The Unmistakable Truth-Chapter 3

Updated on December 21, 2017
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Dabby Lyric has been writing fictional works for 17 years. She dabbles into many genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Action, etc. Happy Reading!

An office break-in.
An office break-in. | Source

Placing key into lock, someone sauntered into office # 4. Eyes scanning the room from left to right as they approached a desk. Gloved-hands shakily shoved piles of files around.

Spying Devlynne O' Connor’s file, they picked it up for further inspection.

This is it!

Emerald eyes browsed through pages of data while taking snapshots.

"Thanks for lunch Jackie. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!" Brian mused from down the hall.

Damn, they're back!

Startled, they swiftly hid the cell into their pants pocket and placed the file upon the desk. Hastily, they slipped out of the office, locking the door behind them. Just missing the crowd coming back from lunch, they crept down the halls to their office.

Jack cheerfully strolled to her office, unlocked the door and stepped inside.


Jack meticulously watched the clock as it turned from 4:59pm to 5:00pm. The fireworks of the storm have passed and I can’t wait to get home!

Jack placed Ms. O’Connor’s file in her briefcase and zipped it up. She grabbed her belongings, locked the door and walked out of her office. She walked eagerly to the timesheet and checked out for the day. She then met up with Brian again as he escorted her out. They embraced briefly and then she took off as he watched her exit the lot.

After reaching his car, Brian placed his belongings atop the passenger’s seat. Within seconds, he took off as well.

Reveling in thoughts of their lunch date, he was oblivious to the car still following him.

You're being followed dude!
You're being followed dude! | Source

The sun’s rays bowed before the moon when Brian arrived home.

As he cut the engine off, he revved back in his seat singing:

“…These are the times we all wish for
The moment when less means so much more
We don't have to do a thing at all
We can just take our time and talk
And this is the way things need to be
No pressure from you and none from me
Just let the mood set the moment off
We can make love or not all...”

He enjoyed the smooth R&B sounds of Dru Hill.

Musical symbols formed in Jack’s like-ness, danced within his mind.

Once the song was over, Brian locked and exited out of his car.

As he walked toward his home, he was accosted from behind.

“What the…!” Brian’s words trailed off.

“Shut up! Don’t fight it…it’ll be over soon.” A husky voice assured.

Brian tried to fight off his masked assailant but to no avail. He managed to give his attacker two good left hooks during the struggle. The man head butted Brian, forcing him to fall against his car.

His attacker then pulled out a gun and pointed it at him.

“NO…Please!” Brian pleaded, with his hands up in defense.

Unfazed by his pleads, the man shot Brian in the chest. A squared piece of plastic fell as its owner slumped to the ground. The gunman picked it up to see what it was.

“Brian Elly? Damn it!”

The gunman heard chiming of chains and threw the badge down, fleeing the scene.

Brian’s neighbors heard the commotion and ran outside.

‘Oh My God…Brian!” Mrs. Palmer cried out, running toward him.

“Someone call 9-1-1 now!” Another concerned neighbor added, grabbing an old t-shirt from their closet.

Mr. Blake quickly dialed 9-1-1 from his cell as they tore the shirt to stop the bleeding.

Brian was very coherent but just couldn’t speak.

Five houses down stood the only witness to the crime.

I'm tired, please let me rest!
I'm tired, please let me rest! | Source

Jack was asleep when her phone rang with urgency.


“Who is calling me so late?” she murmured.


“Hello, is this Ms. Jack Richardson?” A feminine voice asked.

“Yes, this is she. Who’s calling?”

“I’m Officer Cornwell, calling to inform you that one Mr. Brian Elly was assaulted outside of him home tonight.”

“Oh God No! Is He Alright?”

Jack began to tremble uncontrollably as beads of sweat broke out.

“He suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and is in critical condition. He was sent to Pinecone Valley Hospital. Your name and number was listed under his contact number for emergencies. Will you be okay Ma’am? ”

“Uh…I’ll …I’m sorry I have to go.”

“Oka…” The woman’s voice was cut off.

“Oh God, I can’t believe this. Who would do such…” Jack stopped in mid sentence.

Was he behind this to try and get at me? Would he risk going back to jail?

She sat upright in her bed, trying to stop shaking.

“No, I can’t think about that right now.”

Jack arose from her bed and prepared to go see about her friend.

“Brian has to pull through this. I can’t lose him!”

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  • Dabby Lyric profile image

    Dabby Lyric 4 months ago from US

    Thank you Manatita for supporting me with reading this story. I also appreciate your helpful suggestions. I'm SO Bumped right now! Lol

    I'm learning quite a bit here and meeting wonderful and helpful people like yourself!

    I have a lot of re-writing to do from here on out so bear with through this suspenseful, fun and romantic world that I've created inside my crazy mind lol.

    Have a Beautiful day till next we meet.

  • manatita44 profile image

    manatita44 4 months ago from london

    Another interesting piece. A little tidying of the work needed. I would say: 'She walked eagerly', and not 'she eagerly walked.' Maybe play with a few more sentences. The intrigue is there and the ending is nice. Carry on.