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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 2

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


It was early in the morning, and Morgan woke to a phone call from his devastated girlfriend, Renee. He answered the telephone and could barely understand a word of what she was saying. Renee was trying to tell him her grandmother’s house got burglarized, and she was at the hospital with her, and it did not look too good.

Morgan’s heart stopped for a second, and he was furious to where it was like his blood was boiling as he thought Jim moved forward with the plan without him. He tried to call Jim, no answer, so he called his closest friend in the world, Leroy, and told him his girlfriend called and shared with him what she just encountered. An incident that sounded like a disturbance out of an unfamiliar sci-fi movie.

“Please, man, I need you. Please come and take me to the hospital,” said Morgan. Leroy immediately jumped out of bed, stomping his foot on the side of it as he quickly got dressed. He rushed and picked Morgan up, and they arrived at the hospital an hour after receiving the call.

As Morgan and Leroy arrived at the hospital, Dr. Grady came to the visiting room to speak to Renee and Patricia, Renee’s mother, about Ms. Warnack. Dr. Grady shared. “I’m sorry you have to hear this, but Candace slipped into a coma thirty minutes ago, and I need to be honest with you all. It does not look good.”

If she had any chance of surviving, she needed to show some improvement in the next 24 hours, and it didn’t look like that was going to happen any time soon. Dr. Grady explained, “I witness patients been in a coma for a few days, and they ‘wake up to full recovery.” He also shared. “I have seen some pass in the night's mid, so it is hard to say what will be the outcome.”


Morgan asked Renee what happened. Renee replied by saying, “My grandmother and I were awakened from our sleep by the swoosh whoosh sounds of the alarm blasting when three armed, masked men invaded the house. I jump out of bed to ensure my grandmother was alright."

“Your grandmother lives in a massive two-story mansion, so, how did they manage to get inside?” asked Morgan. “I don’t know, but I ran down the stairs when I heard footsteps. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I witnessed three guys with different masks on. One had a cover on like Freddie, one like Jason and the last guy wore a mask like Dougherty’s 2007 fright flick, Trick ‘r Treat.” She replied.

“Oh God was all I could think, and I think I wet my pants. I believe I passed out temporary because when I came to, the guy with the burlap sack for a mask had his hands around my throat and told my grandmother if she did give him all the cash in the house, he would pop my neck.”

“My grandmother is 91 years old, and I know her well enough to tell from her facial expression that she felt her granddaughter had not had a chance to live her life, she is old and essentially standing in her own grave anyway. So, what he did to her didn't matter. She’s lived her life and has got nothing to lose. She wanted me to have a chance to live my life.”

The guy with the burlap sack for a mask said to my grandmother, “Trick ‘r Treat, we are here to collect expensive goodies or inflict pain on those who are not generous enough to satisfy us in our need.” My grandmother told him that she was willing to give them whatever and asked the guy to take his hand away from around my throat.

The guy that had his hand around my throat said threateningly, “I need you to open the safe; I know there is a safe with a lot of money in it here.” My grandmother replied, “Okay, I'd show you the safe and open it. But you have to agree to my terms, or you can kill us both.

But if you do, you will risk your life. I set the alarm to go off, which will trigger the storm door to lock, so, when you and your crew attempt to leave, you won’t. There's no way you can get out of the storm door once the alarm sounds, plus multiple police cars will be here within three minutes. And each of you will be arrested for armed robbery.”

“The man who appeared to be the leader refused to honor my grandmother’s request. Within a second of his refusal, the door lock clicked and locked loudly. The robber with the Freddie mask panicked and shot the guy wearing the Jason mask.

My grandmother gave me a look that I understood, so I ducked, and she threw a fingernail file onto the forehead of the man wearing a burlap sack, he was dead when he hit the floor. Unfortunately, the Freddie impersonator shot her. If something happens to her, what will I do? She may lose her life trying to save me.”


“In the chaos, the last guy pulled the trigger to shoot me as well, but the gun jammed so he was unable to kill me, while he was focusing on unjamming the firearm, I quickly picked up a vase and ran over, and hit him over the head with it.”

“He immediately fell, and within a second, after he fell, an officer was at the door. I clicked the button to unlock the door, and the outside looked like as if someone dialed 911. All the side streets were blocked off with News reporters and police cars. I was terrified, wondering how this leaked out to the News.”

“The News reporters were so aggressive and tried to gather information, but I was not interested in giving details, all I could think of was getting my grandmother to the hospital. I was so upset, and all my attention was drawn to my grandmother. I did not notice that the criminal woke up and was able to walk off before the officer arrested him.”

“And there were broken glass pieces all over the floor from the vase I snapped over the thief's head. Four to five minutes after the officer arrived, the paramedics came, the EMS drivers put my grandmother inside, and I rode along with her as they rushed her to the hospital.”

Morgan hugged Renee and told her nothing will ever happen to you, and I will make sure of that. You would think he said that because he wants to protect her because he loves her, but instead His memories came rushing back that Renee stands to inherit billions if her grandmother died.

Also, He begins daydreaming, with a faraway look glazing his eyes, about all the money he expects to get and making schemes that were continually roaring through his brain. Morgan used to get so profoundly entrenched in his dreams that Leroy would practically have to slap him back to reality. It even got to a point on numerous occasions where Morgan was ready to leap headfirst into some of his ingenious plans, but after the ordeal with Jim, he learns enough to know He had to bide time and do it the perfect way, for He knew He might lose out on being rich.


Three days after the burglary, Renee was asked to view the two dead guy’s bodies to distinguish if she can name them. Renee went along with Morgan to the mortuary to detect if they were able to identify the two guys who were killed during the invasion. Morgan wanted Renee to believe he was going along as moral support for her when the real truth was; he wanted to see if one of the two guys was his backstabbing so-called buddy, Jim.

They arrived, and the director asked if they knew the identity of the two guys. Morgan and Renee viewed the remains, but neither guy was someone they could identify. Now Morgan was more than furious. He couldn’t help but wonder whether the intelligent person who fled the disturbance was Jim.

Moreover, he thought about what he would do to Jim if he learned that the criminal mind behind the burglary was him when he came face-to-face with him. Furthermore, he was afraid Jim could rat him out as the mastermind to invade Ms. Warnack's home.

Morgan knew that Jim could cut all ties with him and Renee, and he stood to lose a lot if Renee was no longer his sugar momma. Stay tuned to read Part 3 to learn the outcome if the thief who fled the home invasion, Jim or the criminal who overheard the plan.

Ms. Warnack has made it through one week in a coma. Will, she awakes from it or will she die, I look forward to sharing all these mysterious details, and so many more exciting events.

Till’ Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 2

© 2018 Pam Morris

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