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The Voice - Part 7

  • The Voice -Part 6
    The Voice speaks and demands complete obedience. You better pray it doesn't speak to you!

From Part 6

“I need to know more about Peter’s reaction at Doctor Welch’s office the other night.”

“Well, it was nothing really. Doctor Welch said he would have to analyze it and get back to me. I haven’t heard anything yet. The questioning was over and Doctor Welch was just bringing Peter back. Actually, I’d say he was closer to consciousness than unconsciousness. He was sitting still and all of a sudden his body stiffened and then he jerked. The horror that shown on his face was otherworldly. I had never seen Peter react like that before. The question is, what was he reacting to?” Then that was it. Everything was normal again.

”Doctor Welch questioned him before bringing him all the way back, but he was silent – nothing to say. After he was brought back, the doctor questioned him again – still nothing to say.”

“Margie, you told me this happened about 7:45. I talked to Doctor Welch. He said this took place at exactly 7:43 p.m. Do you realize that the time of death for the Clausson boy over at the Clemson farm was set at 7:45 p.m.

“Margie, could it be that Peter has a gift – a gift of telepathy? Because this was done to him he somehow relates to those who are going through the same thing. Margie, if this is true, Peter could be invaluable in helping us catch this guy. Do you know if he had a similar experience when that murder took place in Fulton County? If not, maybe we better find out.”

“No I don’t honestly know, but I doubt if he would remember. He has no recollection of the other night even through hypnosis. Let me get him and we’ll see, but I think it’s probably useless.”

Lance watched Margie disappear around the corner as she headed upstairs to Peter’s bedroom. Lance’s lonely and overworked heart began to take comfort in Margie. In many ways, Lance had lived his life alone and in isolation, just as Peter had. He continued to fight the feelings.



The knock on Peter’s door brought nothing. “Peter, it’s Mom. Open the door.” Still no answer. Margie quietly pushed open the door. Peter sat on the bed staring into nowhere. “Peter, Peter.” Margie’s voice broke through disturbing Peter’s trance.

Peter sat exhausted and bewildered. “Peter, what’s going on?”

“I - I don’t know. Mom, I saw something, but I don’t know what – something horrible.” After a time of recovery, Peter shakily stood and Margie helped him to the kitchen. Lance was finishing his coffee.

“Peter, let me ask you a question.” Lance began only to be interrupted by Margie.

“Lance, I found Peter sitting on his bed in a trance.”

“What’s this about, Peter?”

“I saw something. I know I saw something, but I don’t know what. It was the scariest feeling I ever experienced.”

“Peter, I don’t want to bring up the past, but was it worse than what you experienced during your attack?”

“Detective Fisher, I don’t remember my attack so I guess this was the most terrifying feeling I ever, at least knowingly experienced.”

“What can you tell me about it? Give me as much detail as possible while it’s still fresh in your mind.”

“I told you all I know.”


Fisher’s beeper began to chime in. “Um . . . excuse me. I’ll be right back.”

Lance went to the living room to take his message. Chief Gordon needed to get in touch with Fisher immediately.

“Fisher, Gordon here. Get back to headquarters ASAP. We have another murder.”

“Boss, I can’t come right now. I’m in an important interview with Peter McClanahan.”

“Fisher – NOW!”

Lance returned to the kitchen. “I’ll be in touch. I need to get back to headquarters immediately. There’s been another killing.”

“I understand, Lance. We’ll be praying for you.”

Lance thought as he closed the door, "'I’ll be praying for you.’ What’s that all about? That doesn’t sound like Margie.”

“Boss, I was getting somewhere with McClanahan. Can’t someone else take this case?”

“No, it’s the copy cat again. I know McClanahan might have some bearing on this case, but right now we have to get the evidence before it’s all gone. I sent over CSI. They’re getting things started. Zimmy’s first on the scene. You need to be second. Now, get moving.”


Lance started for Montgomery Park. He had no trouble finding the scene. A large crowd of people had already gathered. “Excuse me. Excuse me.” Lance forced his way through the crowd.

“Zimmy, what do we have?”

“It’s the serial man again. Same MO. Same everything. Lance, this is impossible. There is no evidence whatsoever to gather. No fibers. No weapons found. The plastic bag? – Covered only with the vic’s fingerprints. The only DNA? Only belonging to the vic. Lance, There is nothing – nothing!”

“I’m assuming we also have the slashed throat, and the eye wound?”

“Yes we do. It’s all there, just like the other killings, just like Peter McClanahan. I don’t want to bring this up. You know me. I don’t believe in the supernatural at all so I don’t even like asking, but . . . could it be there is some kind of spiritual destruction taking place here? Lance, you know me. I’m just asking because that’s what I’m trained to do – ask questions.”

“How do you mean, Carl?”

“No fingerprints. No evidence. It’s like something otherworldly is at work here – something that has no fingerprints; something that has no DNA.”

“But they do have a steel-toed boot, right?”

“Well maybe. Maybe it just leaves a wound that looks like a steel-toed boot.”

“Carl, I do believe you’re stretching it just a bit. I’m not ready to buy into that – at least not yet. Get me the full report as soon as you can. I’m going back to headquarters as soon as I make a follow-up visit to the McClanahan’s.”

The evening was getting late. Lance pulled into the driveway just as his cell phone rang.

“Lance, this is Margie. Peter is in a panic. I don’t know what to do. Please, I need you to come over.”

With that the doorbell rang. Margie clicked off the phone and ran to the door. To her surprise, Detective Lance Fisher was standing on the stoop. In hysterics she fell into his arms.


Everyone is in a Panic

“Margie, calm down. It’s okay. What’s going on?”

“It’s not what Peter saw. It’s what he heard. He doesn’t remember anything except that he’s scared to death. He won’t move. He won’t speak. He won’t eat. It won’t let him alone.”

