Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 5

Updated on December 3, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

The Sensing of Approaching Danger ...

Jenny has been in Portville for two weeks now. She has to go to Clay’s supervisor and explain an incredible story of how he died and what her future plans are.

“That’s quite a story, Jenny.” Darren Mitchell says.

“I didn’t expect you to believe me, Darren.” Jenny states looking directly at him, “But I know you do.”

“Eddie and Kevin had discussed with me at lengths their feelings regarding the Christmas Cottage Inn. At first, I just thought they were spreading old wives tales but then your information convinced me.” Darren confesses.

“I just can’t shake the feeling that this is not over.” Jenny says.

“It’s not—” Sheriff Hamilton has been standing at the door. “I’m Sheriff Henry Hamilton from Davis County.” He extends a hand to Darren Mitchell. Then both men firmly shake.

“How are you, Sheriff Hamilton? Please, close the door behind you.” Darren cautions.

“What is it, Sheriff Hamilton?” Jenny asks, already aware of what he might say.

“Hugo and Webster have been brutally murdered, and Josh has gone into hiding. Madame Zaire sent me here.” Henry advises.

“NO! I knew there was something just not right about Victor Andrews. And now dear Hugo! No, no, no!” Jenny burst into tears. Both men are at her side trying to console her.

“Hugo saved me on more than one occasion. I told him to be careful when Victor Andrews came to the Christmas Cottage Inn. There was something unnatural about that man.” Jenny laments.

Sheriff Henry Hamilton
Sheriff Henry Hamilton

Henry Hamilton begins the story of what he knows about Hugo’s and Webster’s death. Then he retells the fascinating story regarding Phineas and Victor Andrews.

“Therianthropy!” Jenny cries.

“Exactly!” Henry says.

“I fear you are in greater danger than I could possibly imagine.” Darren says.

“You know about Therianthropy?” Henry asks.

“I became fascinated with it after my discussions with Eddie and Kevin. Those two are deep into the occult. Again, I dismissed it as just mythology. But now—you will need to get out of that apartment.” Darren advises.

“That is a good idea.” Sheriff Hamilton agrees.

“But what about my lease?” Jenny says, always being practical.

“Hang the lease!” Darren exclaims. “You are a rich woman. Just get your lawyers to get you out of that lease. Hell, sublease the place, girl. Just get out of there.”

“Darren is right, Jenny. That’s the first place that Victor will be looking for you. Oh, by the way, Madame Zaire sent this talisman for you. You have to wear it at all times. Do you understand me, at all times!” Henry is emphatic.

“I understand perfectly well, sheriff.” Jenny says taking the talisman and putting it around her neck. It seems to glow next to her skin.

“That greedy bastard of a husband really got you into some deep dung here. None of us could understand, at first, why you married him. However, after these past events, it’s obvious that supernatural forces could have played a part.” Darren surmises.

None of the men at Cumberland Manufacturing Company liked Clay. He made it clear that he felt he was better than the others and once he married Jenny—it was all too obvious what his plans were.

“Do you have a plan, sheriff?” Jenny asks.

“No, not at the moment.” Was Henry’s reply.

“Well, I think I have one—but I’ll need to consult Eddie and Kevin first. It could be very dangerous!” Darren informs them.

“I’m all ears.” Henry Hamilton replies.

Good-bye Phineas!
Good-bye Phineas!

A Minor Setback ...

Jenny has been moved into the home of Darren and Emily Mitchell. Darren explains the story to his astonished wife. She readily agrees to house Jenny, giving her use of the spare bedroom. Since Jenny hasn’t officially returned to work, she is obliged to confine herself temporarily within those four walls until later.

Eddie and Kevin have constructed a mannequin to resemble Jenny, equipped with her cologne and a look-alike wig. Then they situate it in Jenny’s bed and begin to line the windows with wolfbane which is supposed to also work with Ailuranthropy. Each is armed with a gun that has a single silver bullet. It will critically wound Victor Andrews, but not kill him. This would give them a chance to bind him in golden threads.

Sheriff Hamilton contacted Madame Zaire to acquire the necessary incantation to immobilize Victor so that they could imprison the spirit of Viktoria Andras in an earthen urn. Everything is set.

Later that night, Eddie dims the lights in preparation for the ritual. Phineas makes his way from the street to a drainage pipe which lead to the patio of the Chateau Palmer—the penthouse where Jenny and Clay Albright had lived.

As the creature creeps closer, Kevin begins to feel slightly ill.

“Damn!” He exclaims to himself. “What a time for my allergies to kick in. And me without my Benadryl.”

Since the glass patio door is not fully closed, Phineas has no problem getting into the bedroom and takes several steps before his metamorphosis into Victor.

“At last, I will have my ultimate revenge! You thought that you’d destroyed me when I fell into that pit. Now we will see who has the last laugh!” Victor proclaims. However, before he can contract and extend his razor-sharp talons, Kevin sneezes.

“What?” Victor turns around and spots Kevin in a dark corner. As Victor prepares to pounce he catches the glimmer of steel. Reverting to Phineas, he tears through the plate glass and falls several floors to the pavement below.

“Why didn’t you tell somebody that you were allergic to cats?” Eddie demands.

“Who cares about that? Nothing could have survived that fall.” Kevin defends. Both he and Eddie rush to the balcony. There on the pavement lies Phineas.

To Be Continued ...

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