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The Life of Adalee

Part One

~ looking at my fingertips to see that yes indeed she busted my lip again, to make matters worse I had to go to school in the morning and have to answer only the Elders know how many questions from the teachers. Looking back at my mother licking my lip, I wanted to hit her back but I knew that I could not disrespect her in that manner. I had already talked back and told her no to something, in turn landing me with a busted lip. How smart was that of me? Turning away from her on my heels the only thing that I wanted to do was go to my room and cry, I rushed off to my room slamming the door before she could even get her drunk ass out her chair again. Climbing into my bed the tears just rolled down my cheeks without me even trying, I could hear the old bat yelling for me to come back out and make her another drink. Like that is going to happen, if only I could run away I certainly would.

I didn't even notice the day had gone by with haste, the sun was gone and the moon was illuminating the nights sky. Everything was quiet in the house and I knew more than likely my mother was asleep or off with the sad excuse of a man she called a boyfriend, jumping out of my sleep I rushed to my telescope that sat in front of my bedroom window. Some would say it was foolish to never close my window, okay all said it was foolish but I loved the stars and couldn't chance missing the first sight of any. I managed to rig a camcorder that was set on a timer, so this way I didn't have to worry about missing anything and if I needed to go back and look at them again I could. Go on laugh it up you know you want to, see everyone thinks the stars are the same every night and never change; well I can promise you that is incorrect. I spend most of my night writing down coordinates and watching the stars, a mission I refuse to give up on because I know if I keep looking I will find the Elders and maybe just maybe my father.

My mother of course wishes I would give it up already, honestly I'm surprised she doesn't fight with me about it more. It could be because of the drinking and drugs that keeps her off me long enough to get what I need done for a night, but in the end I still end up with the bad end of the stick. After completing what I was going to do for the night, in truth I was scared to leave my room. only one more year I keep telling myself. Then I am gone for good from her and this damn house, it will be a relief in all honesty and one I was looking forward to for a long time. Walking over to my bed I sit back down when I start to hear an alarm going off in the distance, looking around the room I can't even find where it could be coming from. I just knew I had to cut it off before my mom heard it and came charging into my room, it was the last thing I needed. ~

Rolling over in her bed with a long thin arm Adalee reached over and slapped the alarm that sat on her night stand, pushing her pillow from over her face she sits up looking around the room. Her eyes scanned the room for any intruders, rubbing her jaw she checked it to see for any blood. "It was just a dream Ady" Letting out a deep sigh she pushed her sheets off of her, swinging her legs over her bed she stretched her arms over her head yawning. It was five in the morning and she had so much to do before she could even start her day, scratching her bed head of curly hair she walked with her hips swaying side to side to her bathroom. "AHH!!" She screamed turning to look in the mirror, thinking to herself ' Elders of mine I look a mess' she reached over and grabbed a face towel. Once her face was clean she brushed her teeth and then reached over to start the shower, letting the bathroom heat over she undressed herself and climbed in. The hot water going down her back felt so good, washing herself over she took her time going over each curve on her body with care. Once she was all washed up she got out and dried off slipping into a simple elegant black dress, brushing her curls out she pulled her hair back into a bun and slipped on a pair of black and dark gray flats that had a silver clip on the side of each one.

Leaving her room finally it was now six thirty in the morning, walking down the hall to her kitchen she started a pot of coffee. She knew she was going to need it going to work for Mr. Shields, funny how she spent her life studying the stars to be working in a law office as an assistant attorney. The man acted like she was more of a secretary then anything else, rolling her eyes at the idea about it all she poured her cup of coffee and then grabbed her suitcase and car keys heading out the door. Seven in the morning and Adalee was making good, she had to be at work by eight and was only now twenty minutes away. Mr. Shields had a thing for wanting her there at least thirty minutes early, pulling into the parking lot she parked in her spot and sat in her car for five minutes as she always did before having to go in and deal with the lard of a man. It was not that she didn't like her job she just wished for a better boss, after a few breaths she Ady stepped out the car and walked into the law firm and looked around at everyone running around trying to get there job done. Rushing into her office she shut the door behind her and sat down at her desk, slamming her head into it a few times she wasn't even there for five minutes when she was already being called for a meeting. Sighing heavy at the sound of her boss's voice when he paged her, she knew it was going to be another long day.

© 2020 Catrina Ortiz-Henry

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