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Tickling The Maid Story (Part 1)


Tickling the Maid (Part 1)

Sasha got into Ms. Greenwell's house about 30 minutes before her shift started, so she would have time to change into her maid uniform and get everything ready for the day. She went into the bathroom to change into the uniform, which was a black and white corset, which was quite tight, and a small little frilly black shirt that didn't quite cover up her butt. But, the pay was good, so Sasha didn't mind the awkward uniform too much. It was kind of fun.

As she's changing, she hears a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Sasha calls out. "Oh, it's just me," Ms. Greenwell answers, and knocks again. Sasha isn't done changing yet, she's just in the skirt and a bra, but she answers anyways; she doesn't want to keep her boss waiting. "Oh, um, hi Ms. Greenwell, how are you today?"

"I'm just fine Sasha, but I see you're in the middle of something, hope I'm not bothering you too much!"

"Oh not at all Ms. Greenwell! I'm almost ready to start my shift for the day."

"Right, before you do that, I have a kind of...silly question" Ms. Greenwell asked.

"Okay yeah sure, what is it?"

"Well, you have to follow me to my bedroom, it's in there. But don't worry about putting your top on, this will only take a minute."


The two women walk off into Ms. Greenwell's bedroom, and there Sasha sees furry handcuffs attached to the bed. As they go in, Ms. Greenwell turns around and locks the door behind them.

"Sasha, are you...ticklish?"

"Um...what?! N-no...not me!" Sasha stammered out. In truth, Sasha is extremely ticklish, but she couldn't let her boss know that! She still wasn't sure what was going to happen next, and she was so embarrassed that she was ticklish. She was always the target of her childhood friends, and enemies. They would hold her down on the playground or in the backyard while playing, and one friend would sit on her legs and tickle her feet, while the other friend would sit on her arms and tickle her armpits, tummy, and sides.

Her tickle experiences never really changed throughout her life actually, even through college her boyfriends would find out how ticklish she was and get their turn in tickle torturing her.

"Are you sure you aren't ticklish? I mean...most people are you know." Ms. Greenwell probed, stepping closer and closer to Sasha as Sasha backed up towards the bed.

"I'm-I'm pretty sure I'm not ticklish..." Sasha said, her voice starting to tremble.

"Well, I mean I'm a curious girl, so maybe we should find out? After all, it's a very useful thing to know if one is ticklish!" Ms. Greenwell said as she jumped towards Sasha, pushing her onto the bed and landing on top of her. Ms. Greenwell started to dig her fingers into Sasha's sides, which made Sasha explode with laughter. "Hahahahaha-wait-haha-noooo-hehehe-Ms. Green-hahahaha-well STOP that!!" Sasha tried to say between her hysterics.

"Oh? I thought you weren't ticklish Sasha!"

"Hahahahahah-I'm-I'm-hehehehehhehe-not!!" Sasha screamed as she tried to push away Ms. Greenwell's hands. But Ms. Greenwell was obviously an experienced tickler, because when Sasha tried to grab her hands, Ms. Greenwell grabbed both of Sasha's wrists in one hand, put them over Sasha's head, and then used her free hand to tickle all over Sasha's sides and tummy. Sasha didn't even have a shirt on to protect her sensitive tummy from Ms. Greenwell's ticklish long nails!


But Ms. Greenwell was having WAY too much fun to stop just yet. Ms. Greenwell flipped over and sat on Sasha's stomach facing her feet, and started to lightly drag her fingernails up and down her exposed thighs, taunting Sasha, "Koochie-koochie-koo! Oh, what's so funny? Does that tickle? I'm sure it doesn't, after all you said you weren't ticklish!" Ms. Greenwell continued to tickle Sasha's thighs, making Sasha laugh and laugh without any break.

"HAHAHAHAHA-ahhhh-I-I can't take-hehehehehe-it!!" Sasha laughed.

Ms. Greenwell danced her fingernails up and down the thighs, paying special attention to the kneecaps, inner thighs, and right behind the kneecaps, which were an especially ticklish and sensitive area for Sasha. "Ahhh-HAHAHAHAHA" Sasha laughed. She tried to escape, to tickle her boss back, but it wasn't working.

To be continued...

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next parts of this ticklish story!

What will happen next?