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Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 7

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Where evil lurks … good will triumph!

Where evil lurks … good will triumph!

Вячеслав Is Coming...

Madame Zaire is in the Perpetual Forest completing her list of herbs needed for the transformation. It is unusually quiet as if there is an expectation of danger. Suddenly, a deer appears. The doe walks cautiously towards Madame Zaire. She pauses directly in front of her and talks to her by thought transfer.

“There is a presence coming to our beloved forest.” The doe conveys.

“Describe it.” Madame Zaire states.

“She is of the dark realm. She is treacherous indeed and seeks the life of a human.” The frighten doe says.

“Does she have a name?” Madame Zaire inquires.

“She has many, but the one that stands out is the Пожиратель (Devourer)!” The doe informs.

“Hmm, Viktoria is coming. She has found out that Jenny is on her way back to Davis County.” Madame Zaire states.

“Jenny must never return here, Madame Zaire!” The frighten doe cries.

“Jenny must return here. This is the place where it started—this is the place where it must cease!” Madame Zaire proclaims.

“It is an ancient evil, you won’t be able to destroy it. Many lives could be lost in the meantime.” The doe is looking around as if expecting Viktoria to appear at any moment.

“Sheriff Hamilton is bringing the earthen urn. We will contain the evil.” Madame Zaire says.

“I must go—I must go now!” The deer sprints out into the deeper forest. Madame Zaire feels the same uneasiness that the deer experienced and hurries toward her trailer.

The possessed Tarsha circles Madame Zaire for the kill ...

The possessed Tarsha circles Madame Zaire for the kill ...

Sensing that she may not reach her home in time; she silently whistles for Sebastian. The cockatoo arrives at the same time Tarsha makes her appearance. The bird begins to circle Madame Zaire continuously—creating a protective barrier around her. Tarsha paces around Madame Zaire, but the circle is impregnatable.

“Ангел мести!” Tarsha says. (Angel of Vengeance)

“Демон мести!” Madame Zaire corrects. (Demon of Vengeance)

“You will not stop me—it is my right!” Tarsha replies.

“Is it your right to destroy the life of someone who only acted in self-defense?” Madame Zaire counters.

“What can you do? You are not a Protector!” Tarsha laughs menacingly.

“Вячеслав is coming!” Madame Zaire proclaims triumphantly.

Tarsha screams and runs toward the deeper part of the forest. Madame Zaire gives a temporary sign of relief and continues her return to her trailer. She is relieved that Sebastian was there to erect a defense barrier. She also understands why the doe was so frighten of the approaching threat and hopes she will survive.

“We need you now more than ever, Henry Hamilton!” Madame Zaire replies, and she gathers the ingredients together on the counter to perform the ceremony.

выбрали один ...

Jenny is quiet as she rides with Sheriff Hamilton toward Davis County.

“Madame Zaire says that she has a plan that can rid us of Viktoria’s murderous influence.” Henry breaks the silence.

“I know what she has in mind.” Jenny replies. “I always thought that I was different from other children. I could sense things that would happen, and I would always want to know more—always more!”

“Madame Zaire told me you are a Seeker/Seer.” Henry informs her.

“Aha, you know—I never asked for this!” Jenny turns to look at Sheriff Hamilton. She notices his strength, his rugged good looks. She could easily become involved with this honest man.

“We’ll have time for that later.” Henry reprimands Jenny. “Right now, we need to keep you safe and contain a menace!”

“You’re right, of course.” Jenny embarrassingly confesses.

“Don’t get me wrong—you are very desirable. We need, however, to stay focused.” Henry says. “Now you mentioned the fact that you know what this plan is?”

“Yes—it is a ritual.” Jenny says.

“You know a lot about this, don’t you?” Henry inquires.

“I’ve done a lot of reading regarding the occult. I found some documents that my late husband had. He never discussed any of this with me, but I would have a look at his manuscripts when he wasn’t around. I had no idea about his past. He was just there at a time when I needed someone.” Jenny replies sadly.

“And, he had to know about that—especially since he was involved with that Viktoria Andras."

Вячеслав is coming...

Вячеслав is coming...

People said she was a witch and her father a werewolf, but you know how people tend to exaggerate.” Henry offers, thinking how wrong he was.

“I was the poor little rich girl in need of a knight to rescue me.” Jenny shakes her head in disbelief.

“You are a very beautiful victim, Jenny. Now, let’s get back to Madame Zaire. What’s her plan?” Henry was finding it more difficult to stay focused himself.

“She is going to turn you into an Ailuranthropy—the most powerful one in existence—the Siberian Tiger Вячеслав! He was The Protector of the Northern Plains.” Jenny informs.

“Damn!” Is all Sheriff can utter.

“You are выбрали один—the Chosen One!” Jenny says.

“Will I be able to maintain my human form?” Sheriff Hamilton is intrigued with the possibility of this new development.

“No doubt about it! You will be magnificent! With the strength, agility, and stamina of the largest tiger on earth coupled with the intelligence, cunning and chicanery of a man. The best of both worlds!” Jenny explains.

“And what is so bad about that?” Sheriff Hamilton is overjoyed with the possibilities this can bring to law enforcement.

“This is a permanent transformation. You can never return to just being an ordinary human again. You are destiny to protect those in peril and to maintain that knowledge in secret. Think of what this could do to any personal relationships you may have.” Jenny adds blushing.

“Not if the woman I am already involved with has a prior understanding regarding this.” Henry turns his head quickly to look at Jenny—then watches the road again.

“Henry!” Jenny declares happily.

“Let’s focus on getting to Madame Zaire and keeping you alive!” Henry replies grinning.

After a two-hour drive, they arrive at Madame Zaire’s trailer.

“Good, you have explained to Sheriff Hamilton the plan.” Madame Zaire nods to Henry.

“Yes, and I am more than willing to do this.” Henry replies, first looking at Madame Zaire and then at Jenny.

“Then let us begin!”

To Be Continued ...

Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil Conclusion

  • Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil Conclusion
    The Final Confrontation: Good Against Evil! However, with the mighty B on the scene; the evil Viktoria didn't stand a chance. With one switch blow of his mighty paw he puts an end to her murderous reign forever!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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