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The Tree of Limitlessness Part 2


The Tree of Limitlessness Part 2

It was bright and sunny when Jane woke up and brushed herself off from sleeping on the ground. Was she back home or was she still where she was when she fell asleep? She looked around realized that she was still where she was when she fell asleep and the people there were watching her “ What why are you all watching me”? she asked. “ Well you fell asleep like the rest of us and then you started mumbling in your sleep, it sounded like you were running away from something”. Joe said. Jane said nothing she didn’t know how to answer because she didn’t even know what she was running away from. “ Jane, do you even know what you were dreaming about and why”? Amy one of the girls who was there asked. Jane shook her head “ No I don’t I can’t even remember the dream”. She said, that was when the conversation stopped and they continued on with there day.

They showed Jane what the community had to offer schools, work opportunities, beaches because it never snowed here. They kept telling her that but it was still hard for her to wrap her head around. “ It is summer here but where I came from it was snowing, how can there be limitless life here”? she said to herself she knew that limitless living through trees didn’t work or she thought it didn’t. Now she was trying to figure it all out. She looked around at what everyone else was doing, they had found their dream jobs in this town, that is how it ran and people did all they could to keep it that way. “ I just don’t understand how all this works, the town the tree of limitlessness”, Jane said. “ The way it works is you find a tree that calls to you, and you touch it. Then it will show you what you should be doing”. Joe said, “ right you told me that before but I didn’t get it,” Jane said, “ I will give it a try now”, she said.

Jane walked over to the first tree that she saw and put her hands on it. She tried to keep her eyes open but they closed and it felt she was going through a vortex just like before when she ended up here. When she moved her hands away from the tree however and opened her eyes, she was still in the forest. “ Jane, Jane what did you see”? they asked when she finally looked at them again. “ I saw what I have always wanted in life and I now know that it is possible. Does anyone else want to give it a try? I am sure it wasn’t just meant for me,” she said and so everyone else tried it. Once they were finished, everyone knew what they had to do to make the town a better place, for themselves so they got down to work.

They all began by walking around and scouting out the area. It looked as though there had been a town there before, but now it needed to be rebuilt, the people there were trying but they needed help, and that was what Jane was there for. They had all finally figured out what the trees were there for and what they meant, they just needed to use that now to their advantage. As they all touched a tree to see where their limitless strengths would take them, everyone in the community had strengths they just weren’t sure what to do with them until they touched a tree. Things for each person clicked after that, Jane, for instance, knew that she wanted to be her own CEO, she just didn’t know how or what she wanted to do to become it. Being at the tree of limitlessness was helping her figure that out. She knew that it was strange to be here and not at home figuring it out but if it worked why wouldn’t she try it and she was desperate at that point. So she began to think about it and figure it out.

The tree of limitlessness was meant to show the people in the community what it was they were meant to do with their lives. That was why the trees were there, and people were touching them. After all the people in the community touched the trees, the community began to buzz with activity. Things were being built businesses were being opened. It was beginning to look like a real community again instead of this rundown place where nobody liked to be. “ Why is it so run down”? Jane asked Joe as they were walking through it . “ its run down because the only way this place will run properly is if we all use our limitless life skills.” “ which you guys haven’t been doing I assume”? she said all Joe did was nod. She hit the nail on the head and they both knew it. “ Why do you think hat we are here Joe”? Jane asked I think that we are here to figure out what we are meant to do here for this community.


The Touching of the trees

Once everyone was finished in the trees they came back together in a group to either talk about what they were going to do, next or write things down and try to put a plan into action. Everyone who was in the forest was there because they wanted to live a limitless life and setting there hands on the trees of limitless told them what to do. That was why there was an entire community being built in the forest. But would they ever go home? Jane just kept wondering that and she really wanted to ask someone. She had tried to get up the courage to ask joe but then she would chicken out. Would she ever get her answer Jane didn’t know, would she ever ask the question she didn’t know that either? When Jane sat down in the circle with everyone else, she was handed a notebook and when she looked at everyone else had one too. The notebook was provided by whoever was running this place. Joe sat down next to her so that she would know someone, she smiled at him but said nothing. She was too nervous.

Jane sat in the circle with everyone trying to listen to what they were saying but she was staring into space, too for what felt like hours. Then something hit her and she began to jot things down. She was inspired by the trees of limitlessness, to write or more accurately become a writer. She, however, wasn’t sure what that meant was she supposed to be writing novels and get them published or open her own publishing company or get in touch with a paper and start writing there or maybe start a blog? What was it that she was supposed to do? She wasn’t sure all she knew was that it had something to do with writing. She began writing a pro and cons list for each. That was the only way she knew that things in her life would get done. Then another question popped into her head, what would happen when she got home would things change? She decided she didn’t want to think of that now because she wasn’t ready to leave yet there was still so much she needed to figure out.

Everyone had stopped writing when Joe spoke to Jane he said, “ Jane did you know that these trees were here before you got here and what they represented”? he asked everyone turned to Jane expectantly. “ No, I didn’t know as I told you before I was sitting in front of a tree in the forest and the next thing I knew I felt like I was falling and I ended up here. Also, I learned what limitless things I was after.” She said, “ So you knew “? Why didn’t you do it with the rest of us”? one of them asked Jane, shrugged, you guys needed to do it yourself, and I showed you how it was done but that doesn’t mean I actually have to do it.” She said, and everyone nodded “ We all have things, that we want to do with our lives and the tree of limitlessness tells us what exact limitless things we should be doing with our lives. “So it is different for everyone.” She said everyone, nodded, “ that is why we are writing things down,” Joe said, at that moment everyone stood up and started walking. Probably trying to think.

The trees went on forever, or so it felt like. Each person living in the community had there own tree, or two that they went to that told them, what there limitless life was supposed to entail. Each time one of them touched there specific tree they were told something new, about how to live there limitless life. “ How long have you known this was here Jane,”? someone asked. Jane just rolled her eyes she wasn’t going to answer that question again, “ Why don’t you go to a tree and see what it tells you”? she said to the person who asked her the question. The person nodded and went back to the tree they were at before. How long had she been gone from home she thought to herself, she wasn’t really sure and she wasn’t sure how to get back either.

Jane left the group she was standing with and began to walk through the trees, she needed time to think. About what she wasn’t sure, there was something about the trees of limitlessness that told something to the people looking at them. What was the point of the trees and why were they the way they were? That was what all of them were trying to figure out. That was what the tree of limitlessness was meant for at least that is what everyone thought. But was it really?


Jane Figured something out

“ Jane did you figure something out,” Joe asked Jane, jumped and turned to look at Joe. She had forgotten that there were people around. “ I figured out that the trees are here to tell us all something about our future lives. Every time we look at them it tells us something new, so if we want to rebuild the community I would suggest touching the tree and see what they tell us to do. It tells us things about ourselves and what we should do with our lives too. That is what the tree of limitless living is all about.” Jane said, “ So that is what it is trying to tell us”? Joe asked, and Jane nodded.

Tune in next time to see what happens next.

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