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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 6

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Mama Xin visits her husband’s grave. She always goes to see Him and talks with him when she feels stressed and has to make decisions. She still gets insight when she speaks to Him; she talks to Him about Leroy is in the hospital fighting for his life.

Mama Xin expresses how Leroy did what he always set out to do from a little boy, and that becomes rich. And most of all how he would be so proud of Him for his hard worked, and he so deserves it.

Our son was put in the hospital, and nobody knows what happened or who did it, but I am almost sure it was a greedy person in chase of His money. I want to make sure they don't succeed in their plans. Everything rests on my shoulder, and I must admit I feel a little over my head in the chaos.

Roy was Mama Xin dead husband, He was an FBI agent who was good at cracking any case, and he always brought his work home and shared his insight with Mama Xin. They would sit and talk for hours at a time. Mama Xin would help him solve the case. He died of a stroke from dedication and working too many long hours. Not knowing when to stop and take care of himself, He spends thirty-three years as an agent.

When Mama Xin speaks to Him in the grave, it’s the same similar situation to her. In her mind, she can hear him replying to her, and they talk over a critical condition and finds a solution.


It’s as if Mama Xin can hear her husband saying to her, “Baby go home, relax and do something to settle your mind the person meant to help you will come to you and will be concerned about our son.” You will know them when they come, and you will know how to ask and accept their help.

You have always been someone who can go beyond preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge. You help me solve the worst of crimes, and you will succeed in helping Leroy. You already know what you have to do, and you know how to do it, don’t worry, but support and revenge our son.

After leaving the grave, Mama Xin didn’t feel so torn. By the time she made it home, she felt better and had insight as far as what she wanted to do. Although Roy is gone, Mama Xin still feels he knows how to lift her spirit from the grave.

She decided she wants a fresh start and she wants to begin by redecorating different rooms in her home. Mama Xin wishes to start with Leroy’s room. She searched and read reviews; then she calls a decorator from the yellow pages. Laura Baldwin was the young lady Mama Xin choose to redecorate her home. When Laura agreed to accept the job, she had no idea whatsoever she was decorating the guy’s mother’s house; she had the hots for since high school


The next day as Laura enters the room to begin decorating, she notices a picture on the dresser that caught her attention. She asks Mama Xin who is this on this picture? She replied that’s my son. Leroy. Laura's mouth flew open. She said, ma’am, I heard and seen on the news your son in the hospital fighting for his life, I am sorry, how is he doing? Mama Xin replied, “He strong and a fighter like his mother and I know he will get better.” We have been friends since High School, and He’s in my prayers, said, Laura.

Laura also shared with Mama Xin she used to work as a business attorney because it’s what her mother’s desire for her life, but decorating was her passion. She wanted to fill her desire so, she quit as an attorney and started her own decorating company.

Mama Xin knew immediately after speaking with Laura her prayers were answered. She asks her could she get her legal opinion on a business matter Laura was more than happy to help.

Mama Xin shares with Laura that the company stands a chance of a hostile takeover. Laura talked to Mama Xin about the staggered board of directors, a supermajority, Dual-class stock, and the golden parachute and She explains each one to her. Laura asks Mama Xin, who’s the company owners? Mama Xin replied, “My son,” but I need to make decisions on his behalf while he is unable to do so. Mama Xin shared as to why she needed help. Laura said, “We have work to do.” They begin putting together a plan on how to save the company.


Laura knew they had to make the best and wise decision to place the company back into good standing. The first thing she did was check out the attorney over the business because money changes the most loyal person if they, not a right doing person and no one checking behind them. Laura also took the time to do a background check on the buyer to determine if it’s in the company best interest to allow Him to invest in the company by purchasing Lloyd and Evan shares.

Laura even hires a new producer to develop all the content necessary to carry out successful shows. Things were beginning to fall back into place. Laura and Mama Xin were becoming closer; she loves spending time with her. They would visit Leroy together and make sure he had whatever he needs.

