Chapter 1: Bella Meets Logan Online

Updated on July 14, 2018
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Jessica Bensen is a published poet of January's 2011 Art Slam Magazine and an aspiring author.

Bella was unmistakably beautiful with deep ocean blue eyes and brown flowing hair that falls below her breasts. She had a body she knew any man would enjoy laying beside. But the men Bella knew, she didn't want. They just didn't have the personality Bella was looking for. The men she knew were soon convinced that she was one of a kind, unavailable to all men. Bella thirsted for romance. She craved it in her soul, unlike those happily, unmarried men. Bella's ex-boyfriend was one of them. None of her ex-boyfriends friends felt sorry for him. They didn't bother asking what happened or consoling her ex-boyfriend. Instead, they decided to blow Bella's phone up for a date, as soon as she called it quits. So, she changed her phone number and moved on with her life. Bella felt after all that happened. She would give online dating a shot.

Logan had beautiful short brunette hair and muscles enough to lift a truck tire. He looked to be around Bella's age. Bella felt instantly attracted to him and how he looked in many of his photos. Bella clicked on Logan's photo to read his biography. Logan from North Carolina was self- employed. He flipped houses for a living. While reading his biography, Bella felt Logan could be someone that she could form a relationship with, at least to start. Logan wanted the same things she wanted, which was to be married to someone who shared their common interests. Bella decided to send Logan back a message, clicking where it read in glowing navy blue letters "message me now"

Hi, My name is Bella!

You created an interesting profile. I read it and I love your biography and picture, too. I really hope you take a look at my profile and find me just as interesting as I find you!

Take Care!

Two days went by and not a word from Logan. Bella didn't seem to mind. She figured he was a busy man, flipping houses sounded like hard work. She signed online hoping she would find an email. It was a rainy mid-afternoon and there was no better time in her mind that to send someone an email.

Hello, Bella!

What a pretty name you have! I'm glad you reached out to me. I did take the time to view your profile. I see we have a lot in common. The fact that we live in the same area is a major plus. I would really like to chat more and possibly get a chance to meet your pretty face. If we hit it off and you feel the same, of course. I also attached a picture of my dog and me. This Sunday was so beautiful. We just had to spend it at the park. I hope you had a nice evening. Your words are very sweet and I hope we find that we have a lot in common.

Take care,


Bella was thrilled to hear back from Logan. She screamed out loud, "Yes!" While throwing her hands up in the air. Bella began fantasizing, without any skepticism, about what it would be like to meet Logan. She didn't mind that Logan was a handsome guy. She could see herself meeting in person for some dinner or coffee. Bella was dying inside for the intimacy and romance that she wasn't getting elsewhere. She imagined what his body would look like if it was glistening in the sun. Her breaths deepened at the thought and she could feel herself growing infatuated with him.

Bella's best friend was Olivia Thornton. They had met while they were in college for nursing and became the best of friends. Bella invited Olivia to be her roommate after Olivia lost her job Soon after she moved in, Olivia found a better one than her last. Bella tried introducing Olivia to online dating, but her best friend rejected the idea, leaving Bella in tears. Bella feared Olivia wouldn't approve of Bella's new potential boyfriend she found online. Bella hurried off to write Logan a response to his message from earlier.

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Hi, Logan!

I'm glad you like my biography and profile picture. That's a really pretty Labrador retriever you have. I had a very relaxing Sunday. Thank you, for the compliments. I would like to meet you sometime soon.

Chat soon,


Bella noticed that Logan was actively online, so she hurried to send the message before he signed offline. She hoped the message would reach him in time, In fact, the message she wrote to Logan did reach him before Bella grew anxiously frustrated and decided to sign offline herself. She could have gone off and watched a new television series she was interested in.Bella saw in red letters that he had read the message. Bella waited in anticipation for his reply. It was mid afternoon and she had the rest of the day to do the things she enjoyed.

Dear Bella,

You never need to thank me for a compliment. It is always my pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed your Sunday. I would like to meet you. How does tomorrow at 8 p.m. in front of the Villarose sound to you?

Thanks for the messages,


Bella smiled widely from ear to ear. She hurriedly wrote back to him.

Dear Logan,

Sure! Give me time to buy a dress. I'll see you then!


She stood up quickly from her chair and ran across the house. She passed her best friend Olivia in the kitchen. Startled, Olivia threw down her spoon she was using while cooking and watched Bella run out the door. Olivia had tried to convince Bella not to date anyone she met online. Bella heard Olivia slam the spoon down on the counter. She didn't care and kept running out to her car in the driveway. Olivia was left at the house hoping she wasn't running off to see a boy she barely knew. Olivia was left in the house hoping Bella wasn't running off to see a boy she barely knew.

Bella was set to find a knee length purple camisole dress, with accessories to match. A dress that would make her curvy body look stunning and hosiery with open toe shoes. Bella's mission was to get him to fall in love at first sight. She wanted Logan to see her as the one.

Author: Jessica Bensen

Editor: Mark Smith


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    • Jessica Bensen profile imageAUTHOR

      Jessica Bensen 

      5 months ago from Bidwell

      Thank You!

    • profile image

      cherry aide hootie 

      5 months ago

      Very well writen, Keep up the great work.


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