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The Life of Adalee (Continued)

Part Two, Three and Four

~I was back at it again it seemed, sitting in this damn conference room listening to Mr. Shields lecture everyone on how bad we lost our case. He made it out to be everyone else's fault except the one who was really at fault, an innocent man sits in jail because he refused to use the information and evidence he was given. Why this man made partner was beyond my knowing, watching him walk back and forth babbling away my thoughts seemed to zone out. I could see myself sitting at the great table with the others, my pen in hand tapping it alongside my lips. My note pad didn't have a single note taken for this meeting, I really didn't see the point in it all. sitting here all I seem to find myself thinking about is what did Jimmy find in my notes about the eclipse from last night. Who is Jimmy you may be asking yourself right now, well it is simple really he is an old friend from college who studied astrology with me. I think he has a thing for me as well but we run on different paths, feeling a tap on my shoulder I turn to see Kelly Thornton tapping me to see if I would partner with her for the project.

This woman right here was such an ass kisser and always got what she wanted it was crazy, Mr. Shields would stick me with a snooty bum. She always had to dressed in the finest of office wear and shoes, her hair was such a fake shade of blonde we all know she has extensions in her hair. But you can't tell her that she is little miss perfect, ugh she is completely annoying. " I don't know Kelly, I.." And right then and there, he does it the one thing I knew was soon to come, I was being forced to work with office Barbie. Clenching my jaw together I could feel my temper start to elevate, it was never anything new with this firm and I was growing more and more sick of it by the minute. I have to get out of here and now, I can't stay hear not like this it will end bad for everyone in this room.~

Standing to her feet without even speaking a word, Adalee gives a fake smile walking out the conference room and down the hall to her office. Slamming her door shut and pulling the blinds shut, she sat at her desk breathing in hard and each breath out smoke followed. This was not good it has been a long time since she last had to worry about a possible shift, did Kelly get under her skin more than she thought she did? Once Ady was calm and collected she slipped back into her own mind, it was a place she much rather be than in the real world.

~ What the hell was that? I think I am trying to kill myself, losing or rather nearly losing control is never good for a woman like me. I know I should be more careful but I much rather been working on my search, why I even stick around this place is beyond me. My mothers case was closed when she was killed in her cell, that was the only reason I even became an Attorney's assistant. For a woman that didn't know how to love her own child I still could not give up on her, my mother was all I had left at the time and now.. now I'm just alone. This is why finding my father is so more important than ever, he is my last chance of knowing anything about myself~

Gathering her belongings for the day Adalee knew she had to get home, her shift still having an hour left she clocked out and headed for the garage wear her car was. Once in the car she took off into the mid day traffic, looking at the time before she parked the car and got out; she sighed at the fact it took her two hours to make a thirty minute drive. Upon walking into her house she just barely made it to the sofa before falling asleep, her mind fast at work to taking her places like a never ending story.


~Fire all around me I jump up from the sofa, still in my clothing from work I can't remember cutting on any candles or anything that could set the house ablaze. Coughing I hold one hand over my mouth and the other on my chest, trying to get out the front door it would not open. It was like it had been sealed shut, I could feel myself begin to panic I didn't know what the hell was going on or even why let alone how. I tried for a window and even that I ...could not get open, I could see the neighbors getting ready to get into their vehicle. Calling out and banging as hard as I could, I didn't understand it they could not hear me. Could they not tell my house is on fire? The smell alone should have alerted someone by now, coughing some more I swear I am so going to hack up a lung. watching my neighbor's get into their car I continue to try and scream for their help, as my hopes for them to hear me got slimmer and slimmer I can feel my body begin to collapse to the floor. Gasping for air I continue to cough still lost of everything that is going on, I begin to wonder if maybe I was just dreaming there was no way in hell my neighbors could possibly not know that my house was going into flames.~

Jumping out of her sleep she screamed at the top of her lungs gasping for air, Adalee looked around her living room to find that everything was still in its rightful place. The sun was just beginning to go down and she was late for her meeting with Jimmy, she was supposed to go over his findings of the stars with him at five and it was now twenty minutes after six. "Shit I'm late!" Running down the hall to her room Adalee knew she had no time to shower but she needed to change out of her work clothing, peeling herself out of her dress she kicked her shoes from her feet grabbing her sweat pants from the chair to her vanity. She slipped them on and grabbed a little T-shirt from her top drawer, throwing it over her head she grabbed her satchel from the hook behind her bedroom door she rushed out the house hoping he wouldn't be too upset with her for keeping him waiting.


~So staying home seemed to be the right thing to do today, I seem to have some kind of cold I think. Not really sure what to call this damn thing, every time I sneeze fire comes from my nose. The last time I remember anything like this happening to me, was when I first changed into a dragon and my mother was forced to tell me a little about my father. I knew she didn't want to but I could tell that she loved him once before, I have to find him more now... more than ever before. I need to know more about what I am and if there is a way to control what ever this is, there is no way I am just a dragon.~

Balled up on her sofa with her comforter over her head, all that could be seen was her face. Her knees to her chest Adalee watched the news to see what was going on with the weather, not that she paid it much attention her mind was off thinking about the same thing as always. She needed to find the Elders and soon, there was so much that she needed to ask them. Questions with no answers to go with them, she has been seeking them out since she was seven the first time she found out she was different than the other little girls in her neighborhood.

~Something has got to give there is no way that they don't know there is another of their kind out and about, why would they keep from me for so long? What was done that I have to be punished in such a manner not to know my own father and they ways of our kind? hmm. I can feel a pull of some kind but I don't know what or who it is from, could I be looking in the wrong place? are they no longer in the stars?~

Standing to her feet still wrapped in her confuter Adalee walks down the hall with the attempt to go to her room to work a little more, when she is detoured to the bathroom with the need to vomit. Dropping her cover in front of the door she pushes it open dropping to her knees before the great porcelain thrown, pushing her hair over to one side she relieves herself of her soup she had for lunch only hours before. Wiping her mouth clean dropping her bum to the tile flooring, Ady held a hand over her stomach in pain.

~What the hell is this a cold? the flu? I never get sick something is wrong with me and it is not like I can go to the doctors, this is just rich.~

Snarling at herself Adalee crawled out the door of her guest bathroom, taking up her covers she wrapped herself once more using the wall to stand to her feet. Making the rest of her way down the hall to her room, she drops herself on her bed. Work of any kind was just going to have to wait at this point, she felt more and more sick at the hours of the day past her by. Sleep was something she wished at this point and nothing more, closing her eyes she balled on her bed like a fetus and fell to sleep.

© 2020 Catrina Ortiz-Henry

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