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Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 4

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On the Move ...

Before boarding the train, Josh insists that Henry take him to see Madame Zaire.

“I need to see Madame Zaire before I leave, Henry!” Josh asserts.

“But why Josh? We are taking a big risk as it is. Don’t you realize that you are in danger?” Henry is reluctant—only because of the present threat.

“Don’t you think I know this? Just do as I say, please!” Josh implores, and Henry relents.

It is about a five-mile drive to Madame Zaire’s trailer on the outskirts of the Perpetual Forest. Madame Zaire is aware of their approach having seen them in her crystal shard. She decides to go outside to greet them.

“Gentlemen, I was expecting your arrival. Please, hurry inside for we don’t have a lot of time to waste.” Madame Zaire beckons.

“What do you mean?” Henry asks.

“Phineas is on the move.” Madame Zaire states.

“You mean Hugo’s cat is doing this. I don’t believe it!” Josh says incredulous.

“Come in and I will explain everything.” Madame Zaire says, looking around the area before closing the door.

The leader of The Enlighteners! Madame Zaire!

The leader of The Enlighteners! Madame Zaire!

Madame Zaire’s Tale ...

“This morning, I was in the forest, gathering herbs for one of my potions when I came across Phineas. He was walking very slowly and there was something in his mouth.”

“A heart!” Exclaims Sheriff Hamilton.

“Yes—it was a human heart. I asked him to explain why he had the heart of Webster in his mouth.” Madame Zaire says.

“You asked him?” Both Henry and Josh say in unison.

“Yes—I am a Zoolinguist. I have the ability to converse with several different species of animals. Now be quiet.” Madame Zaire demands. “Phineas explained to me what happened to him at the pit. His curiosity lead him to follow Hugo’s scent. He found that witch Viktoria and her lycanthrope father. The witch’s avenging spirit possessed him, and it demanded the heart of Hans Andras. It now takes the human form of Victor Andrews and is determined to kill the four responsible for Viktoria’s death.”

“But, Phineas was a companion and friend of Hugo!” Josh states.

“Phineas is faced with a struggle. It grieved him to take the life of Hugo and his friend but once he has become the avenging spirit; he can no longer control his actions.” Madame Zaire responds. “The Therianthropy must kill when in human form.”

“What’s an Therianthropy?” Sheriff Hamilton quizzes.

“It a shape-shifter!” Madame Zaire clarifies.

“Ah—I’ve heard about those creatures; but I always thought that was just a lot of nonsense.” Henry replies, now no longer sure of his first convictions.

“But The Enlighteners knew better!” Madame Zaire confesses.

“The Enlighteners, Madame Zaire?” Henry queries.

“Yes, the Enlighteners consisted of Hugo, Webster, Josh and me. Now—it’s just Josh and me. Except for Jenny, that is. We had planned to induct her into the sect.” Madame Zaire adds.

“Ah yes—Jenny Albright—what can you tell me about her, Madame Zaire?” An intrigued Henry Hamilton questions.

“Jenny is a woman of unusual powers. Not only the obvious one of being a Seer but I feel that she is a Seeker as well as a Zoolinguist.” Madame Zaire reveals.

“Are you becoming a believer then, Henry?” Josh asks.

“You know, I think that I am. I will admit that I have been skeptical about the supernatural, but after what has been happening around here—” Henry replies.

“It is important for your safety that you become a true believer, Henry Hamilton.” Madame Zaire replies mysteriously.

“How so?” Henry questions.

“Just as Jenny Albright is a Seer/Seeker; you are a Protector!” Madame Zaire proclaims triumphantly.

“I am a Protector!” Henry very much likes the sound of that. “Please tell me more.”

“There are four types of Enlighteners: Seers, Seekers, Revealers and Protectors! Hugo and Webster were Seekers. Josh is a Revealer and I am a Seer/Revealer. Jenny is a Seer/Seeker. This is why Jenny is such an outstanding journalist—she sees things that most people don’t. Hugo and Webster were always seeking the truth, and this has caused their untimely death. Josh can reveal things and I can both see and reveal things. What was missing in our sect was the Protector. You are the Protector. This is why you became a sheriff. Your natural aura led you to it.” Madame Zaire expounds.

“How must we defeat this present evil?” Henry probes feeling more excited than he should.

“First, because Josh is in direct danger, he must remove himself from this assignment.” Madame Zaire begins.

“With pleasure in this case, Madame Zaire. I would never be able to keep my wits about me. Not when two of my best friends have been murdered.” Josh fiercely interjects.

“This is also why Henry Hamilton will have to go to the city and deliver this talisman to Jenny.” Madame Zaire replies, handing Henry two solid gold talismans.

“They are beautiful!” Henry exclaims.

“Not only that—they are very powerful. You must never, ever take them off. If you do, you will be at the mercy of Viktoria Andras/Victor Andrews.” Madame Zaire says.

“Yes—Victor Andrews is the demented human form of Phineas!” Henry reminds himself.

“Yes, and you would do well to remember this. As Phineas, he is nothing more than a bizarre, restless and troubled cat. However, as Victor Andrews, he is a deadly adversary who is possessed with the power, speed and agility of a feline. He could rip you to shreds.” Madame Zaire states.

“I see.” Henry shakes his head incredulously.

“Make sure you do see—your very life and the life of Jenny Albright depends on it!” Madame Zaire proclaims. “Now, get Josh on that train. There are only three talismans of this kind in existence. You have two and I have the one. Josh is NOT safe here.” Madame Zaire tells Henry. After making sure that the surrounding area is safe—she gives Josh a brief hug and the two men head for the train station.

To Be Continued ...

Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 5

  • Therianthropy The Unseen Evil 5
    Sheriff Hamilton journeys to Portville to warn Jenny of the impending dangers. However, Phineas is already there waiting to claim her as his ultimate victim. Will the sheriff make it there in time?

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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