Although the attorney was doing his job for the company, Mama Xin fired him and hired Laura to work as the attorney until Leroy well enough to make others plan. Laura did not know who Cliff was so he slips through the peephole and purchase Lloyd and Evan shares of the company through his buddy, Norman. He represented Cliff so well.

When Leroy was stable and better, Mama Xin shares with Him all Laura did to assist her. Leroy was so grateful and thank Laura for all her help. He talked to Mama Xin about His ex-buddy and told her as conniving as Morgan was, I used to think He genuinely appreciated me as a friend, but I found out he saw the potential in me for what it was, ‘his meal ticket to the big times.' Had I seen Morgan for the con he was then and only then would I have seen the betrayal before it took place.

Leroy did not know at that time that Morgan was only half of his problem, He had an additional issue waiting to happen. Cliff was already working toward making sure one thing happens. They take over the company by making Leroy look dishonest. Cliff felt it would work to his advantage if he can make Leroy look the same way his other three business associates was which is dishonest.


The rating was finally back up and even better news Leroy was released from the hospital and working again part-time at the company. Laura continues hanging around as much as possible until she begins to grow on Leroy. Their new-found friendship turns into dating, and Mama Xin was so pleased.

Mama Xin was so happy her son was released from the hospital and dating Laura everything seems to be back on track and they can start living again instead of just existing.

Cliff had a man inside sharing everything with him going on, and He was making up a scheme on Leroy in an attempt to make it look like not only was Morgan, Evan and Lloyd dirty, so was Leroy. With Lloyd and Evan in jail and Morgan on the run, nowhere to be found Cliff feels he have a good chance at making Leroy seems dirty.

Norma per Cliff create a scheme without Leroy knowledge and advertise it. The ad said. "Do you feel you are an actor or actress who written a great script that has not been picked up? Can you do as the great Tyler Perry? Write, act and direct your way into fame? Here's your chance.

Have you ever wanted to write and direct your own movie? Are you a writer, capable of directing, and editing your own film? Maybe you've written a great script that has not been picked up, well, here's your chance to put your hard work on the big screen.

You can even produce it yourself. You will need to be the distributors to front the budget of the film. Name your actors and directors; we offer security for such a choice. Your movie will be seen around the globe.


This scheme drew lots of attention, look like Leroy's doing and intrigued a messy situation at the station, put on the web and the scam was put out in public through the National Inquiry.

Cliff has nervous trying to make someone look bad, if there’s a computer check on Him, it would reveal around the sixty prior arrests and an outstanding warrant for his arrest now.

Although Norman and Cliff planned to hurt Leroy it didn't. All they did were given Leroy an idea of a plan to continue in the future that will benefit the company.

Had they been a little smarter it might have work according, Leroy is a guy with a brain and equipped to take on challenges, he immediately issues a refund to the people who put up the money and issue a statement, stating the deal will be picked up on a later date.

The rating did not drop as He hoped, but was the opposite the rating grew. It did make Leroy look bad, He and Laura were determined to get to the bottom of who attempting to take him down. They stage a trap for the guilty party and Norman; Cliff man fell hook line and sinker. But Leroy and Laura couldn’t show their hand, the next step was to figure the best plan to ax him, and they had to be wise in doing it.


Leroy and Laura notice Norman were not a smart guy or a leader, but a follower so, Leroy calls a mandatory board meeting. They figure he was taking orders from the brain of this scheme. Leroy started the session by saying, “I know it looks like the company’s shares are doing okay, but in reality, it hit all times low, and rating is down as well.” We paid to make it seem as if the rating up to attempt to salvage the company before the all-time low rating hit the public. I want to be fair to anyone who ready to put their shares up for sale before it takes a dive and we have no choice but to close the door and the company end.

Laura is a professional at talking and selling the best of bull she putting out for sale, she begins the event by saying, “If anyone wants out they need to do so now or sink and die with the company.” She spoke directly to Norman by saying, “We want to give you an option to sell because you did not know all the hard blows the company took before you came on board. Two ex-business partners serving time in jail and one still available to cause trouble and he just contact the company with his attorney, which will cause the company to sink and close. Feeling pressure with no way of surviving alone He cracked and sold back the shares without talking to Cliff. He thought he didn’t have time He wants his share of the money so he wouldn’t be broke as poor was not an option for him.

