The Unmistakable Truth-Chapter 2

Updated on December 21, 2017
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Dabby Lyric has been writing fictional works for 17 years. She dabbles into many genres: Romance, Sci-Fi, Action, etc. Happy Reading!


Jack and Brian walked carefully to his car with their umbrellas in hand. The heavy tapping of raindrops leaped freely upon their armor. Once inside, they continued their conversation as Brian pulled off.

“I really wish this rain would let up.” Brian lamented, waiting patiently for someone to walk across the lot.

“Amen! Now to answer your question, no he didn’t call again. He would go back to jail for not complying with the restraining order that I have against him.”

“Good cuz I’d gladly catch a case for kicking his behind! That perv shouldn’t even be allowed to live, let alone walk the streets for what he did to you. I can’t believe he got out early for “good behavior”…what the hell.”

Caught by a red light, Brian adjusted his rear-view mirror. He then noticed a black car behind them. Hmm, I was just thinking about trading this car in for one of those. It's nowhere near Christmas but I'd love to find that in my garage!

“I second that! The system screwed up big. I still have nightmares about it, B.

I get flashback about it each time my phone rings. I stopped picking up on the first right because of that creeper. I still don’t know how he obtained my home address to case out my place. Oh and the flowers he sent me at work. And I can't forget the explicit emails that he used to send. How the hell did he get my work email anyway? I won’t even mention the other twisted things he did. He’s a total freak…just sick!”

“You’re preaching to the choir J. It’ll be okay. There’s no way that he’d risk being in lock-down again. How’s counseling going?”

“It’s going okay. Dr. Kane actually listens to me. She’s not condescending like that idiot McDaniel was. He suggested that I didn't do enough to persuade this guy's advances. Talk about victim-shaming! I can’t believe that my attorney even recommended him. Anyway, my appointment is next Friday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I gotta admit, it still feels like I’m being watched. Maybe it’s just me.”

Brian gave her a reassuring smile as she forced a half one.

“Don’t worry about J, God is always with you.”

“Yes, HE is.”

They sat in silence as the smooth and jazzy sounds of Dave Koz massaged their ears.

Running a yellow light, Brian noticed the same car behind them. Ha, you got caught by a red light! I hope Jackie is wrong but I'm starting to feel it too!

El Torito Restaurant
El Torito Restaurant | Source

They finally reached the entrance of El Torito. While searching for a parking stall, Brian noticed the same black car again. Its driver had turned into the lot, made a U-turn, and sped off. What the hell? It can’t be him!

Brian never noticed the other car, which was also following them.


The driver of the second car slouched down in their seat as they passed by. Although camouflaged by the rain, they didn’t want to take any chances.

"Soon my darling…soon!”

They swooned over the picture in their hand and waited for the patrons to leave.

The sounds of Dave Koz played on in the background.

Chips & Salsa at El Torito
Chips & Salsa at El Torito | Source

Inside the restaurant, a waiter named Christion, had just taken Jack and Brian’s order.

“And that took all of 5 minutes. I know that we reserve Thursday's for Mexican Food but I'd like to come back tomorrow. I’ll pay then too!” Jack suggested, rubbing her stomach.

“That’s a date! Pay day is next Wednesday so I’m good to go for next Thursday.”

“So did you notice that black jag following us?” Jack inquired.

“What black jag?”

“Stop playing B, you know damn well what black jag.”

“Okay…okay, keep your voice down. Yes I noticed it but I was hoping that you didn’t. The last thing you need to worry about is Mr. Stalk-A-Lot coming after you again. I didn’t want to worry you sweetheart.”

“I love that you’re concerned about me but don’t treat me like his victim. I deserve to know if he’s out there trying to finish what he started.”

Brian began to comment but saw Christion approaching.

Carne Asada Burrito at El Torito
Carne Asada Burrito at El Torito | Source

“Okay Lady and Gentleman, I have two Carne Asada Burrito Specials and two drinks. Who has the Root Beer?”

“That would me.” Jack confirmed, eyeing her delicious meal.

She and Brian didn’t waste any time devouring their lunch.

Afterwards, Jack pulled out her credit card. As she signed the bill, nature called and she needed to answer.

“Um Bri, would you be a dear and take this bill up there? I drank way too much Root Beer!”

“Ha…Ha, you don’t say. I got this so go ahead.”



Both of them vacated their seats to tend to their business.

Brian had impeccable timing for he was the first in line.

“Next.” The cashier beckoned for him to step up.

Brian walked up and gave the lady Jack’s credit card.

“Jack Richardson? Any relation to Senator Jaqulynn Richardson?” The young woman casually inquired.

Uh oh, she thinks that I'm Jack.

“No, I’m not. I wished that I were during that last election. Proposition 16 would’ve passed then.”

“I was for that as well. Our kids really deserve better from the educational system. It’s really sad how education has become depreciated in the game of politics. Politics shouldn’t even have their claws anywhere near our kids…let alone how they’re educated. It’s a damn shame.”

“Hell yes it is! A change has to come soon.”

“From your lips… Here’s your card and have a nice day.”

“You too.”

The man in the black trench coat was sitting in a booth nearby. His ears perked up when he heard the name. He looked up and saw Brian and took notice. He waited until the younger man turned his back before leaving the restaurant.


Jack finally met up with Brian at the counter and they headed out.

The stranger waiting in the car slouched down again as they passed by. They watched the couple walk to Brian’s car and pull out of the lot. They rose up in their seat, started the ignition and waited a few minutes before leaving. They placed the picture in the passenger’s seat with a dozen more pictures. They finally departed from the lot, making a left on Apple Place.

The hidden black jaguar pulled off from across the street. However, the driver made a right on Apple Place.

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    Dabby Lyric 4 months ago from US

    Thanks! I really appreciate your encouraging words. I'm gonna take some time before posting Chapter 3 to make sure that it's up to par with the rest.

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    Getting a bit spicier. Ha ha. More intrigue included. Nice!