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The Alien Baby


Char thinks she must be eating a dodgy burger

OCT 20th, 1999.

Char took a small bite out of her burger, then put it back down again in disgust. The meat smelt raw. She discretely opened the bun up to investigate it, yet It looked alright (a little burnt if anything).

Typical, her only day off from her job at the pub, and she couldn’t even enjoy her day off properly without feeling out of whack.

‘What’s wrong with your burger?’, asked Glenda.

‘Nothing, as far as I can see ... It's just that I can’t eat it. I feel a bit sick an all.’

Glenda unwrapped her own burger and took a small bite.

‘Taste’s alright to me. You should take it back if you're not happy. Get somat else or a refund’.

The thought of having to walk all the way back to the counter to swap her food made her feel worse. Suddenly, ripples of agonizing pain spread across her stomach, ceasing her to the chair even if she had wanted to move.

‘Char are you alright? You look well pale’.

Char nodded, noticing the other diners in the restaurant and not wanting to attract any attention to herself.

Glenda raised her eyebrow but took another bite from her burger and continued with her conversation.

‘I went for that interview... I should find out if I have it by tomorrow. I was well nervous an' all, but I reckon I might be in with a good chance of getting it. Henry says if I get the job, ee’s taking me to...’

Glenda looked back at Char again.

‘Char, what IS wrong babe? You look terrible.’

Char, subtly as she could pulled up her oversized sweater.

'What on earth is wrong with your stomach? spluttered Char. nearly choking on her burger. 'Your belly is huge ... and everywhere else is so thin. Are you...?’

‘Pregnant?’, Char snapped.

‘You know I'm not with anyone or sleep around ... OUCH. Just stop right there’ Char pleaded’.

Char was in far too much pain for Glenda’s unnecessary banter. All she could think of was How she would be able to manage to escape from the restaurant without screaming out in pain and causing a huge scene? She knew she would struggle to walk. Panic filled her. She could feel her pulse rate becoming quicker and sweat dripping down her forehead. as she attempted to pull herself up using the table for support. Then a tsunami-sized wave of pain suddenly overtook her. The agony is so excruciating that it took away the inhibitions that she had left. A blood-curdling scream left Char’s lungs. A scream any wailing Banshee would have been proud of. Everybody in the restaurant ceased eating and drinking.

Can someone ring an ambulance NOW! Glenda shouted.

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