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It Takes a Special Person to Work With Special Needs Kids

'I write because there is a voice within me that will not be still' Sylvia Plath


Fallon Bledel.

Part Scandinavian. Part Jewish

Light brown hair. Dark brown eyes.

125 lbs.



She has such a love for children -- other people's children. She couldn't personally do the whole mother thing. Just ask the father of her daughter. A child that more often than not she didn't think about. But every once and while she'd get curious and do a drive by to try and get a glance at her. Though if she did see her, a sadness would rise up inside of her. So she tried her best to resist the temptation.

With this job, caring for kids with Special Needs (aged Pre-K to 22 years of age) she could love on other people's children for a few hours and then go home and block them out of her mind until the next day. It worked for her. She was content with that type of mothering.

Tasmine Ramsey


128 lbs

Black hair.

Dark brown eyes.

Big eyes and wide smile.


Tasmine worked at a Christian radio station for a while. She even worked there and here simultaneously for a while. But in the end, the other job just wasn't satisfying enough. Partly because of constraints put on the radio personalities and board operators about the type and frequency of music that they could play. So at some point she just decided to quit and devote all of her energy to the school.

Once that decision was made, she joined various committees that she'd shunned in the past. She volunteered to leave the building to grocery shop for the Thanksgiving feast and the Black History Month feast. She also decided to head up the annual Friday night sleepover at the end of the school year, which brought her a lot of pleasure. Not so much for the joy it brought the select group of kids who got to gorge themselves on hot dogs and hamburgers, swim and watch a movie while lying in their sleeping bags on the gym room floor. But for the opportunity to sneak off after the kids were asleep to socialize with her friends or make out with one or more male co workers.

Tanyatta Churchhill

Black hair.

Dark brown eyes.

112 lbs



Tanyatta couldn't stand her teacher. Her voice would drone on, putting her to sleep every day. So working in a MOVE room with wheelchair kids, she made it her personal responsibility to transfer kids from their wheelchair to their therapeutic equipment and back, as well as changing diapers without assistance. Whatever it took to stay out of the room.

The key was to zone out and concentrate on the job at hand. Do the job, go to lunch, do the job some more, put on their coats if they have them, load them on the bus, do a little clean up around the classroom and then go home and countdown to the weekend ... It worked for her.


"They tell us that we're the foundation on which this place runs. So why do they keep shorting my already short check?!" Tanyatta complained

"You didn't believe that old 'okey-doke' did you?" Tasmine asked matter-of-factly.

Fallon sighed. "Well, it is actually true. If we weren't important, the folks in Central Office would not be racing over here to feed and change and get spit on. And the teacher's would running around chasing their tails. Because in most cases, we know the kids' quirks better than they do, if at all."

"I know that's right.

The ladies were taking their lunch break while sitting on a hydraulic changing table in a unoccupied hallway. The vinyl padding underneath them was extremely comfortable. And with their backs against the wall, it would be easy to nod off if either lady were by themselves. Together they kept one another accountable to get back to class on time.

Fallon was eating donuts, chips and drinking coffee. Tasmine had a Maxwell Street Polish and a cola. Tanyatta had garlic chicken wings and a bottled iced tea. But all of them forgot about their food and smiled when the latest new substitute teacher walked by after escorting his students to the library.

His name was Wilson Parrish and all three of the friends were equally impressed with his looks and his swagger. With his nice dress shirt, slacks and dress shows. All undressing him with their eyes, desirous of spending naked time with him. But it was Tasmine who stepped up to the plate and actually said something of substance to get the ball rolling.

"You know Sir ... You look amazing. But that neck tie is a choking hazard."

"A choking hazard?"

"Yeah. If you have a kid who is having a behavior, he or she might grab your tie and start choking you. Or even just a kid who likes to grab any and everything. No offense. I just don't want anything to happen to you."

He blushed. "Is that right?"

"Right that is, my good sir," she said coyly, making Fallon roll her eyes and Tanyatta grimace because she hadn't been quick enough to approach him first.

Then to add insult to injury, Tasmine took her last bite of polish, left the accompanying fries and drink on the table and walked Wilson to his classroom. Which turned out well for her because his paras were both on lunch as well, out of the building. So she chose to go overtime on her break in order to be alone with him. And before it was all over, they were behind a rolling divider screen kissing; despite the fact that she had grilled onions and sport peppers on her breath.

He didn't seem to mind, initiating even after she warned him of the potential displeasure. And when his lips touched hers and their tongues danced, there was a explosive combustion. As if he was enjoying the taste of her lunch condiments instead of being repulsed by them. And the thought of that, combined with the electricity flowing through her body was overwhelmingly arousing.

Before she knew it, she was pushing him into the adjoining bathroom, closing the door, sitting him down on the toilet and eventually proceeded to make sexy noises in the dark. Which led to future trysts screwing in the supply closet and the locker room shower. And due to the fact that he had a steady girlfriend that he spent an obscene amount of time with in his off hours, Tasmine began to live for coming to work everyday, just for her stolen moments with him.


When The Work Environment Blesses The Personal Environment

Zion Rupert lives with Mone "Nay Nay" Joplin. A 5'0, dark brown skinned ball of fire.

Mone works in medical billing and makes about $30,000 more than him.

He never seems to have any money. At least not in comparison to other men that cross her path. Meaning that he can never take her on weekend trips or to expensive restaurants. Whatever extra money he has goes to his estranged wife for his three children.

