The Lizard People Part I

Updated on April 9, 2019
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Karli writes as a therapeutic outlet and with the hope that her stories will entertain anyone who cares to read them.


The Lizard Man

The Lizard Man whistled an off-key tune as he limped down the hallway, shuffling his feet along the matted old carpet. The sound he was emitting was thin and wheezy, lending it an eerie quality. As he reached the tiny, dilapidated kitchenette, he noticed a plump brown cockroach looking for food scraps in the rusted-out sink.

He shuffled across the small room to watch the roach for a moment, his yellow eyes narrowing with intense concentration. With uncanny speed, he reached out and clenched the insect between his thumb and middle finger, bringing it close to his leathery face. He regarded it with interest, continuing to whistle his disharmonious song.


The Lizard Woman

From the shadows of the entryway, just out of sight, the lizard woman scrutinized her husband. After he had eaten the roach (and several ants that had been busy making their way across the counter top), she made her way over to him and stood at his side. She chastised him for his bug-catching technique, stating that he wasn't terrorizing the insects sufficiently prior to popping them into his mouth.

From her previous position in the doorway, she had spied a large spider dangling from a web near the ceiling, to the left of the sink. Now, she reached up, grabbed the unsuspecting arachnid and, demonstrating for her husband, proceeded to pull each of the spider's delicate legs off, slowly, one at a time. An unmistakable expression of glee came over her reptilian features, as the helpless creature squirmed in agony, frantically trying to extract itself from her merciless grip.

Jack and Lily

Jack had fallen into a fitful sleep, and Lily watched a bead of perspiration roll down the side of his brow and into his hair. The temperature had been rising steadily since the sunrise, and it felt like it was into the high 80s already. The heat was making her drowsy, and as she started to doze, she wondered how long they had been here. A couple of years? Longer? She had lost track.

As her chin settled onto her chest, her ears picked up the spectral sound of the Lizard Man whistling, and she instantly snapped awake, hitting the back of her head on the wall behind her. It felt like icicles were forming around her heart, and her forearms broke out into goose flesh, the perspiration on her skin suddenly making her feel cold all over. Her unease began to grow as the whistling stopped and the voice of the Lizard Woman became audible. She was intentionally speaking in low tones, and Lily was unable to make out any of her words even through the thin walls but, as always, the cadence and timbre of that discordant voice made Lily feel like all of her nerve endings were raw.

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