Norman not being a leader, but a follower, He needs Cliff available to tell him what to do in the situation as he always been. Cliff wasn’t there to guide him, facing an issue alone has always been the downfall for Norman. He went back to Cliff and shared with him; he sold the shares they purchase back to the company to prevent losing his money. He told Cliff, “The company shares were at it all time low, and I want my part of the money back, I put up.” Cliff smelled a rat and was upset with Norman.


Leroy now owns 80% of the shares of the company and Laura own 20% as the company needs her to invest to get Norman out. Everything seems to be going so well until Laura missed work the next morning and no one heard from her. She didn’t pick up the telephone when Leroy calls.

Leroy left work to check on her; he knocked on the door and did not receive an answer. His concerns more than ever as that’s not like Laura to not answer the door or his call. He knows something wrong, just unsure what.

He calls to ask Mama Xin if she heard from Laura when she didn’t answer, now it’s oblivious something not right as his mother is always available for him. Leroy imagining is going overtime. He felt helpless; he receives a call from an unknown caller. He is hesitating in answering it, but he does. A voice sounding like a robot says, “I have your mother and girlfriend.” “I want you to bring me 10 million dollars in three days, or they both die.

Leroy couldn’t believe his ears and was wondering how can anyone expect him to get that type of cash up in such short notice. He said okay, “I will get you the money, but I need a little more time.” The playback robot voice said, “Your girlfriend and mother does not have that kind of time three days, I’ll call you back where to meet me,” and hung up.


There were so much Leroy did not know when it came to the kidnapping that he was at odds as to what to do. But he knew he had to start putting in place the fund to pay the ramson for his mother and girlfriend. He felt it had to be one of two peoples. Morgan his ex-best friend or Cliff the mobster he outsmarts with Laura to ax out of his company. He did not know that Laura was Morgan half-sister. She never told Leroy neither did Morgan.

Morgan assists in raising her as her mother was a prostitute that got pregnant by Morgan’s daddy. Laura has always been grateful to him for hustling and providing for her when she was growing up.

If something happens to Laura, Morgan stands to inherit everything she owns even her shares in the company. Leroy doesn’t know this, but determine to rescue his mother and girlfriend. He knows he cannot call the cop and get them involved, so he calls a friend of the family he has known for years, Mark Monk. His mother names him after the TV series Monk; he is good at cracking any case and being a detective for seventeen years.

His mother gave him the name Monk because he loves mystery, and good at solving any case. He was more than happy to help Leroy. They discuss his fee and immediately start searching for answers.

The first thing Mark told Leroy “Can” is the key word here, I can negotiate kidnap & ransom demands. Next, every kidnapping holds a different purpose as for no two incidents are the same every kidnapping case is different.


Most important, one thing all kidnapper share is they are all desperate people for money.

Lastly, let look at this situation seriously, I will do all I can to ensure both parties come home, but no guarantee will happen.

The vast majority of cases, concludes with the hostage’s safe release, but let's face it, sometimes kidnap for ransom does end badly. As Leroy and Mark work to find a solution to the ransom.

Who kidnapped Mama Xin and Laura? Could it be Morgan, in an attempt to get money as he feels Leroy owe him for kicking him out the company? He tried to get 10 million out of the company before going on the run. Maybe it was Cliff as he was angry with Laura and Leroy for outsmarting him to get back the share he purchases in the company.

Maybe it was the attorney Mama Xin fired and hired Laura? He might feel he owed money that he didn’t receive before he was fired.

Well, perhaps another mystery is coming with the kidnapping as Laura herself may be in with Morgan to get money as she feels obligated to help him from his help in raising her, could they still be close?

Will she turn on the man she claims to love to help a wrong doing brother? Stay tuned to find out this thrilling mystery of whodidwhut, a journey of who did it. I will untangle these webs of deceit in part 7 and so much more.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 6

© 2018 Pam Morris

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