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The Winds of Change and Time

Trayton has been going about life as he usually does, unawares that something major is a-brewing...

7:30 in the morning, the usual routine begins: get ready for work. Ugh, not another day behind the bar. Being single is at least a plus, but not when all you need is that touch from that someone special. Oh well, another day just draining yourself for others' entertainment and drunkardness, how fan-fucking-tastic. Make a cup of coffee, something to chow, grab the keys to my skyline r34, tuned myself.

I only have to be at the bar by 11, but I like filling my tank and screwing around to try and release the pain and bring a sense of fun and pleasure before work so that no one sees this depressed mess in the mornings. Climb in and start pumping some hard rock to wake up. Pull put of the drive, spin off and hit the highways.

Busy milking the gears while in the city, people really don't like me in the mornings. Apparently I get the police curious as to what I'm doing, but the roads are empty, don't really care. There seems to be a strangeness to this day, but I can't seem to put my finger on it. Anyway, time for the highways now, almost there. Maybe I'll hit a nice seluded spot after an off-ramp and just chill and smoke a spliff while I'm at it.

On the N1, longest highway is South Africa, plenty of places to stop and see. Hitting almost 240kmh now(close to top speed) just busy cruising. The next moment I see this amazing flash-blur streak past me. What the hell was that? I think to myself. Thinking nothing of it, maybe something, but don't pay much attention, it's just me and the road. Heading to a tunnel, I roll down my windows and downshift. Best sound ever! I get goosebumps every time! However, that's not all I get when I exit the tunnel.

I cannot believe what's just happened! I do not recognise where I am! Slam brakes and counter-steer... where am I? Can't have gotten far, but what the actual fuck just happened? Did I just hallucinate, or did I just go through a worm-hole type thing? No man... just carry on driving til I fund out where I am. Until I saw that flash-blur again. What the hell is going on?

This time he stops in front of me, stopping me dead. He climbs into the car. I'm not too sure about this....

'Hey man, I don't have much time for this, but they are looking for you, I needed to get you out of there. They were almost on to you' He starts.

'Okay dude, what the fuck, I don't know you, you seem to know me, you're in my car and busy warning me about something I have no idea what you're on about... I have a few questions. First, who are you?' I ask.

'Sorry Trayton, I suppose this does look odd... but we don't have much time, just please start driving, like a decent human, for a bit. I'll start explaining now. My names Duane, and obviously have some super power that's strange to you. It happened a short while ago, and I've been practising it and fighting things you had no idea were actual problems on Earth. And now, these 'problems' have got their eyes on you.' He continues.

'Ooookay.... this is still information I can process quickly, however; what happened, how, and why do they have their eyes on me?' I ask, my mind starts running...

'Well, there was a massive explosion in America a couple months back and affected a few people with dark energy. The wave didn't seem to travel very far, except maybe to you... you are somehow the only one that's been affected outside of America...'

'Say what now?'

'Yea, that's exactly what I said to my team. But, nonetheless, you are in danger, and I am glad you are processing this so quickly and so well. Now I need to ask you something you probably might not have a-'


Massive explosion right behind us. Shit, what the fuck?? Okay, I'm flooring it, screw it. Downshifting three gears, dangerous for the car, but I know how to handle and fix it.

'What are you doing?' Duane screams.

'My car, huge explosion, now I have two lives in my hands. I'M FLOORING IT, and finding safety.' I respond.

'No safety with these guys!! Tryst me on this! I don't suppose you have something large and heavy in your car for the gas pedal... wait, fuck it. Gimme a sec.'

'Guys, I need assistance here, they've found us, and Trayton don't wanna give up his car, mind opening a vortex for us Drev?'

No audible answer, next thing, this MASSIVE, I dunno, thing, just appears outa nowhere, right in front of my car. No fear, just drive through. Oh fuck, I think I might just be late for work, or may not end up going back at all... Oh well, fine by me. Next thing, I'm in a completely different surrounding.

'Head next left' Duane says.

'What the-... where are we going?' I ask.

'Don't worry, you'll understand soon enough.'

'Hungh.... okay fine.'

I turn left. I see nothing, except open space.

'Just go a bit slower now.' Duane warns.

'How slow?' I ask.

'Uh, maybe 20?'

Slam on brakes, but carry on driving.

Next thing, it's like I drove through an invisible forcefield thing... this huge building appeared out of no where. Oh great, what now? More people?

'Head to the left, and park close to the building.' Duane says.

'Okay, so now what now?' I ask.

'You're in a strange place currently, but soon enough you'll be calling it home, like we do now.'

'That explains a lot. Thanks.' I say with major sarcasm.

'You're welcome' Duane replies wittily.

We get greeted by a couple of people. Devon, the teams eyes, ears, hacking, anything to do with tech. And Lincoln, dunno what his purpose is yet. Well find out soon enough I guess.

After introductions and a drink, Lincoln turns to me and says:

'You're not gonna like what I'm about to ask of you, but I really would like you to be open minded and a bit fearless right now.'

Now, I seem to like Lincoln currently, but that opinion could change soon.

'Um... o-okay... I'm listening?' I say cautiously.

'We'regoing to have to run a simulator to replicate the night of the explosion here and factor you in somehow from your life in South Africa and create a catastrophe that could have potentially happened here, if you were here and see how you would have died. Although, we kinda already sort of know how you did.'

'WHAT! What the fuck??? Um, that's strange and hellish terrifying to say the least...' I say.

'Dint worry. Kesh has done all the research we need for this already, after you come out of the simulator, your gift will be activated.' Devon says reassuringly.

Oh great, more shit to go through. What have I got to lose? Nothing now I guess. Except my baby parked outside.

I enter the sim, which is, funny enough, work. So I go along with it, start serving people in the bar, as usual. As I'm serving, I head to the freezer to get a couple things, and I have a really sexy trainee with me. His name is Trent. I notice a canister if gas in the freezer, which isn't supposed to be there, some dumbass put it there.

'Who there here he fuck was smart enough to put gas in A FREEZER??!!!' I yell.

Next moment, KABOOM!! The canister explodes into flames and everything is blank...

I wake up, and by some miracle, I'm alive... it felt SO real.

'Wha- what happened guys?' Feels like a train drove over me. And I'm ice cold inside, but feels like I'm on fire on the outside. What. The. Hell?

'It worked!' There's a voice inside my head!

I fell off the table with shock.


Part two coming soon.