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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 10

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Research shows 52 million people visit Disney World a year; and an average of 32, 323 visitors per day. Leroy and his family just happen to visit at one of their busiest peaks. Everywhere you look or walk – people, Disney World is just that crowded.

With one of Disney fastest ride experiencing a break down all of a sudden, the authorities are trying to stop a disaster from happening and the area is already crowded, more people are pushing into the confined area.

The security is trying to get things under control, the parents are panicking, children screaming. The crowd is in swing, pushing, a few people have fallen and it could result in trampling, crushing and in some instances, overcrowding disasters has resulted in injury and loss of life.

The experts learn the problem with the breakdown is the ride is an overload, too many children are on each ride and some of the screws are old and incapable of holding the extra weight.

Leroy is in the crowd wondering what’s going on, he is headed in the direction of his family when he witnesses his son hanging from the ride. He strives to get through the crowd to his sons.

A loud noise occurs just as he makes it over to his family. It’s the wiring hanging from the ride breaking, putting more children’s lives on the line.

Leroy finally makes it close to his family, He sees Laura struggling to save his sons. He pushes to get next to her. John sees his dad and immediately screams dad, save me, I am so scared.

After hearing his son scream out for help Leroy felt helpless for a moment, but he understands he has to assist Laura pulling his son to safety. Leroy sees a piece of thick metal that is large enough and with enough height to assist in freeing his son from the ride.


He quickly turns the metal overs and placed it on the ground and stands on it. Leroy used the piece of metal to be tall enough to reach John, then he calms him down and helps him to the ground as Laura assist Johnathan to safety.

Within minutes of the boys being free from the ride, it collapses and hit Laura and one other person over the head. It barely misses Leroy, he falls to his knees questioning why and how this could happen.

The paramedics are already on the scene, it takes them a little time to get through the crowd. Laura is rushed to the nearest hospital. Leroy and the kids follow along.

The second person who was hit on the head close by is Jeannette’s sister, the aunt of the twins that Leroy and Laura adopted. She has kept a watchful eye on Laura since the dismissals from the hospital and the adoption.

She was not aware that Leroy owns a company that is worth Billions, since learning she has been around like a dark cloud waiting to rain down the worst thunderstorm.

Jeannette’s sister is named Neicy and she’s a prostitute that owe the drug dealer money and her pimp feels she owes him money, as she didn’t bring funds in when he sends her out for it so, she’s in desperate need of money. When Neicy looks at her nephew and niece, she sees dollar signs.

Neicy was introduced to the pimp, Oscar during her pre-med day, she was a pre-medical student who lost her scholarship and needs money to finish medical school. She was unaware Oscar was a pimp, she was young, green and thought he was her savior. After she got caught up, she didn’t know how to break free of him.

Neicy is afraid of Oscar, so when he ordered her out she spends her time standing around watching, but refuse to allow any man to be with her just for cash. She has dreams and values, she wants to be someone who can save the lives of people from the poorest neighborhood.

Neicy lost her best friends a little over a year ago because she did not have medical benefits. She was pushed to the side as they wait for the peoples with compensations first. When a staff member finally walks over to her, they discover she was dead.


After that awful situation, Neicy vows to go to medical school and receive a degree to care for people who are unable to afford medical benefits. Wanting to fulfill her dream is how she got introduced to Oscar.

The person who introduces Neicy to Oscar present him as a loan agent who helps people low in funds. A man who assists females as he knows how to help a woman take charge and multiply her income.

This so-called friend told Neicy, Oscar even gives a seminar on ways to increase your money as he is that knowledgeable. Neicy works part-time as a pharmacy and felt Oscar could assist her to increase her money so she can pay for medical school.

Looking at Neicy circumstances, one can’t help but wonder will she bounce back to fill her dreams? And will she ever break free of a pimp who now thinks he owns her? The question is how did she become his property when she didn’t know he was a pimp and she wasn't aware she supposed to be a call girl?

Neicy should have got a clear understanding, ask questions to make sure she was aware of what she was getting into. When someone guarantees you, a person can help you increase your money and grant you a loan and it’s easy, you better know what you’re doing.

