The First Call: Viridian Part 1

Updated on April 17, 2018

The first call

The call finally came in. Viridian had been waiting a long time and despite knowing that if they were calling him in, it was bad. Sparkstorm was back, and it seemed like this time it was worse than ever, It had to be, Sparkstorm had never been strong enough to warrant a call to Viridian. Viridian changed into his costume, it was a simple one, but sturdy. Just black pants and a sleeveless shirt with a large Viridian “V” on the front, he had never been one to be showy. Viridian ran, he knew to get there quickly he would have to access the Viridian flame to boost his speed, so he did. The Greenish blue flames lashed out from his body in a curious display and his eyes glowed with that same greenish blue. He took off into the sky allowing the flames to lift him as he always had and burst forward toward Sunbeam harbor. Viridian approached the harbor and noticed a great storm swirling above the city, bolts of lighting arching between the clouds, Sparkstorm floating in its center absorbing any bolt that came near her. On a ridge north of town he spotted the other heroes, clearly trying to formulate a plan of attack, Book keeper’s auburn hair flailing wildly in the wind twisting amongst the books that floated around her. He flew that direction and landed beside Dorian Grey. He could see Sandstorm shifting back and forth uneasily, he never liked being this close to water, it really limited his powers. “So, how’s Kylie, Viridian?” Grey said as he took a deep drag of his cigarette. “She’s fine, babies due in another month, you know those things’ll kill you grey.” Viridian said staring into the storm. “I’ll be dead in 3 years’ time anyway so whats it matter?” He said as he breathed the smoke into the air. “They still haven’t found a cure, I’m sorry Dorian.” Viridian said looking to his friend. “We’re working on it, but we can discuss that another time, right now we have a problem to solve. Darklight is down there shielding the citizens and we don’t know how long he can hold the storm back.” Sandstorm said looking into the harbor. “He can’t just fly them out in one of his bubbles?” Viridian said frowning. “Afraid he can’t Viridian, none of us can take one of the bolts straight on Shade took one and now I have him in the library recovering.” Book keeper said softly. “You need to get out there and fast.” She said pointing to Sparkstorm. “I’ll handle it.” Viridian said once again igniting the Viridian flame around him and shooting straight for the center of the storm. “I hope he doesn’t overexert himself again, last time he was unconscious for a week.” Book keeper said peering after him. “We all know he’ll do whatever it takes.” Grey said dropping the cigarette butt to the ground and grinding it with one foot. “That’s what I am afraid of.” Book keeper said softly, holding her hands tight upon her chest.

In the storm Viridian started taking bolt after bolt, they hurt but he gritted his teeth and charged forward, he had never failed before and he wouldn’t now. The bolts tore into his durable skin, He knew that in a head to head fight she could take him down to quickly to do any good. “One choice.” He whispered. Viridian flew right into Sparkstorm, grabbed her and held on tight flying straight for the river. She started screaming, “No! I was almost there! I almost had enough power.” She raised her hands toward the storm and called the lightning toward Viridian. He wasn’t fast enough, and the lighting struck into his back. Viridian nearly blacked out, he was covered in burns and gashes had torn open across his body, but he held on and fueled the Viridian flame further, it began to knit his wounds and heal the burns, but it was nearing its limit. He dove into the water. There was a long, quiet moment and then the storm began to dissipate, Book keeper and the others flew toward where they last saw them, Sparkstorm had clearly shorted out and she floated unconscious near where they had struck the water. It took a bit more searching, but they found Viridian unconscious quite some distance away. They pulled him onto land and Grey spoke in a hushed tone. “He burned a lot of the flame to get her to the water, It will take a long time for him to recover.” He crouched down to the unconscious form of Viridian and patted his shoulder. “You did good. I wish you could join us in the field, but we can’t risk that flame going out. Rest well.” Viridian smiled in his sleep.

What is Viridian?

Viridian is part of a world i have been imagining for a few years now and this is the first story i decided to write with him in it. In the future i plan to write more about the world he inhabits and even a story or two on the other characters. But for now, I hope you enjoy this one, and that you will come back for Part 2!

© 2018 David


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      الحمد لله 

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      thank you very much


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