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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 1

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


It was a sunny day on the playground when Leroy, a shy, caramel-complexioned small-framed boy, was drawing a building streaming with people flowing back and forth in the gravelly sand. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure suddenly loomed over him, blocking out the sun.

He placed his hand over his eyes and squinted up. The glittering eyes immediately overwhelmed him, and the gleaming smile of a kid that he had to see now and then roaming among the crowd of children, enjoying himself.

A nervous laugh slowly edged to the corners of his mouth as he cautiously held his hand for the offering. “Hey, how are you doing? “I’m Leroy.” The much stockier dark-skinned lad squatted, locked his arms across his thighs, and crooned pleasantly, “I am Morgan dude.” “What are you doing out here all by yourself?”

“I have been checking you out for a couple of days now. What in the world are you drawing?” Leroy cocked his head to the side and told him about his dream to be very rich.

A vast majority of the children are in a gang, in a youth center, or dead, which made the others forever cautious. So, for this unlikely pair to combine into an unbreakable bond was rare.

They could not be more different if design scripted them. Leroy was a person who loved helping others in any way that he could and very passionate about it.

He practically went through opportunities to help slower learning kids with their homework for money. Morgan was greedy, self-centered, blessed with a natural gift-of-the-gab that could talk the enamel out of a marked tooth, and scheming to use kid’s money to fill his pockets with cash or whatever goodies he could get out of them.

Even with the vast difference in the two behaviors, like night and day, they became inseparable and hung out together a lot as the years rolled along. Their unity got tighter and tighter as they fought through the frustrations of the hand that life had dealt them, often mistreated, ridiculed, and laughed at by the other children in the neighborhood as they were destitute and wore hand-me-downs or goodwill outdated clothing.

They vowed to themselves with an extended pinky swear to devote their friendship to change their poverty-stricken situation as they grew into adults.


As teenagers, Leroy began working to fulfill his vow; he got a job delivering newspapers in the neighborhood on the weekends and tutoring his classmate Tuesday through Thursdays’ to keep coins in his pocket, whereas Morgan lived for the chance to bilk the elderly and whoever would go for his conning spiel.

Whatever funds or goods they acquired during their rounds of hustling was shared equally between them and put up in saving as they became inseparable. Morgan had a habit of using the experience he gained while in and out of juvenile court to earn an income from his classmate.

With Leroy’s brain and desire to succeed, along with Morgan’s con and the ability to fool the very elect they began a journey to gain what they both set out to do by whatever means necessary, and that is, become very, very rich.

With Morgan out to achieve success and as quickly as possible, many should be aware, or he may fool “the very elect.” He deceived the elderly as he pretended to be someone available to help them do the things around the house that needed to be done.

But little did they know allowing Morgan to work for them was like the workings of Satan, with every kind of power.

He conned his classmates every day with his card shark scam; pick the right card for a dollar or watch the hand, which hand is the marble in, put up a dollar and choose the right hand to receive two dollars in return.

Every Saturday evening had become specialized, the pinnacle of their hustling week, when they’d get together and brainstorm ways to generate income.

A side hustle could remain a side income, or it could grow to become a con that broke the heart of the individual involved. Leroy looked at the side hustle as him living in America a land of opportunity for richness, while Morgan shared a difference of opinion, there was not a chance for the person he approached to get as much cash off as he possibly could.

Morgan met, Renee Warnack, 18, a young woman born into richness. From the moment she laid eyes on Morgan, she felt an uneasy attraction towards him.

She did not want to own up to feeling an attraction to a sixteen-year-old since she was older than him, so she tried to convince herself she felt nothing. Morgan did lawn work for her grandmother, one of the wealthiest women in Chicago.

Renee would take cold lemonade to Morgan on the hot days he sweated while cutting her grandmother’s lawn. He used her to get a raise in his pay each time Ms. Warnack paid him for his service.

He began receiving seventy-five dollars per service rather than fifty dollars, which was what he started making, not a bad raise for a good day’s service.


Morgan was so intelligent in finding ways to con Renee that he asked his boss, Ms. Warnack, to update her flower bed in the yard, she agreed. He knew his ability and expressions of tenderness and care would melt Renee's heart.

Morgan was not one to care for anything or anyone, and he was just putting on a front like as if caring and tenderness were a part of his nature and growing a beautiful rose garden was an act to get close to Renee.

Yet, he wanted to do the best job possible, so, he measured the flowers to be about three inches wide apart and then added an edge to keep the weeds out. He ensured that the garden grew some of the most beautiful flowers.

Morgan grew some of the most attractive flowers for the Rose Garden, and He even gave Renee a vase of fresh flowers cut straight from the garden. Almost everybody knew roses were the most recognized and beloved flower to a garden.

He even added flowers to enhance the rose garden by planting the Hosta flower to brighten all the shaded area. Then he grew Hellebores, which he told Renee, was the best flower to grow and should be in every flower bed because it was the flower to announce the arrival of spring.

Morgan added a Peony flower which was a mixture of bloom that carried a sweet fragrance most females loved the smell of, and when they were ready, he cut and gave Renee one to sniff.

She sniffed it, and at that moment she knew she was in love. Lastly, to complete the perfect flower bed, he added a Passionflower, which was the flower that brought vibrant color to the garden and also a unique optical dash to the garden.

It did not take long for Morgan to begin playing with Renee's heart as she had fallen for him. Although Renee tried to tell herself that he was a sixteen-year-old child; he was not even eighteen, she was so in love.

After Morgan realized that Renee was so in love with him, he used his intelligence to convince her to go out on a date with Him. He also asked his best friend Leroy to grab a date and come along. Leroy was not too interested in spending time with females, but in honoring his best friend’s wish, he chose Laura a black-haired, attractive girl who had the hots for him.

