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Though Her Eyes 8

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From that night forward, over the course of the next few days Ally and Noah were inseparable. They went everywhere and did everything together. Then one night they were hanging out at Ally’s beach house and just chatting when they both had the idea to just sort of redo themselves.

They started by changing their screen names. Then their friend Eve popped by and spent a few minutes chatting with them. After she left Noah surprised Ally by getting down on one knee and proposing to her. Their friendship had grown so much over the time they had known each other and now they both knew exactly where they wanted to be and that was with each other.

Ally stunned for only a second, quickly replied Yes. Noah slipped the engagement ring onto her finger and their worlds became combined in ways that they never would have imagined before that night.

They spent the next few weeks chatting and spending time together whenever they could. They planned to be married once Noah had some actual time to spend. Even though Ally knew that the marriage was only on the game, to her it still felt so real.

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