The Unmistakable Truth - Chapter 5

Updated on January 5, 2018
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An Eye to Die for



Emerald Eyes.

Stunning Eyes.

“Jack, over here!” Rebecca cried out, beckoning her friend to the waiting area.

Jack stood in front of the whooshing sliding doors as the bitter night embraced her. She buttoned her coat and sprinted across three rows of empty seats. Mocha flavored eyes quickly scanned the nearly deserted area to greet the woman in red; she had donned a striped tracksuit with black tennis shoes.

“Becca? I’m surprised to see you here. The police department didn't release a statement about the shooting did they?” Jack asked, standing about five inches from the well-cushioned seat Rebecca slouched in.

“No, they didn't. Pinecone Valley is a close-knit community; word-of-mouth travels pretty fast here. My mom called me right after it happened. Brian's parents are out-of-town so my dad left a message on their answering machine. Brian has a brother but they are estranged.”

“Wait, how do you know all of this?”

“Hee-Hee, did you forget that Brian and I were high school sweethearts?”

“Oh yeah, that’s right! Don’t mind me, I’m Ms. Scattered Brain right now. Well, applause to your mom for keeping you informed. So how long have you been here?” The frazzled woman finally took a seat nearby.

“I got the call about 8:30pm when I was on my way home from gym class. Coming down was a no-brainer so I took the express-way lane to get here. I have to admit that the drive took a toll on me; I should really think about moving closer to the city but I love Silverblaze Fallze. Anyway, that was about 9:20pm and when I got here, they were preparing to take him into the OR."

Taking a sip of the brown elixir in her cup, Rebecca sighed. "Yuck! This coffee is godawful!"

"That is the general consensus worldwide Becca." The comment instigated a round of laughter.

"You know, I was able to speak to Brian briefly before his operation. He saw my face briefly but he smiled with recognition. I questioned him about the gunman but he had trouble responding. That's when the nurses took him away. I've been wrecking my brain over this. Who would want to hurt him?"

"I've been doing the same thing. It's not a reflection of any dirty dealings on his part so it could've been a random attack. However, he's a prosecutor so it's also possible that it was an act of revenge; maybe this is payback for a case he tried. The cops might wanna start there."

"Hmm, either explanation is possible. So how did you find out?”

“I got a call from the cops. A female cop actually…can’t remember her name. Apparently, Brian had me listed for his emergency contact. He never mentioned a word to me about that.”

“I’m not surprised in the least. You guys have gotten really close over the last five years. And C’mon Jack, the man has got it bad. Of course he’s gonna trust you to have his back in emergencies.”

“Ahem, we’re not that close Becca. We’re just friends.” Jack managed to turn beet red despite her natural complexion. Needing a distraction, she looked down at her watch. Hmm, 11pm on the dot.

The Good Ole Days!


Were You Voted "Most Likely to Succeed?"

"You know, I really hope Brian pulls through. I know he'll hate missing our 20th class reunion that's coming up in February."

"Wow, already? Gee, that would make you..."

"...That would make me 25 and don't you forget it sister!"

"Hee...Hee! I haven't bothered going to any of my class reunions. I'd imagine that they're way...way too awkward. Nobody hardly ever lives up to those senior superlatives like "Most likely to succeed."

"Ha! It's not that bad. The first one was the best because it was like we never left campus. Most people looked and acted the same. Only a few looked older probably because they had baby bumps during graduation."

"U huh, you guys can have your Footloose moment and share the details later. Uh, might I ask what happened between you two? If I’m overstepping, just say so.”

“Oh girl, that's old news. Despite being in a two year relationship, it ended amicably. Law is our passion and we just couldn't decide on which University had the best program. I wanted a broad study of law while he wanted a more specialized one. So, I went to Gannon in Erie, PA and he went to Webster in St. Louis,MO. It was definitely challenging to move on but it was for the best...So how did you guys meet again? Didn’t he interview you or something?”

“Yes and no. The story goes like this.”

What Interview Questions Trip You Up?

The Story Goes Like This...

"Actually, you were the first one that I met-sort of."


"Yes ma'am! You don't remember opening the door for me?"

"...No. No matters, go on with your story."

"Well, I was interviewed by Brian and Cyria. I'm sure you've tried forgotten that name but try and tolerate it for a bit." She cleared her throat and continued.

"Joyce escorted me to the west-end elevators, pushed the "Up" button and wished me good luck. I pushed the button for the 3rd floor while giving myself a pep talk. Citing positive affirmations always seems to calm my nerves. Before long, I'd reached my destination and I stepped out. Cyria and Brian were there to meet me and pleasantries were exchanged. Afterward, I was taken to Interview Room 1 where my life truly began."

"Dramatic much?"

"No, reality much! I was scared out of my mind and I didn't expect the interview to be play out like it did. Anyway, I quickly took a few sips of the glass of water placed in front of me."


"Thank you Ms. Richardson for being here today. As per our phone conversation, this is a new position for our department. The candidate would work directly with our prosecutors to collect any supportive evidence for our cases. This includes compiling paperwork, speaking with witnesses and collecting their testimonies etc. Does that sound like something you'd want to do?" Cyria asked, summing up the details.

"Oh, yes it does."

"Okay then, let's proceed with the interview. Ms. Richardson, would you tell us about yourself?" Cyria inquired, kicking off the first question.

Oh crap, why must they always start with that nerve-wrecking question.

"Mrs. Bledsoe, thank you for asking. Justice is my passion. It's an innate characteristic that I'm proud to have. From my childhood to now, I have had a strong desire to dig for the truth when it's being purposely hidden. I always find out where the bones are buried, so to speak. I'm very persistent and that persistence has allowed me to speak with you both today."

"Well done." Brian chimed in. He made notes on her resume and continued. "Can you tell us about any courses that you've taken to prepare for this role?"

"Yes, I certainly can Mr. Elly. I just recently enrolled with NALI to become a certified Legal Investigator."

"Congratulations. We have a handful of employees that completed the program with the National Association of Legal Investigators; they are top-notch! Do you have your certificate with you today?" Brian asked with a bright smile.

"Yes, I do." I hastily opened my folder and grabbed the contents out of it. I then handed my certificate to Brian proudly.


"The interview went on like that for the next hour or so. Brian assured me that they'd call within a week and they did!"

"You must've kicked butt because Cyria was a hard ass. She gave me the hardest time because I didn't go to a "worthy" Institution; glad they got rid of her."

An olive toned woman in blue scrubs suddenly approached them.

"Excuse me ladies, I'm Dr. Johns. Are you here for Mr. Brian Elly?"

"Yes." Both answered in unison.

"Very well, I just wanted to inform you that the surgery was a success and he's in the recovery room. He should wake up in the next hour or so. Normal visiting hours ended at 7:30pm but in a special case like this, we will extend it. You ladies are free to stay till he wakes up or come back tomorrow at 7am."

Emerald eyes sought out mocha ones for an answer. The two ladies nodded in agreement.

"We'll stay until he wakes up. Thank you." Jack confirmed.

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