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Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 6

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Viktoria has taken on a new deadly form!

Viktoria has taken on a new deadly form!

A Failed Encounter ...

Kevin looks down at the remains of Phineas.

“He looks so peaceful, doesn’t he?” Kevin replies.

“Yes, he does. That’s because the evil that possessed him is gone.” Eddie answers.

“It ain’t over—not by a long shot.” Kevin speculates. “Just wait until Darren and Sheriff Hamilton hear about this. Didn’t go according to plan—did it?” Kevin states feeling remorse.

“If you had told somebody that you were allergic to cats this would be over now.” Eddie reprimands.

“Never mind that, let’s just tell the boss.” Kevin says, feeling bad enough as it is.

Both men head back inside the apartment when they hear a whoops.

“What the heck was that?” Eddie bellows.

“I think it’s the essence of Viktoria. Let’s get inside quick.”

The men move like never before and take the elevator toward the penthouse when it jams.

“Eddie, she’s in this elevator!” Kevin exclaims.

“Just hit the emergency button and get these blasted doors open.” Eddie screams. After much effort, the two men are able to get the doors open and jump out just before the unit rushes downward and slams into the concrete below.

“That heifer tried to kill us!” Kevin is becoming hysterical.

“No, kidding!” Eddie says giving Kevin a disgusting look. “Get ahold of yourself, man. We need to get out of here.”

“How is this possible without a feline body?” Kevin asks.

“She’s a witch. A powerful one at that. It would seem that her abilities heighten each time she “dies.” We need to contact the sheriff now!” Eddie advises and Kevin nods in agreement.

After finding an all-night café, Eddie gives Henry Hamilton a call.

“I guess it didn’t go well, did it?” Henry surmises.

“No, it went very badly.” Kevin confesses.

Eddie takes the cellphone from Kevin, put it on speaker and explains the entire events of the night. Henry has the same first reactions as Eddie.

“Damn it Kevin, why didn’t you tell someone you were allergic to cats?” Henry bellows.

“Is everyone going to be on my case because of that?” Kevin replies, becoming fed-up with the constant criticism regarding his undisclosed ailment.

“Sorry, Kevin but this is a point that I think we all should have been aware of. Anyway, you two get back to Darren’s place.” Henry orders.

“Right—see you there!” Eddie hangs up the phone and looks at Kevin. “We’re in some deep doo-doo now!”

Will the sheriff be up to the challenge?

Will the sheriff be up to the challenge?

Returning to Davis County ...

Sheriff Hamilton gets on the phone to consult Madame Zaire. When she answers, he explains everything that has transpired.

“This is most unfortunate!” Madame Zaire replies. “She will be looking for a higher level Ailuranthropy.”

“You mean these creatures have levels?” Henry states incredulously.

“This is exactly what I mean.” Madame Zaire answers. “You need to get back here, pronto! I have an extremely dangerous plan in mind. And—it will involve the rest of your life?”

“The rest of my life?” Henry asks.

“Yes, now get back here. Bring Jenny here as well. It will be better if she is in Davis County than Portville.” Madame Zaire concludes.

“Okay, we will see you soon.” Henry hangs up the phone and Madame Zaire turns toward Sebastian, her Cockatoo.

“Sebastian, we are in quite a dilemma!” Madame Zaire explains to the bird. Sebastian looks a Madame Zaire, then flies over to a stack of sacred books she has over in the far corner of her trailer.

“I was thinking of just that, my friend.” Madame Zaire says. “But just how far is our Protector willing to go. This will change the course of his life forever! Do you think he will be able to make such a sacrifice?”

Sebastian nods his head in the affirmative.

Viktoria has no need for a human counterpart. Her evolved body pleases her greatly!

Viktoria has no need for a human counterpart. Her evolved body pleases her greatly!

A Not Too Subtle Change ...

The Portville Zoo has a very impressive collection of big cats. A particular favorite among the visitors is Tarsha, a large leopard. She is not known for her temperamental nature and has put many handlers at risk. However, people are drawn to her savagery.

The essence of Viktoria Andras is attracted to this particular beast and it’s not long before opportunity presents itself. Her handler, Jeb Wyler is bringing Tarsha her breakfast. Jeb is the only handler who she will allow to come near her. He has known her since she was a cub and rescued her when a grizzly decided she would make a nice meal.

“How is my pretty girl, today?” Jeb asks rubbing the top of Tarsha’s head. She purrs in response.

Suddenly she begins to change. Her purr turns into a growl and Tarsha gives him a strange look. Then, Jeb hears a voice as if it is coming from the leopard.

‘Because of your kindness, I will let you live! Go now—before I change my mind.” In utter astonishment, Jeb jumps to his feet and runs at top speed away from the enclosure—failing to close the gate behind him. His coworker, Ernest almost bumps into him.

“What on earth is wrong with you!” Ernest yells.

“Tarsha just spoke to me! Said she wouldn’t kill me because I’ve been good to her.” Jeb replies trembling.

“Whatever you’ve been drinking—I’ll have some of that too. Wait, you don’t drink, Jeb. What’s this about?” Ernest inquires.

“I’m telling you—” But before Jeb can say another word, Tarsha appears. The two men stare in fear as Tarsha circles them. Then she growls.

‘Run!” Jeb screams and the two men move like lightening.

To Be Continued ...

Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 7

  • Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 7
    There is a legend of a Chosen One who will correct the imbalance of good vs evil and restore harmony to the Northern Lands. Never did Sheriff Henry Hamilton surmise that he would be that chosen one and that Jenny would be destined to be at his side!

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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