How many know anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy and if it doesn’t you better understand it and ensure it’s something you willing to do because if it something you not, you better move forward away from it in a hurry.

As Leroy waits for news, Laura’s doctor comes to the waiting room and tells him Laura's brain consists of fluid and lots of swelling. When she was hit on the head, the impact was so powerful that it fractured her skull bone, injured her neck and caused swelling and she may have internal damage to the brain.


After the doctor shared the awful news with Leroy about Laura, all he could think is "How could I be so selfish as to allow my hang up to separate me from a woman I love?" Although she didn't tell me about her ex-husband, and although he was bad news and a junkie, we should of talk through that situation.

I allowed my pride to break us up and until now I was not able to let it go or forgive Laura. I can finally let it go and forgive her, but is it too late? Leroy tries to come across as strong for the children, he hugs them and told them everything will be alright; your mother will pull through.

John is always the weak one, he breaks out in a loud cry. Alexander follows suit and begins crying as well. Johnathan always the strong one, comfort John and Alexander, He encourages them both and lend his shoulder for them to lean on. Ava, being the only female in the group felt she needed to be strong, so she suggests everyone go to the hospital chapel and say a special prayer for Laura.

The doctor also shares Laura has a concussion and he will not know for sure if she has internal brain damage until the swelling goes down. They are working on reducing the swelling so they can determine. The doctor will be able to decide if she has internal damage, and he will be able to determine as to whether she is strong enough to go through surgery.

The doctors need to get the swelling down real soon because Laura has a pressure buildup in her brain, and it caused her brain to press against her skull and that’s not good because it has a crack in it.

It took three days for the doctors to get the swelling down, after it was down Laura’s doctor talked to Leroy about the result he found. Dr. Hardy shared with Leroy, Laura has a severe brain injury and the damage are in a location that they can’t do surgery because if they do it will kill her instantly.

Dr. Hardy told them once Laura able to make decisions for herself, He will allow her to decide if she wants to go through treatment that might extend her life. But they can’t guarantee it will, it a fifty, fifty gambles.

Each time she receives the treatment, if it helps her, she will gain strength and her life will extend a little longer, but if her body rejects the treatment. it will take her energy and her body possibly will remove days from her life.


Leroy and the children took Ava advice and went to the hospital chapel after speaking to the doctor to pray for Laura.

John had a breakdown and said things no one should say as he was very angry with God, Johnathan grabs him and wrestle with him until he was able to sit him down. Leroy stops praying long enough to talk to the children.

He explains to John, nothing or no one is assured every day will be a rose garden. As a matter of fact, most of the best outcome comes from impossible situations like what your mother is facing right now.

Leroy told John when you were born, your mother gave birth early as she was thrown in the water after being kidnapped for ransom. Everybody was fine except you, you were exposed to too much water and went into shock after the birth, and things didn’t look good for days.

Leroy also shared with John, “I nor your mother lost hope when you needed us, we prayed and trust God and now look at you.” “You survived the worse of a situation and grown into a handsome young man.” “Why can’t you do the same thing for your mother? She needs you so, keep her up in your prayer and trust God that He can do for her what he did for you and that’s is give her a full recovery.”

John, replied, “I treasure what you and mom have done for me, but I am not strong like ya’ll.” I want to imagine myself as a strong, secure person with NO need for protection nor to live in fear every time some difficult happen, but the reality is I’m not.”

Leroy told John, “Don’t be hard on yourself when a terrifying thing happens your mom and I get scared as well, but we refuse to allow the fear to assure us.” “Everybody gets scared but we all have the capability to stand firm and you have to have the determination to do what needs to be done.”


Two weeks after Laura’s doctor shared with Leroy, the ability that will be given to Laura so she can decide if she wants treatment to live a little longer. Laura made the choice to say, ‘NO.” She felt she did not want to risk a treatment that may take her away from her children sooner.

Laura decides to cherish the time she has left, she begins planning ways to make sure her children remember her when she is gone. She set up gifts and delivery for them on their birthday and each holiday from her for the next eleven years.

Also, she set up to have shoes and clothes deliver to them every other year in the size she estimated they will wear in the hope her prediction is right.

