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Though Her Eyes 10

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Thinking back on everything that had gone on the past few months Ally couldn’t help but recall the day that Noah had told her that he would always love her. That day seemed so far into the distant past now. Having taken the past few days to reread and reminisce in the messages that they had been sending before all the trouble and pain started that tore them apart.

Ally couldn’t help but wish for a time turner so that she could reverse time. To be able to go back to the day that Noah had promised he would love her forever, but that was impossible. Noah has grown so distant the last few months. Its as if they were never a couple at all. So much has happened that has changed the way he looked at her. Now as if a distant echo of her former self, Ally cannot help but recall that day.

Knowing deep in her heart that it was probably useless. After 5 months and countless fights, Ally now knew that the pain was inevitable. The fact that she was going to have to be the one to cause it not only to Noah, but to herself as well was not lost on her.

She was positive that Noah was only staying around, because he felt obligated to do so, and that was not the type of relationship that Ally wanted. She wanted all of him or none of him. She wanted her best friend back, and she wanted her love back. She knew that the latter was no longer there, so she forced herself to come to terms with the idea that at least maybe she could save her friendship.

No matter how much she still loved him. She was willing to let him walk away, because that was what she felt that he needed. It tore her heart into a billion pieces to have to let him go, but she knew that this was the best choice, if she expected them to be able to salvage what little bit of friendship they had left.

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