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Therianthropy: The Unseen Evil Conclusion

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The Protector of the Northern Lands has returned to restore the balance of nature!

The Protector of the Northern Lands has returned to restore the balance of nature!

The Final Confrontation ...

“When you wish to become Henry Hamilton again you must say, Вячеслав Отправляются and when you want to return to your tiger persona you must say, Вячеслав Возникают!” Madame Zaire explains.

“Вячеслав Отправляются!” Demands the tiger and Henry returns to his human form. Jenny looks at him with such admiration. Henry now has impressive biceps and a firm, strong stomach. A very commanding specimen of a man, he is!

“Are you ready to face your adversary, then?” Jenny asks.

“Of course—what is the plan to lure the demon out?” Henry inquires and the three of them huddle together to devise their plot.

It is necessary that Madame Zaire create two new talismans because what had previously worked against Phineas would not be strong enough for Tarsha. Taking a couple of feathers from the tail of Sebastian (for protection,) the eyes of a recently deceased eagle (for extra foresight,) the grounded backbone of an antelope (for speed,) and the aura of gathered sunlight, Madame Zaire speaks a secret incantation and two beautiful sparkling jewels appear. These are placed in refined golden chains and placed around Jenny’s neck and then hers.

“Now we will go into the Perpetual Forest to gather herbs.” Madame Zaire states smiling.

“And, this will draw Tarsha to us. She won’t see our talisman and she will think that Henry is away somewhere.” Jenny smiles back in agreement.

“But I will be following close behind you. My human scent will be masked so that she will not suspect anything.” Henry explains and whispering an incantation—he removes all human odors from his body.

“Now, let us begin!” Henry orders as the two women gather up their baskets and begin to head deep into the Perpetual Forest.

It seems like a beautiful day, but there is an eerie silence in the air. After walking for 30 minutes, Madame Zaire recognizes several hoof prints followed by leopard prints.

“It looks like Tarsha was stalking my doe friend, D’An!” Madame Zaire says sadly.

“What’s wrong?” Jenny replies. Then they both see what remains of a deer. There is a head and there is a leg. “Oh, no!”

“My poor D’An! She was so very frightened, but she came to warn me anyway. Now, she has made the ultimate sacrifice. Her death will not go unavenged.” Madame Zaire swears but before she can go any further, she discovers that they are not alone.

“Have no fear my dears, you will both be joining her soon.” Tarsha casually walks from behind a bush and face both women.

“So, the rat has crawled from under her bush.” Jenny spits at Tarsha.

“Bold, are you—my sweet little Trollip? We shall she how brave you are when your throat is slashed open as mine was.” Tarsha growls.

“You attacked me, witch. Did you expect me to roll over and play dead like the dog you are?” Jenny fires back at her. Tarsha lunges toward Jenny but stops short when the talisman almost blinds her.

“Where did you get that?” Tarsha screams.

“Did you think that we would be foolish enough to come out to the deep forest without being properly armed?” Madame Zaire glares at Tarsha.

The witch is ready to pounce on Jenny but a surprise awaits!

The witch is ready to pounce on Jenny but a surprise awaits!

“I did underestimate you, but it won’t happen again.” Tarsha replies.

“No, it won’t.” Henry replies as he moves from his hiding place revealing his magnificent frame.

“Henry Hamilton, my how different you look. Do you think a little workout in the gym will give you what you need to face me? And you without a talisman.” Tarsha lunges at Henry but he is much too quick and she skids into a tree.”

“What the hell ...” Tarsha states in bewilderment. “How did you do that?”

“You will find that I have all types of talents— Демон мести!” Henry smiles as Tarsha tries again and again to pounce on him with no luck.

“Who are you? No mere mortal could possibly possess such agility?” Tarsha taunts.

“You are right, no mere mortal man— Вячеслав Возникают!”

“Вячеслав!” Screams Tarsha is utter horror.

“Yes, witch and it is time for me to send you back to the depths of Hades. Jenny, the earthen urn NOW!” Вячеслав commands and with one blow of his mighty paw he severs the head of Tarsha. Jenny opens the urn and captures Viktoria’s essence within.

Madame Zaire strikes a match and burns both the head and body of Tarsha by throwing kerosene she has brought with her in the basket. Вячеслав returns to his human state.

The witch has met her match!

The witch has met her match!

One Final Act ...

“Вячеслав Отправляются!” Once again he is Sheriff Henry Hamilton. “We have one final act to perform. “There is a passage that leads to the underground. We must deliver Viktoria there and throw her essence into the abyss.”

“We will follow your lead—oh exalted one!” Madame Zaire replies, slightly bowing her head.

“Then let us begin.” Henry orders.

First, the trio return to Madame Zaire’s trailer to be properly attired. Ceremonial clothing is adorned and one of the sacred books from Madame Zaire collection is included. There is no need for the talismans, so they will also be consumed in the Fires of Hades!

It is a treacherous journey up Mount Elbrus, into the mouth of the volcano which is assumed to be inactive. However, deep within the caverns lay an underground passage and the abyss that is the doorway to the Fires of Hades!

“Jenny, you must remain here alone. Only Madame Zaire and I have permission to journey further.” Henry looks at her tenderly.

“But Henry—” Jenny cries.

“Have no fear! We will return to you safely. Give me the earthen urn—you have done all you can do. The rest is up to us.” Henry kisses Jenny passionately and leaves with Madame Zaire.

“Вячеслав Возникают!” Shouts Henry.

“Get on my back, Madame Zaire. We must insure that this witch’s evil reign is over.”

“I obey, oh magnificent one!” Madame Zaire says.

Deeper and deeper Вячеслав travels through the tunnels until they come to the true mouth of the abyss. Вячеслав kneels so that Madame Zaire can dismount, and she begins to read from the sacred book in English.

“We commend this vile spirit to the Fire of Hades. There she shall reside for an eternity, away from human interference. No man can rescue her—no man can revive her.”

“В глубины ада!” Commands Вячеслав. He opens the container and pours out the essence of Viktoria Andras! Her screams echo throughout the cavern as she journeys forever downward to the Fires of Hades.

Madame Zaire remounts Вячеслав and they return to a waiting Jenny. She is overjoyed to see Вячеслав and Madame Zaire.

“Вячеслав Отправляются!” And once again he is Henry Hamilton.

“So—it is over?” Jenny asks.

“Yes, it is over until another comes to create imbalance between the forces of good and evil in my Northern Lands. Then I, Вячеслав the Protector, will be there to administer justice! I proclaim it!”

The End

The Magic returns in 2022!

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