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The Meeting

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Adekitan is a Nigerian writer and poet. She has Self-published over seven novels. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends


The First Meeting

The tears did not allow her to see properly has she runs out of the restaurant , causing her to collide head on with a body mass, she sank down like a flour sack at the feet of the man she bump into.

"Watch where you are going to lady!" The man said coldly causing Sharon to burst into tears.

" so..sorry I didn't see you, I just got dumped by the man I love, after ten years of being together" she stammered as she sobs.

MacDonald helped her to her feet as he steered her to where his car was parked, having realized she is going through a terrible time.
"Please calm down, it's okay, and I'm sorry for shouting at you, do you mind if I drop you off at home? Because you don't look well and you shouldn't be allowed to be alone" she just nod to show her consent.

He helped her into his waiting car and also helped her to strap on the sit belt before he jogged around to enter as well, he pick his phone to make a quick call to his friend he was coming to meet at the restaurant "hello Patrick, please an emergency came up give me like an hour, it not at the hospital, I will tell you everything later..thanks"

He kick start the car has he ended the call.

She gave him her house address and helped him to navigate his way , but apart from that she did not make any attempt to say anything to him, too dazed and tired to make any conversation.

He did not push her to do so neither, he drove in silence to the address she gave him, and it didn't take him thirty minutes to reach the place, the house is a Four Flat building and Sharon rented a flat where she leaves alone.

"This is the place , am grateful for this, thank you" she whispers.

"it's okay, I can't leave you there like that" he explains.

"Thank you once again, I'm Sharon Stanley" introducing herself.

"nice to meet you Sharon, I'm Dr.MacDonald Olawoyin" he retort back, smiling at her as he bade her goodnight.
Sharon watched him drove off before entering her apartment, she grope around in the darkness without bothering to switch on the light, and sat down in the dark resting her head on the couch head rest.

She reflects back on the time she and Akin had spent together, the happy moments, and wondered how she could not have noticed that Akin was drawing back, her tears could not be controlled, she felt like just wiping her memory clean without having to suffer this heartache.

It was in the couch that she slept off slipping into blank oblivion.
It was well past 6am when she woke up, her body aching all over combined with a roaring headache, she managed to stand up from the couch she slept wincing in pain as she does, she moved sluggishly towards the bathroom.

She really wish she can call in sick ,she thought as she dressed up for work. She noticed her eyes is still looking bloodshot has she stared back at herself in the mirror , the makeup could not cover up the pain she feels inside so she did not bother applying it.

She riffled around her wardrobe for a cloth to wear, she selected a black plain gown and with a black matching low heel shoe. For the first time , Sharon look to work that day was flat.

Sharon noticed the odd looks her colleagues were giving her as she went into her office, "yea I know I look like something the cat drags in..but who cares" she muttered to herself.

Abeni her close friend and colleague knew something is definitely wrong when she saw her, so the moment they had a lunch break she cornered her before she could escape.

"Now spill it" Abeni demanded has she accosted her from her office to the cafeteria.

"spill what, Abeni?" She answered back.
"why you look like you are in mourning, and dressed like this.." She gestured with her hands, "you are not yourself, so tell me" Abeni dragged her into a corner and sat her down.

Herlips trembled has she opens her mouth to tell Abeni, tears came rolling again, "A..akin l.l..left me" she said mournfully,

"what!! When, how ,b..but that can't be" she demanded furiously.
Sharon explained everything to her amid tears, "I feel like dying, at thirty-seven where will I start from?" Abeni embraced her tightly has she cries bitterly, trying to sooth her,

"you are very beautiful and a good person, please don't cry he does not deserve you, and trust me you will find another person, please Sharon" Abeni too was tearing up.

Abeni held her close as they both went back to work, she thought of what she could do to stir her spirit up, as she left for her own office.

© 2021 Adekitan

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