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Though Her Eyes 9

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A few weeks after the proposal Noah and Ally were married in game in a ceremony attended by only their three closest friends. It was a beautiful ceremony and Ally had never felt as loved as she did when Noah said his vows and promised to cherish and love her and only her forever. The vows she said and the promises that she made that day were said with love that was as real as the sky and as honest as the grass.

They spent the next two weeks after the wedding almost inseparable except for when they were dealing with things in their real lives or they were asleep in real life. Even then though their avatars were usually still together in the game. It was almost like someone had built a force around them that only they shared. They never wanted to leave each other’s side.

It was almost as if nothing could come between them. Their marriage and relationship as a whole in the beginning was so perfect. But of course nothing that is that good ever lasts forever. As they would soon find out. They would be tested a lot over the next few months. The real question though was would they make it through those trails and still be together??

© 2020 Emily

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