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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 5

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Often life has taught us that the best of friends is those that we have grown up with and have shared a lifetime of countless memories with us. It may be true, but in some cases, some of these ‘Best friends’ turn out to be mere opportunists walking in our shadows, and the devil keeps them there until an angel decides to pity us and dawn light on these fake, leech-like friends.

One such tale is that of Leroy and Morgan. In a nutshell, Leroy was the emulation of a good friend and Morgan a specimen of the complete opposite. They met when they were young and grew up together, bonding with every chance, but their background was the most reliable adhesive in their relationship.

Like everyone else, children often have a desire to be around mates that identify with whom they are and where they are from and a shared background of poverty was the ideal foundation that kept these two going despite their differences in character.

For most of their life, Leroy and Morgan were good friends who held on to a pinky swear that someday they shall pursue their dreams of becoming rich together. The positives in Leroy did attract the negatives in Morgan just as the old saying goes, opposites attract.

Leroy genuinely cherished Morgan, and for some time Morgan managed to fool him, he showed the same affection to him, he held on for a while until their childhood days were over and the weight of maturity as adults kicked in.

They turned out to be exactly what their characters predicted; Leroy an educated geek and Morgan, a prevalent con artist. As adults, Leroy was the first to be graced by the world of employment, and after some time, Morgan shared ideas of an entrepreneurial spirit.


After Leroy and Morgan started their own business, their years of activities together were successful and it was a celebrated day for Leroy after that they had employees of their own, and as the company reached the multi-million ranks it soon turned into many billions.

And what seemed like a happy ever after, ‘dreams come true’ tale, was scattered and short-lived when Leroy discovered all the schemes that Morgan had been pulling on him.

This revelation was the defining moment in their friendship, but it was no secret that things didn’t help but get sour and complicated between them. Although, growing up, Leroy and Morgan were not so wealthy with richness but they shared something so much better, an extraordinary friendship.

Their bond was unique and it practically glued them together like Siamese twins, from early childhood until one unfortunate day when…one friend decided to allow jealousy and greed to fill his heart.

Moreover, it was Leroy, who put in the hard labor to fulfill the promise when the two friends agreed upon a pinky swear. Although they were two children who grew up in poverty as adults, they saved their life from spiraling down the abyss and took the right path towards finding and fulfilling a lifelong promise to become millionaire business partners together, which grew to billions.

Friendship, Faith, Trust, Honesty, Virtue. What do these values mean? I am quite sure that most of you, the reading populace, are familiar with or at least slightly aware of the age-old adages that; 'opposites attract', 'it takes two to tango', 'you shouldn't judge the book by its cover', to scream out just a few.


Oh yeah, I almost left out this doozy, 'Sharper than a Double-Edged Sword'. Humph! I guess we could go on and on but let's drop the hook, line, and sinker right here so I can wiggle some sweet and salty lure to tease your imagination about the venture you are about to slide into.

If by chance things get a little 'icky-icky’, pause a moment and ask yourself how could he possibly let that get by him or what in the world made him do that.

Thank you for riding along with me this far and I pray that some of the anecdotes you come across while reading the other part of this thrilling mystery and intriguing story will open your eyes and provide solutions to your own or maybe even your friend’s life situation(s). I hope you enjoyed reading these different sections of stories, I certainly have had the pleasure of providing them. Now, back to where I left off.

Mama Xin, Leroy’s mother, was sitting in the waiting room in sincere prayer, praying that her son pulled through surgery as she hadn’t heard any news since they rolled him away for an hour and a half ago.

No one was entirely sure what happened, but from the scene where he was found, they thought Leroy was drinking heavily and someone saw him sitting in his office and hit him from behind, and he fell to the floor injuring himself more.

The doctor said that with the hard-hit over the head and the fall Leroy sustained a brutal injury, and they were taking a toll on him. Dr. Lawrence hoped to repair the brain damage Leroy endured so he had a chance to recover. Lloyd and Evan arrived, hugged Mama Xin, brought flowers, a ‘get well soon’ card and asked if there was any news about Leroy.

Mama Xin told them that she was still waiting for the doctor to come with the result of the surgery and how Leroy was doing. Lloyd and Evan shared with mama Xin that Morgan had the company in chaos and they were in the midst of striving to put everything back into perspective, and with Leroy is in the hospital, it made matters seem worse than it was.

