Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 3

Updated on November 29, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

It Gets Better ...

Before Josh left with Henry to view the remains of Viktoria and old man Andras, he leaves word that Webster is to meet them at the pit.

The two men travel in silence until they arrive at the designated place. There is a terrible odor of decaying flesh and a strange trail of small bloody paw prints that seems to be cemented to the ground. Josh points to the pit and motions Henry further. Henry gives Josh a curious look and goes alone.

“What a mess!” Henry exclaims. “And you just left them down there?”

“That pair don’t deserve a proper burial!” Josh answers angrily.

“Nevertheless, you should have informed me of what transpired, Josh.” Henry admonishes.

“Maybe so but we just wanted to get as far away from here as we could.” Josh says, not feeling any remorse.

The sheriff notices something about the bodies and mentions it to Josh. “It looks like the old man has been tampered with. Viktoria kinda looks scrunched up but her father seems to have been—look, his heart is missing!” Henry discovers.

Josh creeps closer to the pit and comes to the same conclusion. “Sheriff, do you think we’ve got some kind of maniac killer running loose?” Josh is beginning to feel uneasy.

“I don’t know what to think. I’m going to get some men down here to bring those bodies up. Then we’ll let Marcie, the coroner have a look at them. If you ask me—Marcie has a strange occupation for a woman.” Henry replies.

“I’ve always thought so, but she seems to love it.” Josh shakes his head. “How are you going to get those bodies up here. We dug a pretty deep trench.” Josh says.

“Well—you guys got out of it, didn’t you?” Henry throws at Josh.

“Yeah, but we weren’t hauling up no dead bodies with us either.” Josh shoots back at Henry.

“The suns up pretty high now; let’s get back to the inn. I don’t remember the Andras ever talking about family anywhere else.” Henry tells Josh.

“Me neither so I guess we need to just board up the Christmas Cottage Inn for now. We also better tell Jenny about this. I hate to lay this on her; especially since what happened to her husband.” Josh says.

“Did you ever recover his body?” Henry inquires.

“Not a trace. There was nothing left as far as I know. Me, Webster, Hugo and Jenny were in the cabin when we hear a horrific scream. You know—the old man never forgave that Clay fellow for letting him take the rap. At least that’s what the word is.” Josh says.

“Let me give a call to Clinton back at the inn.” Henry dials on his cellphone. “Clinton—we got a couple more bodies down the road a piece in a large pit. Call in a few of the boys, will ya? Then let’s try to board the place up.” Henry says.

“Got you, boss!” Clinton acknowledges.

Poor Webster …
Poor Webster …

Lightning Strikes Twice ...

“I wonder where Webster is?” Josh questions.

“We can swing back to that old cabin he likes to occupy if you like. It’s not like him to ignore a call.” Henry retorts feeling the worst concerning the man.

Josh gets into the sheriff’s car and they head toward the abandon cabin. There seems to be an eerie silence in the woods and when the vehicle is parked Henry draws his gun.

“You stay behind me, Josh.” Henry orders.

Quietly, they approach the cabin and then Henry looks around again.

“I see Webster’s truck, but it seems mighty quiet around here.” Josh whispers.

“Yeah, it’s too quiet.” Henry agrees.

“Webster, you in there?” Josh shouts much to the dismay of Sheriff Hamilton.

“Josh!” Henry replies, “So much for the element of surprise.”

Henry kicks the door open and there lies Webster; the same condition as Hugo and old man Hans Andras. Josh can’t contain himself any longer.

“Damn, I can’t take this anymore. Both my friends are dead! Killed in a savage manner. Sheriff, I tell you there is something unnatural about this.” Josh cries.

“You’re right about this, Josh. And, if all you told me about the previous events are true—which I’m beginning to believe they are—you had better stick close to me until we can get you out of town. Your wife is up North. I suggest you join her as soon as possible.” A worried Henry Hamilton says.

“I’m inclined to agree with you, sheriff.” Josh states.

“I wouldn’t even recommend going back to the store to get any belongings. I’ll have everything there locked up and until you receive word from me that it’s “all clear”, don’t show your face around these parts. You hear?” Henry firmly admonishes.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, Henry. And thanks!” Josh extends his hand toward the sheriff.

“Just try to say alive my friend, okay?” Henry replies shaking Josh’s hand vigorously.

“That’s a big 10-4!” Josh says managing a weak smile.

To Be Continued …

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