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The Lovers' Tale (1)

Keyur is a college student, studying in India. He loves to write, and wants to take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions.

It was the ultimate truth. Tom believed in the pink star. He believed in the pink star he saw shining when he closed his eyes. He knew it signified her importance in his life. The pink colour signified her beauty, her polite nature and her kind attitude. 'Lily', her name. And she really was a flower. Beautiful and delicate. Whenever she blossomed, she gave Tom happiness, rather, she showered happiness all around. Just her scent lingering in the air pleased Tom's soul. "You can look into her eyes and wander through the space",Tom thought to himself. Their love was the purest, though everyone did not perceive it the same way Tom and Lily did.

He was still waiting for her. It was a known fact that she was never going to come, though she wanted to, but Tom did not let the flame in his heart burn away. His entire day revolved around the black rotary telephone, hoping that she would call, but the phone hadn't once rang in six years. Tom was alone and lonely at the same time. But he did not lose faith. He believed in their love.
Tom took out an old photo of him and Lily, and stared at it for a while. He smiled and placed the photo on his desk. He sat in his armchair by the fireplace, sipping his favourite whiskey, and gazed deep into the abyss.