Mama Xin spoke as if she was holding up well and stable. You couldn’t tell by looking at her, she was frail, apparently too unwell to be walking around, but she knew better than to show it to Leroy’s friend and business partner, so they got worried. “And,” she asked, “Are one of these bundles of flowers for me?” “Yes ma’am,” Lloyd replied. She took them and mumbled a silent thank you.

Lloyd told Mama Xin that the attorney was working on stopping a $10 million head start, advance money that Morgan was attempting to pull out of the company and his 30 percent share in the business.

“We were hoping you could step up and help us by using Leroy’s 40 percent to assist us to finalize removing Morgan and changing his 30 percent share over as Leroy had already started the process. He was injured before he completed the deal.”

Lloyd and Evan hoped Mama Xin was an old lady with no brains, who would trust them and go along with whatever they told her. So, the 30 percent share stripped from Morgan would be divided between them and Leroy when originally it was supposed to go only to Leroy.

Although Leroy made it through surgery and was placed in his own private room, he was in no shape to make a business deal, so Mama Xin was the person to make all the decisions concerning the business.

She was not the empty-headed lady Lloyd and Evan thought she was, on learning that they were trying to lead her to divide the shares that went back to her son made her suspicious of Lloyd and Evan but she never showed them she suspected them of being the ones to hit her son over the head three days ago.

In fact, she was intelligent enough to lead them to believe she was leaning on them for advice and trusted them to guide her concerning the company. Who would ever guess Mama Xin would be the key to learning Lloyd and Evan were the ones who hit her son over the head?

After having proof, they confessed to beating Leroy over the head with the massive marble part of the lamp from his office when they saw him drinking heavily and reminiscing over the hurt of him and Morgan’s broken friendship. Mama Xin gave Robin Harbinger, the FBI agent who was investigating the case, everything she needed to burst Lloyd and Evan.


Now the company was really in a crisis because Lloyd and Evan held a 30 percent share in the company that would need to be bought out. Cliff Mogilevich, the criminal who had a big part in the home invasion had been following up with all that was going on within the company.

He had been looking for a chance to get even with Leroy and Morgan. He hoped this would be his chance to make his move and take over while Morgan on the run, Leroy fighting for his life and Lloyd and Evan in jail, and he knew Mama Xin didn’t know who he was.

Mama Xin had big decisions to make if the company were to remain in her son's hands. Someone could acquire a hostile takeover of the company if Mama Xin didn’t take charge and act quickly. She needed someone to buy out Lloyd and Evan’s shares as the company was not strong enough to stand and prevent a takeover if she didn’t find someone in time to invest and help save the company.

Leroy’s attorney shared with Mama Xin that there was a buyer for Lloyd and Evan’s shares in the company. What would Mama Xin do? Would she fall for it and allow the person to buy the shares? Would she just trust what the attorney told her? Was the buyer Cliff? Was she wise enough to back check the attorney’s recommendations and check out the buyer? Things had turned into a Mystery Unraveled; Lawfully Evil, a Murder That Almost Took Place.

It was obvious Leroy was not the best judge of characters as both partners that Leroy trusted as friends and with shares in the company were dishonest. One planned to kill him to take charge of the company and the other planned to take over the company and fire him.

However, after unraveling Morgan’s deceptions, it was clear that Leroy was determined to take their friendship from best of friends to sour friends, but here they were entangled in an otherwise strange situation that had Leroy fighting for his life and Morgan on the run.

Would the company survive the different hard blows that hit it and would Leroy pull through to run the company another day and rebuilt it or will Mama Xin allow someone to come through with a hostile takeover, were there any hopes of Cliff deceiving her?

Maybe, it was the attorney bringing in the buyer to take over the company as Mama Xin had been taking advice from him. If that was the case, would she allow him to move forward and take over? There had been a great deal of betrayal going on since Leroy put in the hard work to become a billionaire.

The big question was what would happen next? Money changed people and no one was protected from cons or greedy people who were not willing to work for what came to them.

Mama Xin was placed in the worst situation and Leroy’s entire status rested on her shoulders. Would Leroy lose everything to be back to be penniless or would Mama Xin step up as Leroy needed her to and rescue his company? Stay tuned to find out.

There is so much more to this situation than readers can ever imagine.
Thank you all for joining me on this journey of whodunit, we are headed in the direction of learning more with all involved in this tango web of deceit.

I look forward to sharing Part 6 with you soon.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 5

© 2018 Pam Morris

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