“What Margie? What won’t let him alone?”

“He just calls it The Voice. That’s all I know. That’s all Peter knows.”

Margie regained her composure and the two went into the living room. Peter was in his bedroom sorting things out on his own terms.

Lance began, “There’s been another killing – this time over on the west side at Montgomery Park. Same method – probably the same killer; probably the same purpose, whatever that is. Can I talk to Peter?”

“Yes. He’s upstairs.”

“You coming?”

“Go ahead. I’ll be up shortly.”

Lance traveled up the 12 steps that led to the hall, and Peter’s bedroom on the right. He knocked and entered. Peter was asleep. Nothing would bother him now. Lance gently touched his shoulder. “Peter, Peter. We need to talk, just for a little bit. Peter, wake up.”

Peter rolled over and stared at Lance. “Yes detective, what is it?”

“Peter, can you tell me about The Voice?” Peter looked strangely at Lance. “Your mother said you heard The Voice. What does she mean?”

“Detective, I have no idea. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Margie entered. “Anyone for iced tea?” She handed a glass to Lance and then to Peter. Peter took a sip and then turned to his mother.

“Mom, Detective Fisher is asking about The Voice. He said you said I was talking about The Voice. What do you mean?”

“You don’t remember?” Margie looked over at Lance. “Lance, do you think Doctor Welch would be willing to take another look at Peter right now? Maybe while it’s somewhat fresh in his mind he could recall something.”

“It’s worth a try. You two get ready. I’ll convince Doctor Welch it’s an emergency.”

The three stepped out in the late night air. Lance looked up in the sky. The stars cast a shimmer of light over the town. The nearly full moon lit the way to Lance’s vehicle as they sped off to Doctor Welch’s office.

“Peter, sit down. Get comfortable, and we’ll begin.” Under Todd Welch’s suggestion Peter began to regress in time. Doctor Welch took Peter back at 15 minute intervals. Margie could verify some of the events. Lance could verify others. Peter’s mind was opened and responding just as all had hoped.

Then Doctor Welch hit the nerve. Peter began to show visible signs of terror. The doctor asked, “Peter, what do you see?” Peter tried to speak, but no words were formed; just a sound like he was gasping for air, even though Peter tried very hard to form his words. His eyes grew to twice their normal size, and his skin turned an ashen pale. Goosebumps could be seen on the hairs of his forearms.

Doctor Welch’s professional abilities noticed something strange about Peter’s reaction, but chose to take him back another 15 minutes in time. Peter returned to what the doctor labeled as normalcy. At Doctor Welch’s instruction Peter was moved forward in time to the period of distress Peter just experienced. Just as the Doc thought – Peter was once again calm, but unable to give an account of what he had experienced.

“Folks, this is indeed an unusual case,” Doctor Welch began. “I think we’re closer to a breakthrough than we might realize. However, I’m afraid it’s not going to be in the way we expected at the beginning.” Doctor Welch turned back to Peter and released him from the hypnotic trance.

“Peter, what do you remember?”

“Nothing Doctor – nothing at all.”

“Margie, Peter, I’m going to dismiss you to the waiting room while I talk to the detective. He may relay what information he sees fit, but because this is a criminal investigation I must go to him first. I know that’s difficult, but that’s how we must do it at this time. If I have clearance from the investigation I’ll be glad to share with you later.”

Without hesitation Margie and Peter stood from their chairs preparing to make an exit. Lance quickly rose and motioned for them to sit down. “No, Doc. It’s okay. These people are at the very center of the investigation. They have every right to hear first, and besides I need to keep them in the loop. Go on.”

“Okay then. Peter, you said you don’t remember anything. That’s not true, is it?” We need to know in detail exactly what it is you remember.”

Without hesitation Peter began. “Darkness was all around me; thick darkness – darkness so thick I could feel it, touch it. Then I heard The Voice. Honest Doc, I don’t know what it said, but I could hear it.”

“Peter, whose voice is it? Do you recognize who it is?”

“No. It’s no one I recognize.”

“Is this the first time you’ve heard this voice?”

“No, I’ve heard it three other times – I think.”

“Peter, are you sure you’re telling me the truth?”

“Well, maybe four.”

“You also remember the experience you just had under hypnosis, don’t you?”

“Yes, Doctor. I’m sorry I lied. I just don’t know what to make of things anymore. I don’t know what’s happening to me.”

“Peter, do you know why you remember that particular incident and not the others we looked at tonight?”

“No sir.”

“It’s because at that point, you weren’t under hypnosis. What you were experiencing wasn’t in the past. It was in the present. At that exact moment, even though it overlapped an earlier experience, it was happening in the present. What you remember – what we saw, and heard was happening at the moment, not in your past.

“Peter, this is too important. We can find the answer to who tried to kill you, and in the process, perhaps save many more innocent lives. Peter, you need to tell us every detail of what you remember, okay?”

“Doctor Welch, I’m so confused. I can’t tell reality from this other world I’m experiencing, but I do want to help. I do want to help you nab this guy. I’ll do whatever I can, but Doctor, I just don’t remember anything else. It’s extremely frightful. I don’t want to take a second look at it, but I’ll do whatever I must to get to the bottom of this.”

“Peter, Margie, go home and rest. Lance, get ready. There’s been another murder. It’s a little later in the evening, but Peter just witnessed another murder. You’ll be getting a call and the time of death will coincide with Peter’s reaction here tonight. That’s all for now. Good-night, Folks.”

The group turned and left for home. Lance again looked up in the sky. He thought, If there’s another murder, it can’t be the same person. Look at those stars. Peter’s killer only operates in the rain.”

  • The Voice - Part 8
    The Voice speaks and demands complete obedience. You better pray it doesn't speak to you!

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