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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 4

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


The day is finally here, it's graduation day for Morgan and Leroy. Leroy is a hugely successful student in the classroom, came very close to winning top honors in the graduating class. Deep in his soul, he knew he could’ve gotten straight A's as if he hadn’t spent time being supportive and comforting to Morgan when his girlfriend Renee got killed in a deal that went south from a plan he put into effect.

Leroy wasn’t complaining; it was a small matter to him because he felt that Morgan was his best friend in the entire world. He was a little concerned as to what happened to the criminal that fled the scene with their five hundred dollars Morgan placed on top of the newspaper.

Life, as they both knew it, changed in a way neither could imagine and he hoped he never had to encounter such a high-profile thief ever again, although deep down, he knew that someday, when they least expect it, that part of their life would return to bite them both from behind.

Leroy looked across the assembly hall at, in his mind, the only real friend he’d ever had, Morgan, who was beaming brightly in his cap and gown. He lowered his eyes and gingerly shook his head, mentally patting himself on the back, proud of his marvelous accomplishment for pulling Morgan up by the drawstrings, for him to be able to complete his high school education finally.

When they had first met, it wasn’t long before Leroy found out that Morgan was three years older than him and had failed classes repeatedly over the years. When Morgan first met Renee, he never told her his real age. It was because he was ashamed of being in the eleventh grade at nineteen, he allowed her to believe he was sixteen. She died believing he was seventeen when he was really twenty years old.


Leroy had taken Morgan’s nonchalant attitude towards education like he’d accepted everything else about him, like a grain of salt. The mere fact that he viewed him as being a problem student and slow to learn was enough for him to devote a lot of his time to making Morgan a better student.

But in actuality, Morgan just didn’t care about school or anything else other than conning folk out of whatever he deemed valuable. Moreover, Morgan’s crazy ideas often held him back from surging forward even though he was confident that they would work.

It indeed wasn’t Morgan’s desire to do the right thing, more so than the evil spirit in him that was only satisfied when he was taking advantage of an opportunity that fit in the realm of his nature to con someone. After losing what he thought would take him to big times, he decided that Leroy would be his meal ticket to the big times.

As time passes, Leroy was a young man destined to succeed. If only he could see the weight holding him down from the guy, he considered his best friend. He was attending a North Central College in the suburbs of Chicago in his junior year but knew he needed to take advantage of his business savvy as soon as possible, knowing he had to get his plan started and build it from the ground up.

Leroy was much more of a practical person than Morgan and instead of just thinking things he was equally driven in making them happen. After a couple of frustrating weeks of looking for employment, he finally found something that caught his interest.

Leroy keenly read through the help wanted ad that said, ‘Are you hardworking, motivated and energetic? If your answer is yes to all three questions, why not work for a local TV Station that reaches 50 million households nationally? Do you want to learn to be one of the best of the best? If so, WKNG-TV Channel 19 has just the internship for you!’

Interested applicants send your applications to Mary Williams. Internship Application Deadline: Autumn Internship – Application deadline is October 15, 2018. The applicant selected will go through training during November and part of December. The applicant chosen will start working on January 5, 2019.

The requirements: This is a highly competitive paid job for an internship program. What We Want: Someone who can tell stories with creative words, pictures, and sound. This internship is a highly demanding position that can lead to an immersive career. Our production company is looking to hire a full-time Intern.

WKNG-TV Channel 19 is searching for a person who can have a hand in, theatrical documentary films that will bring stimulating stories to international audiences. You must be available to work on all scheduled days. You will be exposed to all shifts in the broadcast day.

To be considered for a WKNG-TV Channel 19 paid internship, each applicant must: Be currently attending college as an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in broadcasting/ journalism or a related field. Have achieved at least a two-year status. You must have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Be willing and able to train on all scheduled days during the 9-week internship. To apply: Submit a cover letter introducing yourself and providing your personal contact information. Submit a resume. Write a one-page essay summarizing your interests and knowledge, and experience that matches the internship and why you should be chosen for this position.

Leroy immediately fell in love with what he read and within no time his mind was wandering, trying to figure out how he will get his application on board. It took him two days to get his documents ready, and on the third, he sent his application.

Morgan, as a friend, gave him the heartfelt encouragement that he needed and when the waiting period was over, and it was confirmed that Leroy would be joining the TV station as an intern, they were both overjoyed.

For a young man with Leroy’s background, landing this internship was like a dream come true and he dove into the opportunity head first determined to succeed at all levels.

He lost count of the endless hours he spent working on any, and everything asked of him involving the business during which he learned many exciting things about the company, digested and absorbed all the ins and outs like a desperate sponge in no time at all.

The entire staff was amazed at how prudent and diligent he was at every task asked of him. “Although Leroy worked as an intern, he was not guaranteed a full-time job but he does have a good shot at getting a full-time position at the company if he performs well.”

Leroy felt in his heart accepting the Internship was the beginning of a Business Deal. After the internship period, the WKNG-TV Channel 19 production team saw it fit to retain Leroy and with full-time employment.

