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Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil

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Prelude ...

Viktoria lay at the bottom of the pit with her arms and legs badly mauled. Her throat is ripped open and her vocal cords are severed. From all appearances it would seem that she is dead at the hands of her own father. Surprisingly, Viktoria is not quite deceased! There is a sliver of life left in her. Also, there is a full moon overhead and it’s known that all kinds of strange things happen during that lunar event!

Hugo Molnár, the handyman at the Christmas Cottage Inn, has a cat called Phineas. Phineas is as black as midnight and a very curious feline. He is equally always on the prowl. Particularly this night when his master carelessly left the back door partly opened.

Phineas slowly tests the screen and to his delight, it opens without much resistance. He sniffs the air—then goes to the last location his owner occupied. There, he stumbles across the open pit and sees Viktoria staring up at him blankly, unable to speak or move and her father lying dead a few feet away. Powerless to tear himself from the sight; Phineas makes his way down to first inspect where the old man lies.

Taking his paws, he makes scratches across the face of the dead man—licking the blood from his dampen claws. Next, he moves toward Viktoria and sits on her chest. He feels the rhythm of her heart as it beats slower, ever slower! Some strange force causes Phineas to lays his head on Viktoria’s exposed neck and he begins to make strange purring sounds. Suddenly, Viktoria shakes violently as her essence shifts from her battered remains into the body of Phineas. He leaps back to the old man and violently rips him open—devouring his heart! Turning, he stares at the corpse of Viktoria, smiles and vanishes into the darkness.

Phineas had changed into a cat Hugo didn't recognize.

Phineas had changed into a cat Hugo didn't recognize.

A Subtle Revenge ...

It’s early morning when Hugo and Jenny return to the Christmas Cottage Inn. They had stopped by the cabin to ensure that all their preparations were disposed of and that Webster and Josh arrived at the general store safely. Jenny goes to the room she once occupied with Clay to see if there is anything she needs to retrieve before heading back to the city.

Hugo is looking around for Phineas when a man walks into the reception area.

“I’m sorry but this place is closed. The owners have left and there is no one else to run the place.” Hugo replies, giving the man a once over. There is something very familiar about this fellow, but Hugo can’t quite figure out what it is.

“Oh really—” Is all the man says. “Just as well because I’m just passing through.”

Jenny comes down from the room carrying a small case with some of Clay’s personal items. She decides to just leave his few clothes there. No need to bother with them. Jenny looks from Hugo to the man. He is handsome in a strange sort of way and begins to eye her intently.

“My name is Victor Andrews.” He states extending to her a soft, well-manicured hand. “It looks like you’re leaving.”

“I’m returning to the city since my vacation has been cut short.” Jenny replies giving no more information. Her six sense tells her that there is something sinister about this man.

“I see.” The man smiles slightly, then turn towards Hugo. “Will you be leaving as well?”

“As soon as my damn cat comes back from his nightly prowl.” Hugo states trying to tidy up the room a bit from force of habit.

“I understand. Then I will not detain you. I hope you find your cat alright.” Victor says as he leaves the room and journeys outside.

Jenny moves toward Hugo and whispers, “I don’t trust that man. Be careful, Hugo.”

“There is something strangely familiar about him, but I can’t put my finger on it. I wonder where Phineas is?” Hugo answers feeling uneasy himself.

A few minutes after Victor leaves Phineas returns. He seems like himself to Hugo but yet there is something different about him which Hugo can’t fathom. The feline keeps mostly to himself until Jenny leaves for the city. When Hugo attempts rubbing his fur, he bristles up.

“What’s wrong with you, Phineas? You act like you don’t want to be around me?” Hugo replies, then shaking his head he goes into the kitchen to make sure everything is fine. When he turns around, Victor is staring him in the face looking very strange.

“I thought you had left?” Hugo says. He is a man not easily frighten but the look in Victor’s eyes resembles what he had witnessed when he tried to pat Phineas. However, he shrugs it off as his imagination. This proves to be a fatal mistake!

“No, I’ve returned for some unfinished business.” Victor acknowledges.

“What type of business do you have with me?” Hugo says while inching his way toward his rifle in the corner.

“I wouldn’t try it if I were you, Hugo. Remember a cat has nine lives!” A moment later there is a short blood-curdling scream and Hugo lies on the floor—his throat ripped to shreds. Within minutes, Phineas leaves the inn with something in his mouth—a heart.

To Be Continued …

Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 2

  • Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil 2
    It was the most horrific sight that Josh had ever seen. His best friend sprawled out on the floor with a glazed look in his eyes. His head had almost been severed from his neck and the most astounding part was that his heart was missing!

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