She wanted to do something special for Ava, so she set up a future salon appointment for her and did a video as a mother talk. This talk involves hairstyles, facial and ways to upgrade her bras, clothes and makeup tips, female’s conversation just in case she needs to talk to a female and she’s not around.

Laura told Leroy if Ava ever shows signs she needs a woman to talk to, make sure she receives the video. Then she made a video for the boys and set it up to be delivered to them when each one gets married.

Laura mind was going over a hundred miles per hour and it was hard for her to slow down as she was thinking of all the time and things she will miss with her children and she felt she had little time to do what she plans to do.

Then she thought about how hurt and heartbroken Leroy will be once she’s gone. She wanted to make sure he had comfort, taken care of and had someone’s shoulder to lean on, so she paid substantially to have a female robot with what felt like the human flesh of her made with her voice program inside.

The first thing it will say to Leroy each morning is, “Good morning my Lord, how may I be of service?” I Love you and your every wish is my command.”


Upon her death, the robot will be delivered to the house with a hand-written note from Laura attached. It will be called “Replaceable Me” (Laura) and program to sit and carry a conversation with Leroy as if she was sitting there, the robot is programmed with a lot of Laura’s memories, the ones of her and Leroy from the very first day she laid eyes on him and so much more.

Also, the robot will share with Leroy how much in love Laura was with him. Share with him different special things she treasured they shared together and the special moments she cherishes with Leroy throughout her life.

What Laura did was spend the remainder of her time she had left paying a specialist to clone herself into a robot to be there for Leroy and take care of him. She loved him that much.

Although Laura wanted to be strong, she spends sudden times crying and wishing she could have a do-over to change the moment before she was hit on the head. She did her best attempting to ensure her family did not hear her. But there were a few times Leroy heard her crying. He was heartbroken as he listens.

She felt life was cruel and she has been cheated a happy future. she had more hard times than good and now she has reached the end with not enough time to make sure her best day out weights the bad one.

Laura was blessed to see Ava reach the age twenty-three years old and be engaged to get married, Laura was so excited to be alive to meet her future son-in-law and be able to assist her daughter plan the wedding. The wedding is only a few weeks away and Laura works long hours to ensure everything is perfect.

She refused to listen to Leroy or Ava telling her she shouldn’t overdo it. She picked out one of the most expensive weddings dresses a bride could ever imagine. And it had one of the most amazing trains flowing behind it.

Laura addressed all the wedding invitation and took them to the post office herself. She overdid it and with the wedding only three days away, she barely had the energy to keep going.

The day is here, Ava’s wedding day. Laura request and made Leroy and everybody go ahead without her, she told them she wanted to give Ava a special surprise as it was her special day and she will meet them at the church a little later.


On the wedding day, Laura asks her best friend Lisa to assist her daughter, Ava in the church to get dressed until she gets there and she was all too happy to do it.

Ava is very nervous and is all too ready for her mother to walk through the door. Except an hour past and no Laura. Ave and Leroy are worried, he tells Ava I am going home to check on your mother, I will be right back, I will give her a hand in whatever slowing her down and a ride to the church.

What happened to Laura? What will Leroy discover when he walks through the door? Maybe Laura lost track of time or perhaps she was too weak to dress and need a little help.

Ava doesn’t want to move forward with the wedding without her mother, Johnathan is doing what he does best and that encourages his sister while they wait on Leroy to return with their mother.

Alexander hugs Ava and tells her mom will Never let you down you know that, she replied “Yes.”

The guest is getting impatient, so Alexander goes out and sings a song while John plays the organ in hope to calm the room. Mama Xin is concerned that it’s taking Leroy a little longer than she or anyone expected, so she calls his cell phone.

She receives NO answer, she leaves to go check on Leroy and Laura, what will she find? Why didn’t Leroy answer his phone? Hopefully, Leroy did not walk in on a home invasion and now they both in danger or worse dead.

Stay tuned as I share the detail of Ava’s wedding, what Mama Xin will find, Neicy's fate and so much more in part 11 of, Till death do us Part, whodunit.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 10

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