Working at a WKNG-TV station pleased him and he took full advantage of the opportunity. Morgan was still doing his usual penny-ante con hustling for chump change and steadily contributing to their nest egg. Morgan didn’t care how many people or who he left penniless, he only wanted to add to his checking account.


Moreover, he had to hustle a little harder to contribute to the account as he lost the income doing lawn service when Renee died and her mother Patricia took over. She fired him. She felt Morgan was the reason her daughter was in that Park to get killed.

Morgan was still beating himself up over that enormous mistake and made it a point to be aware of how fast Leroy was advancing as an intern at WKNG-TV Channel 19. He just bided his time for this opportunity to get snuck into its ranks.

Morgan didn’t have to wait long because a mere three months later his friend was promoted to an executive management position. Morgan focused on Leroy’s promotion and knew precisely how he was going to orchestrate his move, he silently whispered to Leroy. “Hey man, don’t you think it’s a waste of your time cashing in for another company when you can make money in your own business?

You earned a commendable promotion in no time and that alone shows you how good you are at what you do. You are ready to operate your own company and I’m like 100% prepared to run the full course with you.”

The vote of confidence gave Leroy the antsy pants and he went for it. Leroy resigned from his job to begin a business career with his longtime friend. They both had savings and used it.

They took out a big loan and started investigating avenues to get their own TV station started. It took Leroy only a couple of weeks to put all the necessary pieces in place and his crew together, and links in the industry to get everything started and brought Morgan in as his business partner.

Leroy still didn’t have an inkling of how devious and self-centered his buddy was. He opened every tidbit of knowledge he’d devoured and the step by step maneuvers they would undertake. Morgan was still a simpleton when it came to studious things but he didn’t miss an iota of a beat when it came to taking advantage of making crooked money.

Leroy thought their relationship exemplified the old adage that two minds, two heads, two completely different lifestyles, and two souls can blend for the betterment of both when dedicated to one another.

That even though they may have been of a different mindset, together they could accomplish any goal they aimed towards. The blending and unity of their separate, unique talents into a successful team working for the good of all would eventually balance their individual flaws or shortcomings of the team as a whole.

WHTANL TV Channel 21 was established and Morgan dived into their partnership with the soul idea and purpose of doing whatever it took to take over and run every asset the company acquired when the timing was right.

How it was going to affect Leroy in the business world and life period wasn’t even given a second thought, ‘deceive and conquer’ that was his only motive. Two years flared on like melting wax on a heated candlestick; the WHTANL TV Channel 21 and the Morgan/Leroy business association are now in its second anniversary.

Leroy took over and made it his duty to promote inspirational and motivator documentary films which made viewers think, believe what they watched, happy and satisfied. The rating was very high.


Leroy named the Broadcast station WHTANL TV Channel 21 because WHTANL means ‘we're here to stay and not leaving’ and 21 was the age he was when he started putting everything together and started building his dream to be rich as he vowed.

Morgan's hands were tied and he had no choice but to go along with most of Leroy’s plans as he was brought in after Leroy’s hard work developing the company. Nevertheless, he has no intention of leaving things this way.

Morgan knew that Leroy was less unsuspecting of his move to hook up hi-tech electronic equipment to keep up with his every step without him having the slightest idea that he had done so.

Even before Leroy shared with a brilliant smile of pure pride, the company had reached multi-billionaire status, with a well-practiced conman’s grin he acted surprised although he already knew.

“Morgan overwhelmed with the good news Leroy delivered, reached over and patted him on the shoulder, and said with a smile, “Good work partner. Keep it up.” The one thing that Morgan overlooked was that people were working in the business that was just as dirty, conniving and street savvy as he was.

He was so confident and self-assured in his own game of manipulation that he hadn’t even considered that anyone, let alone street con worthy people, had wired his office in the same way that he had Leroy’s to secretly keep up with his con in the building.

Neither had even deemed anyone else smart enough to wiggle their way into being granted entrance into Leroy’s real circle of friends. Two other guys saw Morgan for who he really was.

Even after their sneaky hints, it was still clear to them that Morgan’s spell was still active and Leroy wasn't ready to accept anything negative about his primary partner, so they were left well enough alone.

No matter how it went, they were rolling in money and surely weren’t going to mess that up, at least not right then. One evening while dining in the executive dining area. Morgan noticed a new business partner at a table with a couple of their associates from the inner circle.

He felt the back of his neck tingling but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He started reminiscing their past and immediately recalled how he had become so protective of Leroy. He often wondered if it was because he was three years older and that he did his best to be responsible for his best friend or maybe because it was just typical for cons to be overprotective of their victims.


Ever since Morgan caught Leroy drawing those buildings in the playground, he latched onto Leroy’s dream of becoming one of the wealthiest and most successful businessmen that ever lived. All this time his selfish, self-centered mentality was preparing for a complete takeover of everything.

Leroy had worked hard to reach the top three on the list. On the other hand, Morgan felt in his narrow mind that his business partner wasn’t nearly as ambitious as he was. As a matter of fact, he repeatedly heard how people referred to him as Leroy’s shadow.

