to the uterus which leads her to go into an early labor. Therefore, both babies were delivered at 36 and a half weeks of the pregnancy.


Leroy asked, how Laura is doing? The doctor shared she is not in the best of health at this moment, but she should be okay. She came through the Cesarean Delivery just fine and they expect her to pull through, but they need to keep her a couple of days to monitor her and ensure all well from the delivery.

That was the best news to Mama Xin’s ears. Leroy can finally breathe again, as he felt the severe pain in his chest from the pain he encounters from his bruised ribs as he inhales in a deep breath.

Leroy needed to see his babies and baby mama. Can I see them ask Leroy? The doctor shared He can see Laura and one of the babies, but he would need to wait an hour or two before he could visit the second baby.

As Leroy and Mama Xin walk off to see Laura they did not know that Laura ex-husband’s baby mama ends up in adjacent hospital rooms. Also, she gave birth to a son and a daughter. A funny interaction results between the doctors and the two sets of twins.

Jeannette was very ill upon delivery her babies. After delivery, one of Laura’s baby is taken away because he needs immediate medical attention. As the doctors oversee the complication the set of twins are mixed up and the parents are not sure which sets of “twins” is their babies.

Jeannette dies a day after giving birth, Laura, ex-husband is in jail and no family member is concerned or cares enough to take care of the twins Jeannette gave birth to. Laura, ex-husband sign away his rights as the father.


As Leroy nor Laura sure which set of twins is their babies, they agree to take and raise both sets of twins as their own. when the mother and babies were doing better, they all went home and Laura and Leroy adopted the other set of twins as their own.

Four years later the doctor who delivered both sets of twins came forth and shared He knew which sets of twins are Laura and Leroy’s babies, but refuses to tell them the identity of the twins.

He told Laura that He was afraid she will show favorite in the babies and he didn’t want that as they don’t have anyone else to love them and He wishes that they get treated fairly. Laura nor Leroy favored the children they treat them all as if they were all their true biological children.

Moreover, when the twins turn five Leroy and Laura decided to go their separate ways as Leroy couldn’t get past the ideal Laura kept a secret from him that cause them both so much pains. Although he tried to put it behind him it always seems to be the big argument of the two relationships.

They both are now convinced that they loved both twins the same. Now that Leroy and Laura separating she speculated if it would matter. Although she never allowed Leroy to know, she spends time desperately trying to determine which set of twins is hers based on signs that they reveal as the children grow.

The doctor went on the run to prevent telling Laura and Leroy which twins are their children. They love and nurture each one equally as their true biological children. They said they would love to know which set of twins is theirs, but not knowing will not make them treat the children different.


After caring for four children, Laura felt tired and as if she was in desperate needs of a vacation away, she decides to take both sets of twins on a trip and Leroy agreed to go as well. She felt it should help them to forget the long, hard, challenging experiences they both experienced that made them choose to go their separate ways.

She was thrilled that they were able to travel as a family and used it to release a lot of the tension. They both wanted the children to be close as siblings but hated what brought them together.

Laura sole purpose was to make life better for the family after one of the most challenging times of their life. Leroy was tired of feeling angry and felt it was time to let it go. Plus, he needs the time to rest and try to catch up on relaxing since he spent much of his time working after he and Laura split.

They met in a warm location, Florida and talked about where they wanted to go when John shared he always wanted to go to Disney World, and Johnathan shared he always wanted to go as well.

The trip to Disney World was confirmed. Laura and Leroy decided to stay four days and three nights. They drove close and book a hotel near for everybody to enjoy. Laura planned and hoped that the trip brings healing, and a practical pathway to happiness for the family, but mainly to Leroy whom she loved so much and wanted to see happy.

Not to mention she blamed herself for the two separating and she wanted Leroy close and always there for her and the twins. After having to adopt two babies nobody wanted, Laura chooses to do something she hoped would help children everywhere, she started an adoption/shelter home for children who parent gives birth but doesn’t want to keep and raise.


The purpose of the adoption/housing is to help children feel loved and give them hope and a chance to grow up and succeed in the world today.

Laura desires to fight for children who did not ask to be born, but deserve a chance to decide the future they want as they grew into adults, and Leroy agreed with her totally and remember the hardship he endured growing up.

Although it been ten years and the twins are now fifteen years old. And Leroy has been around off and on, Laura has been struggling with not having Him in her life. Moreover, she continues to tell herself daily it doesn’t matter to her which set of twins is her biological children.

They are all sharing the same room in Florida and Laura prays this is the answer to bringing her family back together again. Although Laura and Leroy are not sharing the same bed, she considers this as the beginning stage to them begin a family again.

Leroy awakes the next morning not feeling well at all, so he decides to stay in and meet Laura and the children a little later. Laura and the twins are out on an adventure and find themselves in a critical situation.

John wanted to go on the fastest ride at Disney, the runaway mine train and talks Johnathan into going on it with him. Meanwhile, He could not talk Alexander and Ava to get on it, thank God, He couldn’t because John and Johnathan found themselves in a slippery situation.

The ride stops operating properly in the air before they could get down to the bottom.

John is afraid and Johnathan is talking to him to calm him down. The boys find themselves in a situation where the boys are hanging up in the wrong position and stand the possibility of falling from the ride. The guy working on the ride manages to get it to roll down some so Laura is in the position to save only one of the children.


She's in a narrow space and It looks like it could be the death of one of her sons as she can be quickly forced to choose which child to save. No time to think, what will Laura do. She just can't save both boys as she not strong enough to pull them both to safety. Attempting to saving them means she will risk one of the twins falling.

In the position, Laura in she is holding on to each one of them, but she can’t hold on to both for a long time. It’s only a matter of time before she loses her grip on one. What will she do? Regardless of how she desires, She’s is not strong enough to hold both boys and pull them free. she needs help or she will drop one.

Laura must quickly decide who to let go of if help doesn’t arrive soon, she will need all her strength to save one of them. She is holding on them both while Johnathan screams in fear and John trying to calm him down as Alexander and Ava is scared to death for their sibling.

What will happen? Since Leroy knows the location, and on his way, to meet the family, will he make it in time to assist Laura? And will Johnathan panicking be the downfall and his or John death? Or will John manage to keep him calm so Laura can attempt to save them? If she left with the decision to drop one who will she allow falling to his death? As Laura struggles to save the boys she wonders “are you two my sons?”

Stay tuned to the mystery of the mother’s choice, and daddy’s time constraint. Will Laura learn who’s her biological children from this misfortune? Learn Johnathan and John fate and if this was an accident with the Disney ride.

Is John or Johnathan a target? Join me for the big reveal as I share in details the secrets, lies, and deceit in part 10 of a story of mystery and intrigue and whodunit.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 9

White Lion - Till Death Do Us Part [w/ lyrics]

© 2018 Pam Morris

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