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Through His Eyes

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I woke up today thinking it would be just like any other day in this new game I just found. I got dressed in my favorite black suit and headed to the first of many clubs that night hoping to meet someone special, little did I know she would walk into my life for the first time that night.

I hit the first club and went to the bar for a drink, the server was cute but not my type. I finish my drink and head to the dance floor. As I'm dancing alone, thinking tonight will probably be a bust as every other night this week had been, I decided this will be my only stop, I'm not really in the mood tonight.

As I'm getting ready to call it a night, I get a message from a friend I made a few days ago but hardly ever spoke to. Her name was Eve; she was cute in her own way but not what I was looking for in either a friend or something more. I open the message and see she invited me to another club and I thought what the heck, 10 more minutes won't be a lot to pop in and say hello.

I accept the invite and show up at Club Sundown with quite a few people on the dance floor. I stroll over and say hello to Eve, she just ignores me like usual so I look around at whose here tonight. There's a few ladies dancing but they don't interest me as they are way under dressed for my taste.

As I gaze around, I see someone different than all the others here, she is by herself dancing and is dressed very nicely, right away she catches my eye and peaks my interest. I fix my hair and stroll over to her, looking her up and down, and I gaze quickly at her profile.

I walk up to her and send her a greeting and invite her to dance with me. Looking at her lovely dark hair and those enchanting eyes i swallow as I say hello to her, already drawn to her yet unsure as why I would be after just meeting her.

We strike up a conversation and it goes from a 10-minute stay to hours of chatting with someone so interesting that I did not want this night to end.......

© 2020 Emily

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