You may wonder how could he care so much about Leroy and all the time set him up to take everything. Wow, wasn’t being in the top ten World’s Billionaire’s List in Forbes a big enough payday, geez. I guess we’ll find out sooner or later, huh!

While Morgan was studying, Lloyd Summers, one of their most brilliant business associates and near-billionaire in his own right had a lot of things running through his mind as well.

Being of Latin American descent, Lloyd, the oldest of seven was as big a dreamer as Morgan, probably even more so. He was street smart with big ambitions but unlike Morgan he had a loving heart, aka Leroy, perhaps because he’d grown up being the stand-in parent for his six siblings, all who had to survive on the mean streets of Chicago slums, being labeled the children of a mother who was a well-known prostitute and father who was a notorious pimp and drug dealer.

Dining with the two men was Ms. Evan Matters, another of Leroy’s successful business associates. She was a Caucasian, an only child, and a one-time gang member. She was kind-natured with a loving heart and full of ambition.

Her mother was a school teacher who had fallen for her father, a pimp and part-time drug dealer. They both liked to refer to Leroy as being Lee. Leroy really enjoyed being around them because they admired Leroy for being ambitious and they regularly preached to him about keeping the wrong company, referring to Morgan. As Morgan suspected, they knew him for his con but he also knew Leroy wouldn’t listen although he had a friendship with Lloyd and Evan.


The stories that Lloyd and Evan learned about Morgan didn’t surprise them in the least when they found out from some of their most reliable sources. Morgan was the kind of low life that didn’t give a dam about anyone other than himself and would take advantage of anybody that fell for his many conning spiels to bamboozle anything out of anyone that happened to venture into his realm of deceit just to make money or perhaps for the thrill of tricking people.

They found out that Morgan would steal, rob, gun down or occasionally kill innocent people for money. Some of the crimes Morgan had committed over the years were hideous, including once for murdering an old man because he had threatened to tell one of his victims that he had tricked him out of his life savings.

They knew Morgan and Leroy as exactly what their characters foretold; Leroy an educated geek and Morgan, a prevalent con artist. They were really concerned that in some way he would eventually, if hadn’t already done so, put Leroy’s life in danger with his naturally evil antics.

In other words, they felt that Morgan was just a psychopath, like many other ultra-successful businessmen and women for that matter and would destroy or even kill Leroy if it came to his own unveiling or survival. They were also aware that the innocent Leroy didn’t have the inkling of Morgan’s criminal activities.

Morgan was on the way to taking over the company and Leroy had no idea the plan he had in place to oust him of his hard work and how he would fire him once he took over. He would have succeeded if he hadn’t agreed to have a meeting with Lloyd and Evan.

Morgan thought he could persuade them to come to his side. They pretended to go along with the flow but there was no way they were going to allow a conning, cold-hearted person like Morgan take charge.

They were listening in on each other without knowing. Lloyd and Evan, this duo, was lethal and Morgan had underestimated them. Miss Evan, sure he had given thought to this damsel before, she had a body to die for and an appealing cleavage but brains, Morgan often thought of her as the cute blonde next door. On many encounters with her, he had thought of banging her and she was his mystery woman or at least that’s what his corkscrewed head thought.

Through Miss Evan, who used her body to trap Morgan, Lloyd and Evan were finally able to give Leroy proof of Morgan’s hostile takeover because he let his guard down. From this evidence, Leroy could finally see all the schemes that Morgan had been pulling on him.

He immediately took action to stop Morgan; unaware that Morgan was listening, he made a telephone call from his office demanding to end the business deal with him. Leroy began putting the plan in motion, except that on the day he was to meet his attorney to finalize the agreement Leroy was a no-show.

The attorney waited for a little over an hour but Leroy never showed up to finalize the deal. The attorney knew something was wrong and began attempting to find out what. He drove back to the company to find Leroy lying on the floor with his cell phone near him. What happened? Also, there was a phone album of Leroy and Morgan and a wine glass with spilled alcohol on the floor.

The album had many photos of Leroy and Morgan from the very first time they met to the present, the different adventures they encountered and all the crazy situations the two found themselves getting into.

From the look of things, Leroy has been drinking heavily. Leroy befriended Morgan in first grade and spent his entire life being loyal and there for him, cleaning up his mess. He trusted him and would have never thought Morgan would go behind his back to attempt to ax him and take over the business.

Leroy was happy with the way the things were going and knew he was carrying his friend but it didn’t matter to him. Would they survive the hard blow that hit them in the office that day, and should they pull through, are there any hopes of their friendship being salvaged? Did Morgan come in and notice Leroy drinking, and took the time to attempt to take his life before he finalized the deal to end the partnership.

Maybe, Morgan hired someone to take Leroy out. He had a history of killing when the thing was not going his way. Did the Morgan’s greed take a toll on Leroy, did he drink too much and pass out on the floor?

This could be a perfect situation for Lloyd and Evan to kill Leroy and frame Morgan to make sure they got him out the way, so they could be in control of the company. After all, these two are, as conning as or maybe more than Morgan. Stay tuned to find out more about the outcome as well as unravel the other thrilling mysteries in Part 5.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 4

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© 2018 Pam Morris

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