Mone's frustration over Zion's financial status leads her to yell at him and put him down constantly. Until finally she has had enough and puts him out of her apartment.

He sleeps on her friend's couch for a couple of weeks, who cares about him deeply. And although she would love to have him for herself, she decides against making a move to honor the "sister code"; putting him out for the same reason when Mone pitches a fit upon discovering that her "sister" is providing her ex with shelter.

This led Zion to start staying late at the school. He saved school lunches to eat for dinner, then used his vehicle as a mobile home; parking in the massive parking lot after hours. Then before the students arrived the next morning and the majority of the staff, he would find his way to the boys' locker room to shower and brush his teeth.

After about a month of this, one morning, co worker Pillar Applegate (former bus driver, para and now secretary), saw him sleeping in his car. As shocked as she was, she didn't say anything to anyone about it, for fear of embarrassing Zion.

Mocha skinned 5'5, 134 lbs. Voluptuous. With a heart of gold that was forever being broken, Pillar wanted to encourage this man that she only really knew in passing, but was quite fond of. Particularly she liked how he was always making co workers smile with his dry humor and how he was forever fawning over the the young students, filling their day with joy.

She saw a side of him that his girlfriend refused to see or simply ignored.

The plan was to encourage him without making him feel like less than a man. And though it took a couple of days, she finally formulated a plan in her mind. A way to get him to her house and possibly offer him shelter on the sly.

"Hey Zion?"

"Hey Miss Lady. What you know good?"

"Well, I know that I'm in a bind ... And I'm really hoping that you can help me out ... But if you can't, I'll understand."

"What's the damage?"

"You don't like pie do you?"

"Pie? Is you a fool? Of course I like pie."

Pillar threw her head back and laughed. "Peach cobbler?"

"Uh, okay. Alright. Now you're really singing my song."

"Well, I have this ... presentation I have to do ... I have to make a complete dinner and get judged on the food, the dessert, the appetizer ... the whole magilla. But I'm nervous about my cooking. So I want to do a test run, to make sure its right. And, well, I sort of need ... a guinea pig ... Um ... I don't suppose you'd be interested. Would you?" she said in a shy voice, batting her eyelashes.

Zion swallowed hard. He wanted to ask her what she was serving exactly, but decided against it. A home meal was a home meal. And he wasn't going to ruin such a unexpected opportunity.

"Just tell a brother when and I'll ..."

"Is tonight too soon?"

"Huh? What? Yeah ... I think ... I believe, I have tonight clear ... That would be great."

She touched his arm gently. "Oh my gosh. You are such a life saver. Gimme your phone and I'll put my number and address in. I get off at 3:30. If you have to leave, you can come through as early as four o'clock. No later than six. Otherwise, you can just follow me over."

"Um, I can follow you ... I can do that."

"Swell. That's nice. Then we can walk in together. My own personal bodyguard," she said with a grin.

Zion smiled. Then he looked serious. "Do you need a bodyguard? Nobody's been messing with you, have they?"

Mone thought a minute before she answered. "I'm ... You know ... A single girl living all alone ... I get a little antsy sometimes ... It would be nice to have a roommate to come home to, to hang out with. But I have a short list of people that I like. And I couldn't see just having some random person out of the classifieds to shack up with me. You know? Anyway ... I'll come down to your classroom when I'm ready to go ... And I'll do my best to come up with a menu that won't poison you."

Zion bit the inside of his jaws and looked at her sternly, saying, "That's not funny Pillar." Before finally bursting into laughter.

Pillar rolled her eyes before cracking a smile. "Okay ... You're silly."

Zion looked bashful. "Yeah ... I suppose I am ..."

"Fortunately for you ... I like silly," Pillar said softly before leaning over to kiss him on the cheek.


Baby Mama Dramatics

Naudia Goldman


121 lbs


Dark brown eyes.

Dark brown hair.

Tall and slender. Sexy like a model. Which made it easy for Jyaire Middleston to fall for her flirtatious antics. But not only fall for her antics, but fall into bed with her as well and produce a son.

The aunt of an autistic student in Jyaire's class, Naudia was smitten with him as well. But despite how fond she was of his sexual prowess, he was mostly just a distraction as she took a break from her estranged boyfriend who couldn't stop cheating on her. And after a few months of making said boyfriend jealous, they reconciled.

Naudia had the baby, but didn't reveal its true parentage until her boyfriend discovered the truth by accident. Then to stay in his good graces, she chose to leave the child with his "real" father; coming over often to see Jyaire Jr. before and after her boyfriend eventually dumped her.

In the duration, Jyaire Sr. fell in love with the mother of another student and gotten married. A blonde, blue eyed beauty, Danica Eggert caught him with her 5'4, 128 lb, 36-25-34 frame. But she kept him by giving him unconditional love and changing his haircut and clothing game for the better. Which in turn gives him more confidence and makes him look more appealing to Naudia; her feelings for him resurfacing and growing stronger.

Now Naudia is out to get Jyaire back by chumming up to his wife and increasing her visits to see the baby. When in actuality, she's using the toddler as an excuse to be around his daddy. Going so far as to invent reasons for him to drop everything and come to her aid; hugging him extra longer when he does and giving him kisses on the cheek that drift down to his neck. And Jyaire -- bless his heart -- is finding it more and more difficult to fight temptation.


© 2022 LaZeric Freeman

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