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Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 2

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An Investigation and A Discovery ...

It is much later that afternoon when Josh discovers Hugo’s battered body.

“What the—who could have done this?” Josh laments, not able to believe what he is seeing. Knowing not to touch anything he telephones first the police and then Webster.

“He’s gone!” That’s all Josh is able to repeat into the phone to Sheriff Hamilton.

“What are you talking about, Josh? Who’s gone?” An impatience Henry Hamilton bellows into the receiver.

“Hugo is gone.” Josh finally manages to choke out.

“Are you sure?” Henry inquires in disbelieve.

“Yes, and he has been murdered.” Josh adds.

“Murdered? Who would have a reason to kill humble old Hugo? Where are you, Josh?” Henry questions further.

“I’m at the Christmas Cottage Inn. And frankly Henry, it’s an incredible story.” Josh offers.

“I’ll be right there. I don’t have to tell you not to touch anything. See you later, Josh.” Sheriff Hamilton hangs up the phone and calls for one of his deputies.

“Clinton, I need you to go down to the Christmas Cottage Inn with me. Barney—you hold the fort.”

“Is there a problem, Sheriff?” Clinton asks, rising from his chair and following Henry outside.

“Yeah, Hugo Molnár has been killed—murdered!” Henry exclaims.

“No, you’re lying! Who would want to kill Hugo?” Clinton states shaking his head in disbelief.

“That’s what I plan to find out.” Henry counters with determination. Barney overhears the conversation and begins to spread the word.

“May Bell, I just heard old Hugo has been killed—murdered from what the sheriff told Clinton. They both high-tailed it on down to the Christmas Cottage Inn.” Barney relays.

“You know nothing good ever came from that place. I remember just the other day I told Hugo that he needed to pull up stakes and leave that cursed place.” May Bell tells Barney.

“He should have taken your advice. And just where is that Viktoria Andras or whatever she calls herself. I can’t help feeling she’s had a hand in all this.” Barney confides. “You've heard all about the strange tales of supernatural goings-on there.”

“That’s why I could never understand Hugo staying there. I tried to get him to buy himself one of those necklace things that the witch Viktoria wore. She had that thing for a reason.” May Bell informs Barney.

“There is much more about that place than anyone is telling.” Barney ends the conversation when he receives another call.

“Sorry, May Bell but business beckons.” Barney says.

The sheriff and his deputy arrive at the inn.

The sheriff and his deputy arrive at the inn.

The Investigation Begins ...

Sheriff Hamilton and Clinton pull up into the driveway of the Christmas Cottage Inn. They look around and nobody is in sight. Then, they enter the inn to find Josh sitting on the sofa still in tears.

“Sheriff, Hugo is in the kitchen—at least what’s left of him.” Josh laments.

Sheriff Hamilton motions Clinton to take care of Josh as he goes into the kitchen. What greets him is a gruesome sight. Hugo is lying on his back. His head is almost severed from his neck. There is blood everywhere and then Henry Hamilton makes a starling discovery. Hugo is missing his heart!

“Clinton!” Henry yells, “Get your butt in here, NOW!”

Clinton rushes into the room to see the same nightmare Henry saw.

“My goodness—what in hell is going on? Look at that blood. Damn—where is Hugo’s heart?” Clinton screeches.

“I have no idea. Go upstairs to find a sheet to cover poor Hugo with and then call the coroner. I need to have a serious talk with Josh.” Henry orders, then heads back into the reception area.

“Okay Josh, you said something about a long story. This is not your garden-variety killing. It’s more like some kind of ritual. And, where are Viktoria and her father?” Henry asks, feeling that Josh may hold the key to what’s going on.

“They are both dead, Henry.” Josh confesses.

“They are dead, too. Where are they?” At this point, Henry is ready to start tearing his hair out.

“Down by Stoneridge Gully. Those rumors about old man Andras were true. He was a werewolf alright.” Josh explains.

“Are you serious?” Henry’s eyes are the size of two round saucers.

“If you like, I can take you where we had the confrontation. It was Hugo, Webster, that Jenny lady and me. The old man had already killed Jenny’s husband and was gunning for her. We dug a pit to trap him. He fell in and well—so did Viktoria.” Josh summarizes.

“What about that talisman she always wears?” Henry queries.

“Jenny ripped it off her before she had a chance to do any more damage.” Josh offers.

“Okay, let’s go have a look.” Henry says, shaking his head in bewilderment. “Clinton, you stay here with old Hugo and if you see anything suspicious—shoot first.”

“You better believe it.” Is all Clinton replies.

To Be Continued …

Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 3

  • Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 3
    The Ailuranthropy has claimed yet another victim. Now only two people remain alive … one who can identify the culprit. That puts her life in even greater peril!

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