It wasn't that Leroy didn't find Laura attractive, quite the opposite, he just didn’t want any distraction. Leroy wanted to spend all his time planning and working toward his goals as he had his heart on becoming a rich man someday. The black head hottie Leroy chose; Laura, dreamed of the day she would date him from the moment she laid eyes on him when he agreed to tutor her in Algebra, and he is showing her NO interest made him even more attractive to the rebellious Laura.


After Renee went on several dates with Morgan, she felt they were initiating a connection, and she started feeling she could share anything with him. She made the mistake of telling him she was the next person in line to inherit her grandmother's fortune.

Renee shared with Morgan that she prayed her grandmother hung around to live for many more years; she was not in a hurry to collect the wealth. But little did she know that to trust a conman like Morgan with something so extreme was one of her biggest mistakes any female could make, and mainly since her grandmother was worth Billions. Morgan immediately started putting together a plan to gain what he so desperately wanted, to be rich.

Renee's mother was Ms. Warnack’s daughter, but she made the mistake of allowing nannies to raise her while she lived a lavish lifestyle and traveled a lot, so the two were not close. In fact, they did not have a relationship at all; they did not spend time together during the holidays.

Ms. Warnack grew a close relationship with Renee because she felt it was her way of trying to correct her mistake of not being there for her own daughter. From that, the two developed a special bond, and because of their good relationship, she decided to leave most of her finances to Renee.

Leroy noticed that Renee was falling head over heels in love with Morgan so, he tried to warn Morgan not to break her heart. He felt Renee was a rare, one-of-a-kind type of girl that most guys would be honored to share a relationship with.

Meanwhile, Morgan was in deep thought, trying to think of ways to get the grandmother out of the way so Renee could inherit her fortune and he could capitalize on it. Morgan felt if Renee became a billionaire that would be his solution to growing into the rich man, he so desired.

Since Morgan spent a lot of time inside Ms. Warnack’s two-storied mansion, he knew every trick or deal if he needed to escape in a hurry. For this reason, Morgan decided to call one of his juvenile buddies to stage a “home invasion” where Ms. Warnack would get killed during the disturbing home invasion.


Morgan asked his partner in crime to meet him at a coffee shop he often visited. He sat in the coffee shop, having coffee with Jim and shared his plan with him.

However, he did not make the best decision of speaking so openly. He did not know as to which high criminal was listening in to their plan. One criminal, in fact, was listening in, he took out a small notepad from his pocket and wrote down the home address as Morgan gave it to Jim.

Being in the dark that they gave the address of one of the richest women in Chicago to a high-profile criminal, Morgan and Jim laughed and clapped hands. Jim was even dumb enough to suggest that he would kidnap Renee for extra money. Morgan yelled out quickly, ‘No.’ Then, he corrected himself by saying, “I mean, no need to add her into the plan; you stand to receive a considerable lump sum of money, do not be greedy and mess up the plan.” If one didn’t know any better, they would have thought it was possible that the conman was capable of loving and might have been falling for Renee.

They departed and went their separate ways. Early the next day, Renee grandmother’s house was burglarized, and Ms. Warnack was rushed to the hospital. What happen?... did Jim get greedy and cross Morgan, and decided to go after the money and all the valuable properties to prevent splitting it two ways or did the unknown criminal listening choose to hit the house before Jim and Morgan.

The big question is, will Ms. Warnack die so Renee stand to inherit her Billions? Stay tuned to read Part 2 to learn the outcome and many other unexpected, thrilling events.

Till’ Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 1

Can You Solve This Murder Mystery?

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. You arrive, a woman is staring mysteriously. The butler is checking your coat. man quickly leaves. Who seems suspicious?
    • The butler that is searching your coat
    • The mysteriously staring woman
    • The man that left quickly
    • Keep to yourself and wait before showing you are suspicious
  2. Another arrived, a woman is flirting. Man is leaning, woman with a coat, the butler, did not take. Who seems suspicious?
    • The flirting woman
    • The man who is leaning
    • The woman with the coat, the butler did not check
  3. You hear a man say He's hangover. Woman discussing raising the stakes. Teen talk aggressive, who's sound suspicious?
    • The man who's hungover
    • The Woman who is discussing raising the stakes
    • The teen who is talk aggressive
  4. A commotion; child, sitting in kitchen, a woman pushing food cart. A man coming from bathroom. Who caused confusion?
    • The noisy child sitting in the kitchen
    • A woman pushing a food cart.
    • A man who is coming from the bathroom.


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. You arrive, a woman is staring mysteriously. The butler is checking your coat. man quickly leaves. Who seems suspicious?
    • The butler that is searching your coat: +0 points
    • The mysteriously staring woman: +0 points
    • The man that left quickly: +0 points
    • Keep to yourself and wait before showing you are suspicious: +0 points
  2. Another arrived, a woman is flirting. Man is leaning, woman with a coat, the butler, did not take. Who seems suspicious?
    • The flirting woman: +0 points
    • The man who is leaning: +0 points
    • The woman with the coat, the butler did not check: +0 points
  3. You hear a man say He's hangover. Woman discussing raising the stakes. Teen talk aggressive, who's sound suspicious?
    • The man who's hungover: +0 points
    • The Woman who is discussing raising the stakes: +0 points
    • The teen who is talk aggressive: +0 points
  4. A commotion; child, sitting in kitchen, a woman pushing food cart. A man coming from bathroom. Who caused confusion?
    • The noisy child sitting in the kitchen: +0 points
    • A woman pushing a food cart.: +0 points
    • A man who is coming from the bathroom.: +0 points

Interpreting Your Score

A score of 0 means: ?

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