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Though Her Eyes 7

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A few days after the latest meeting Ally had with Noah she made a decision. She had been dating a guy for a while and it just wasn’t working anymore. Finally, she made the decision to break it off. Little did she know that it would not be long after the things would come together and circumstances for Noah would also change.

During their friendship they grew super close. They talked to each other about everything. He knew when her father got sick and was there for her as much as he could be. Her best friend made occasional visit to update her and Noah was always there when he could be to hear the news with her. Then one night the news was not so good.

Ally could not think of anyone she wanted with her more to hear the latest about her father than Noah, so she asked him if he could come and he said yes. He had not been long joined her and had even brought his girlfriend with her, when Ally’s best friend showed up to tell her the latest news.

Coming into the room and walking straight up to Ally. Andrea seemed to take in a deep breath before she spoke. When she did and the said the words that Ally had been dreading all along it felt as if her world had fallen to pieces. She knew she had to be strong and she knew that she was the one who had to hold her head up, but she did not want too.

Soon after the news was shared Noah’s girlfriend left and Noah chose to stay. Having him there meant a lot to Ally, even though she did not know how to express it. She even tried to get him to return to his girlfriend, but he refused and said that he had told her that he was staying.

One night Noah sent her a message asking if he could see her and as always since she was on her own Ally responded quickly and said yes that he could just join her. Which he did, he came blasting into the room with a presence that always seemed to overwhelm Ally. He was upset and as always she was who he turned to for help.

Turned out he and his girlfriend had been fighting over something stupid and he had decided to end things with her. Hearing those words even though it was not an ideal situation, but it elated Ally, because now she knew she maybe had a chance. That night her and Noah were together for hours talking and joking and just hanging out. From that night forward things between them had changed and no one really knew just how much.

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