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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 11 (Conclusion)

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


The phrase "Till Death Do Us Part” normally signifies two people marry and plans to spend the rest of their life together, only death can separate the two. Two lives are now joined together as one in an Unbreakable Bond."

“Till Death Do Us Part” can mean putting shared interest first, and individual wellbeing second. When two people do this, the marriage will be better for both parties. But if they can’t understand their priorities, it can turn into a problem known as the 'Prisoner's Dilemma.’

This story begins with a very nervous bride waiting for her mother to walk through the door. She’s in panic molt as her dad left to check on the mother and now he’s missing in action, which pushes the grandmother to leave to find both parties.

Mama Xin is five minutes away from the house and she's very concerned as to what happened to Leroy and Laura. She pulled in the driveway, gets out and walks into the house to see two versions of Laura.

One is lying in Leroy's arms as the other stands beside him. Leroy is crying heavily. Mama Xin asks what’s going on? She picks up a note in Laura handwriting, Mama Xin read it.

It said, my dearest Leroy if you are reading my note, it means I am no longer around to be available for you. However, I can’t imagine you not been taken care of so I arranged for a robot to take my place. It is called, “Replaceable Me (Laura). She will take care of you for me. I had her programmed to supply your every need, please do not deny her, her purpose as she is a part of me.

Mama Xin thought a robot, it looks like a real human. She leans down and hugged Leroy. He refuses to let go of Laura lifeless body. Mama Xin called and made arrangement to have Laura body picked up.


Mama Xin told Leroy, you have a daughter that is waiting for you to get married, you need to pull yourself together so we can be there for her. You know as well as I that Laura would want you to be there for the only daughter.

The wedding must go on and hard as it is going to be, we can’t ruin her wedding day. Mama Xin also saw a video from Laura to Ava, she grabs the video and note from Laura. It took some convincing but she finally was able to get Leroy to get in the car to ride back to the church with her.

Ava watched the video and cried, but she felt obligated to honor what her mother asked of her and move forward and get married. The wedding was two hours behind and the guess was so restless.

The music begins to play and the wedding party starts walking down the aisle. Leroy stood in one spot when it was his term to escort his baby girl down the aisle. He had a real blank stare on his face. Ava hugged him and said dad I know this is hard, but mom wants you to represent and be strong enough to march me down the aisle.

I know you remember all the hard work, she put in this wedding and she said, she will be with her in spirit and, I believe, she standing next to you, so come on, so you both can walk me down the aisle.

A tear ran down his cheek, Ava swipes it off with a napkin, Mama Xin walk back to see what the hold-up and gave Leroy a pep talk. He was finally able to walk his baby girl down the aisle.

They put a chair to the side and allow Leroy to sit in it as the preacher perform the wedding. When the crowd found out Laura had passed there was not a dry eye in the room.

Immediately after the wedding everybody when back to Mama Xin house. Laura thought of everything right before she died. The house was nicely rearranged and a really long lovely table was placed in the dining area.

The food was prepared and place on the table, different drinks and dessert were on it as well. There’s even a picture of Ava and her husband in the center as a centerpiece. She had special places picked out with a name tag beside the place for sitting arrangement.

A second table was placed on the opposite side and it had a picture of the family with Ava husband in it as a centerpiece in the middle of it. It was just as lovely decorated as the first table.


And in the back was the third table, it was beautiful as well. The picture was a solo picture of Mama Xin as the centerpiece. Once everybody found their seat, there’s was a video played from Laura, per her request.

The video begins with Laura saying, “My dearest Ava, please forgive me for not being there in body to congratulate you on your happy day.” “I refuse to not give my last say so, I made this video to tell you I am here in spirit and will continue to be in the years ahead.”

“Mark Todler, I want to say welcome to the family and make sure you take excellent care of my daughter.” “I am looking down from above and I can see how happy you both are, don’t grief for me because I have gone home to a better place to be at rest and I will see you someday again.”

“Leroy, I dearly miss you already and to all my children, you all are very close in my heart and I want you all to continue living life to the fullest, so I can smile down on each of you.” I need to say later because it is NEVER goodbye because as you can see as life go on, I will remain a part of each and every one of your life.”

“I took up enough of everybody time, I will say grace, now everybody please raise your glasses and join me to toast to my baby girl on her wedding day.” The video ends with Laura saying, "Mama Xin, you been that special glue that held us all together, please add duck tape with it and take care of my family for me, “I love you all.” Now Please eat and remember you all will never know what’s next from me."

One hour after, the doorbell rings, it was a special delivery for Ava and her husband, from Laura. The delivery consists of the special gift Laura wanted to get for Ava. The box is big and very heavy.

Ava removed the card from the box and read it, the card said, “My dearest daughter this is my gift to you and my son-in-law in hope each time you use it, you will think of me.”

Ava and Mark open the gift together, it was a one of a kind beautiful stove with a note on top. Ava reads the note it said, “I will not be around to bake you your favorite meal or dessert, so I had the receipt place inside this oven with a button to push where it will be prepared for you as if I had.

“It is my greatest desire to be available to you as much as I can in my absence in the human body, but present in spirit.” “Please do not put your wedding plan on hold in my absence, but move forward as I will be looking down in disappointment if you do.”

Tears ran down Ava checks and Mark swipes them off and embraces her with a huge hug. Leroy sits in silent with a blank stare on his face, Mama Xin rise and gives a speech after Ava finishes sharing the viewing of her gift.


Mama Xin said, “Family I know it won’t be easy to move forward without such a wonderful lady who has been a blessing to each of us, but per her request, we have to try hard to do what she asks of us.”

As we all can see, her time was limited and she spends a lot of it thinking about us and planning in every effort to ensure we live as comfortable as possible without her.” “Now, I think we owe her enough to honor her wishes to be here for each other, live life as we NEVER know when God might kiss away one of our other loved ones.”

“Life is precious, Let’s live it just as it is, encourage one another and ensure Laura special effort are not taken for granted or a waste of her time, I love you all, now let's enjoy this lovely day and celebrate a happy occasion.”

Leroy was not able to speak or pull himself together quite yet, but he knew his mother was right and he listens to Laura message asking everybody to continue living. And as Mama Xin stated there is a lot of evidence that shows Laura desired to be available for her family and she put forward the effort to easy everybody pain as much as she possibly can. Now it’s left to us to appreciate her effort and continue to live.

This story could have had a happier ending if Leroy took the time to appreciate Laura when she was alive and healthy. He allowed pride and stubbornness to separate them for many years, He learns a valuable lesson. Life is short and if you love someone and they are available to you, you should love them and live life as if tomorrow is your last day.

Laura understood the phrase, “Till death do us part, unfortunately, Leroy needed an understanding. It is my hope he refuses to allow himself to sit around feeling sorry for his past mistake, but pull himself together and live life as if he's been told he has limited time to be a part of this earth.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 11 (Conclusion)

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