Part 1: Love You Less

Updated on December 26, 2018
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Jessica Bensen is a published poet of January's 2011 Art Slam Magazine and an aspiring author.

Bella was unmistakably beautiful with deep ocean blue eyes and brown flowing hair that fell below her firm breasts. She had a curvaceous body she knew any straight man would enjoy laying beside. But the few men Bella knew, she didn't want. They just didn't have the charming personality Bella was looking for. Bella felt she was getting too old for superficial relationships. Bella thirsted for pure romance; she craved it in her soul, unlike the shallow, unmarried men that courted her. Bella's ex-boyfriend was one of them. When they broke up, none of her ex-boyfriend's fake friends felt sorry for him. They didn't even bother asking what happened. Instead, they decided to immediately blow Bella's telephone up for an expensive date as soon as she called it quits. So, she changed her phone number and moved on with her life. She decided she was done with the people she knew, and that she needed to try something new. This led her to give online dating a shot.

One of the first people she saw was Logan. He had short, luscious, brunette hair and muscles strong enough to lift a large truck tire. She felt instantly attracted to him, and she clicked his profile in hopes there was a brain behind all that brawn. Fortunately, she found exactly what he was looking for. Logan was a man looking to settle down as well. He was done with the casual dating scene, and he wanted something more real. He also had a great job; flipped residential houses for a living. While reading his brief biography, Bella felt Logan could be someone that she could form an intimate relationship with, at least to start. She decided to give it a shot; what was the worst that could happen? Bella clicked where it read in glowing navy blue letters "message me now."

Hi, My name is Bella!

Nice profile! Seems like your a pretty nice guy, and your picture isn’t too bad either. I really hope you take a look at my profile and find me just as interesting as I find you!


Two days went by and not a single word from Logan. Bella tried not to let it get to her. She figured he was a busy man; flipping residential houses sounded like hard work. After work, she signed online in hopes of some good news. It seemed like she was in luck. Bella’s dating inbox had a little red exclamation point telling her somebody had left a message. She crossed her fingers and clicked on it

Hello, Bella!

What a pretty name you have! I'm glad you reached out to me. I did take the time to view your profile, and it seems we have quite a bit in common. I would really like to chat more, and possibly get a chance to find out if you really are as pretty as your profile shows. I was wondering if you would like to meet in person sometime soon! Also, a few of my photos are a little outdated, so I attached a picture of my black lab and me from this Sunday. It was just too beautiful to spend indoors. We had to spend our Sunday at the park. I hope you had a nice evening. Your words are very sweet and I hope we find even more things we have in common.
Take care,


Bella was thrilled. She screamed "Yes!" and threw her hands up, nearly spilling her tea off the table next to her. Bella began fantasizing, almost immediately, about what it would be like to meet Logan. She could see herself meeting in person for a romantic dinner or cold coffee. The conversation would flow easily, and before long they would be laughing like old lovers. The only thing better than his conversation would be his looks. This new photo he sent only made her crave him more. Bella was dying inside for the sexual intimacy and romance that she wasn't getting elsewhere. She imagined what his muscular body would look like if it was glistening in the sun. Her breaths deepened at the thought and she could feel herself growing infatuated with him. As she reread the message, Bella noticed that Logan was actively online. She hurried to send the message before he signed off. She hoped the message would reach him in time; a man like him needed to be snatched up fast!

Hey Logan!

I'm so glad you like my biography and profile picture. That's a pretty Labrador retriever you have; I’ve always had a soft spot for big dogs. Thank you, for the compliments as well. I would also love to meet up soon. Maybe I can get a chance to pet that pup of yours?

Chat soon,


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Once Bella hit send, she was worried. Maybe it was too soon to send something like that. How long did people usually wait? Did she even say the right thing? Before she could overanalyze anything else, the little inbox had another exclamation point. “Hmm,” she thought to herself, “maybe this isn’t so hard after all.”

You never need to thank me for a sincere compliment; it is always my pleasure. How does tomorrow at 8 p.m. in front of the Villarose sound to you?


Bella smiled widely from ear to ear. She hurriedly wrote back to him:

Dear Logan,

Sure! That gives me just enough time to find the perfect little number for you. See you then!

Your date,


She stood up quickly from her chair and ran across the old place she called home. On her way past the kitchen, she ran into Olivia. The two had been best friends since nursing school, and they had been inseparable since. When Olivia had trouble finding a job after graduation, Bella knew she had to help. It took almost 6 months, but she eventually found one that was better than either of them could have ever hoped for. It more than paid for Olivia to be on her own, but by then the two had grown accustomed to living together. Since that day, Bella and Olivia have gone through every high and low together

“Hey, watch it!” Olivia laughed. Bella was always in a hurry, but she seemed especially perky today. “What’s the big rush?”

“Oh, uh,..nothing! I just forgot I have to meet an old friend for lunch tomorrow, and I have nothing to wear!” Bella wasn’t ready to tell Olivia about Logan, or any online date for that matter. No matter what she said, Olivia just didn’t think it was safe. “There are too many weirdos,” she always said. Bella decided to wait until she could prove her wrong. This one would be different, nothing like her last.

Olivia heard Bella’s car start and pull out of the driveway. She didn’t have any control over the matter, but she hoped her best friend was smart enough not to run off to see a boy she barely knew.

Bella was determined to find. A little black dress that would make her curvy body look stunning and hosiery with boots. Her mission was to get him to fall in love at first sight; he needed to see her as the potential “one,” before anybody else would have the chance. She decided on a silky black camisole dress that hit just below the knew. She paired it with a gold, pillar-bar necklace and a diamond tennis bracelet. “There, that should do the trick. Now he’ll have to want me, and Olivia will realize I can pick a winner when I want to.”

Author: Jessica Bensen

Editor: Mark Smith

Editor: Elizabeth Tyler


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